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Sitemap The History of Israel
An easy to read history of Israel from ancient old testament times to today.

Old Testament Timeline
The Old Testament Timeline covers a vast amount of time, from Creation to Nehemiah (ca. 400 BC). The book of Genesis alone covers more time than the r

Abraham: The Father of Many Nations
The background of Abraham, the recipient of God's promise to become the Father of Many Nations. Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike trace their lineag

The Story of Abraham
The story of Abraham is an ancient story of one man answering God's call. Abraham left all he knew and followed God's call to a strange and foreign la

Terah appears only briefly in the Bible. Yet, he was the father of Abraham and led the initial party out of Ur. He continued the records of his family

Who Was Melchizedek?
A study of Melchizedek, from Genesis chapter 14. Who was he? How did he arrive in Salem/Jerusalem? Why did Abraham bow before him as a Priest of God?

Ancient Hebrew Civilization
The ancient Hebrews have been associated with the ancient Habiru. How closely are the two connected? Many parallels between the two leave intriguing p

The Amarna Letters
The Amarna Letters are documents written to Egyptian Pharoahs from vassal Kings in the land of Canaan. These letters clearly indicate Habiru presence

History of Palestine
The nation of Israel has a unique relationship with the land and history of Palestine. This page explores the relationship between Palestine and Isra

Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia was one of the first civilizations in history. Their influence greatly shaped the Near East, specifically Israel. The two share

The Akkadians and the Habiru
The Mari tablets were discovered amongst the ruins of ancient Mari. The ancient kingdom of Mari consisted of Semitic speaking Akkadians, and was an im

Ancient Sumerian Sources
The earliest known references to the Habiru come from ancient Sumerian sources. Sumeria is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Their origins

The Mysterious Habiru
In Genesis 14:13 Abraham is called a Hebrew. Scholars have argues the correct translation may be Habiru. Who were these people? Is there a connection

Ancient Egyptian Literature and the Habiru
Ancient Egyptian literature mentions a group of people known as the Apiru. Their experiences in Egypt are similar to those of the Hebrews. Some schol

The Hurrians
The Hurrians possessd a great archive of over 5,000 clay tablets, discovered in the ancient Hurrian city of Nuzi. These documents were a remarkable

History of Israel Blog
This page contains the newest pages and updates to, plus comments and articles by visitors and contributors.

The Book of Isaiah
The book of Isaiah is one of the most frequently quoted books of the Old Testament found in the New. Jesus quoted Isaiah on numerous occasions.

Isaiah 1
A commentary on Isaiah 1. Chapter one of the book of Isaiah is analyzed verse by verse in historical context of its time.

Isaiah 24 - The Apocalypse of Isaiah
Isaiah 24 has been called The Little Apocalypse of Isaiah and contains some of the most fascinating prophecy in all of the Bible. This chapter, perhap

The Nephilim Giants
The Nephilim Giants apppear in Genesis 6, and are some of the most mysterious beings in the Bible. They disappear after the flood, only to return in t

Story of Adam and Eve
The story of Adam and Eve is not as simple as some may seem to think. This is an in-depth look at the creation of Adam and the Garden of Eden up to Ev

The Biblical Garden of Eden
The Biblical Garden of Eden has remained one of the Bible's greatest mysteries over the course of time. Archaeologists today believe they may have fou

The Genesis Flood
The Genesis flood was an event unique to all of history. Neither before, nor since, has the earth seen waters of such force. Scripture indicates the w

The Sons of Noah
A detailed look at the expansion by the Sons of Noah, and their descendants, after the flood. The Table of Nations is also examined.

Nimrod & The Tower of Babel
An in depth look at ancient Israel's relationship to Nimrod, the chief architect of the Tower of Babel, and progenetor of the Babylonian Empire.

Ancient Israel
An easy-to-follow history of Ancient Israel starting with Adam, and following the lines of Cain and Seth, through the flood, and into the time of Abra

Life of Adam and Eve
The life of Adam and Eve revolved around daily existence in Paradise. However, it would soon come to an end, and the consequences would reach to furth

Enoch the Prophet
Enoch the prophet was a great man of antiquity. He was one of two men to have never seen death in the Bible. God walked with Enoch on earth, and when

The Nephilim
Were the Nephilim byproducts of fallen angels and women? Enoch wrote it was so, as did Moses. Could it be the pages of Enoch and the Bible contain t

The Return of the Nephilim
Moses sent out spies ahead into the land of Canaan. They reported back accounts of giants, and even the Nephilim. The return of the Nephilim remains

The Rephaim: Descendants of the Nephilim
The Rephaim are mentioned throughout the Old Testament as enemies of the Israelites. Og and Sihon were their kings. These people were fierce warriors.

Abraham and Lot
Abraham and Lot endured much together over the course of their lives. Even after their split, Scripture seems to indicate the two maintained close tie

Sodom and Gomorrah
Sodom and Gomorrah remain one of the Bible's greatest mysteries. This offers a comprehensive look at the "cities of the plain", including t

The History of Jerusalem
No city in the world attracts attention like Jerusalem. The history of Jerusalem reaches back over 4,000 years, and remains one of the most important

King David of Israel
King David of Israel rose from the most humble of beginnings. From a shepherd of his father's flock, David would become King of Israel. He is one of t

Biblical Maps
High quality Biblical Maps available to purchase and download. Custom made Biblical Maps available, too.

Old Testament History & Maps
These maps depict different events throughout Old Testament history, showing locations of events and places found in the Bible.

How did the name YaH come into useage? The high point of popularity usage for the name YaH in Egypt can be found following the Middle Kingdom when m

Old Testament Map & History
A study of the Old Testament map; with different Old Testament Bible maps, Old Testament history, and Old Testament events.

Old Testament Bible Maps
Various Old Testament Bible maps of events and places from Jacob through King David. The geography of Canaan is deeply connected to Israel.

The Tribe of Ephraim
Perhaps no tribe has shaped and influenced the history of Israel moreso than that of the tribe of Ephraim. Ephraim came to represent the seat of powe

Tribe of Simeon
Simeon was the second born son of Jacob and Leah. The tribe never garnered much attention. They were involved in the slaughter of Shecehm with Levi, a

The Tribe of Asher
The tribe of Asher has proved to be a tribe of contradictions and vagaries. Close to the pagan religion of Phoenicia and chastised by Deborah, they al

The Tribe of Dan
The tribe of Dan is, perhaps, the most precarious of the tribes of Israel. Its close ties to the Phoenicians, and its similarity in name to Homer's Da

The Book of Enoch
The book of Enoch belongs to a branch of literature known as the Apocrypha, or, the Apocalyptic Literature. However, at one point the book was conside

The Book of Enoch (part 2)
The book of Enoch belongs to a branch of literature known as the Apocrypha, or, the Apocalyptic Literature. The ancients viewed the book as being divi

I Enoch - part 3 of 3
n in-depth look at the book of I Enoch from chapters 13 through 15. This is the third of three sections dealing with the book of Enoch.

Map of Lebanon
Detailed maps of lebanon from different periods of its rich history. A map of Lebanon today, as well as in Old Testament times shows a land rich in h

The Cedars of Lebanon
The cedars of Lebanon were famous throughout all of antiquity. They were used in the construction of Solomon's First Temple; and mentioned in the Epic

history of israel people as mentioned in outr holy book (KORAN)
first of all my full respect to the loyal Jewish people who believe in God of Abraham and Moses,and who believe that the only message of Moses is TORA

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia
An in-depth look at the map of ancient Mesopotamia, as well as other Mesopotamian maps depicting ancient Mesopotamia.

Ancient Syria
Ancient Syria was an important link between Palestine and Mesopotamia. As Israel's neighbor to the north, Syria is mentioned throughout the Old Testam

Map of Palestine
Map of Palestine today, and various maps of Palestine throughout different eras of her history.


The 12 Tribes of Israel
The 12 Tribes of Israel form the foundation upon which ancient Israel established it's Empire. The journey of Israel's twelve tribes begins in the day

Jacob and Esau
The Biblical narrative of Jacob and Esau is one of triumph, deception, and ultimately, redemption. These events would have had a profound impact on t

Abraham and Isaac
The birth of Isaac was a divine miracle provided by God. Abraham and Isaac would grow as father-son, and establish the foundation which would later su

Abraham and Sarah
Abraham and Sarah entered Canaan without any idea about the land, the people, the religions, or the cultures which dominated Canaan. All they had was

Hagar and Ishmael
Hagar and Ishmael formed the other part of Abraham's family. Ishmael would pair with the son's of Keturah as the progenitors of the Arab people.

JERICHO ISRAEL: The Capital of Antiquity
A comprehensive look at Jericho Israel, the oldest city in the world, and its different stages of development.

Ancient Jericho
Ancient Jericho may be the oldest city on earth. Who dwelt there before Joshua and the Israelites? This is a pre-biblical look at the City of Palms..

Ancient Egypt Geography
Ancient Egypt Geography was dominated by the Nile, and the desert. These factors brought Egypt into contact with Palestine frequently over the course

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Oxford History of Ancient Egypt by Ian Shaw 2000 A.D. pages 165 and 480 reveal Senusret III had a 39 year reign, Amenemhet III 45 year reign and Amene

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History of Israel Media
Israel Media presents the history of Israel through various media formats, including; video links, audio links and podcasts.

Map of Ancient Jerusalem
The map of ancient Jerusalem may change depending on the era one is peering into. Indeed, to follow Jerusalem is to follow an Old Testament timeline o


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The Tower of Babel
The Tower of Babel remains one of the most mysterious stories in the Bible. Dismissed by many as myth, there is sufficient evidence to believe it is i

Battle of Jericho
The battle of Jericho was stacked against Israel. However, God delivered the city into their hands against all odds. Detailed maps provide an in-dept

The Tribe of Levi
The tribe of Levi emerged in the wilderness through an act of faithfulness. This tribe would go on to exert a mighty influence on the history of Israe

The Walls of Jericho
How tall were the walls of Jericho? They may have appeared over ten stories tall from the Israelites below!

The Sons of Noah
It is so interesting to know something about the Noah family..and i strictly believe the story you mentioned..but I would like to add something about

Djoser built the first Egyptian pyramid (The Step Pyramid) after Egyptians left Sumer/Shinar's Tower of Babel and arrived on the African continent.(Ge

Assyrian History vs. Immanuel Velikovsky
(1)1413-1376 B.C. Ashur-Uballit reigns over Assyria during the time Hittite king Suppiluliumas I 1428-1392 B.C. had stirred up the Mitanni vassal stat

Ancient Hittites 1625-1237 B.C. (Part II)
Hittite king Suppiluliumas 1428-1392 B.C. now has the Mitanni king Artatama II 1406-1396 B.C. on his side. Egyptian king Tutankhamen 1406-1396 B.C.

Ancient Hittite History 1625-1237 B.C. (Part I)
Hittite king Mursilas 1625-1595 B.C. Hittites sack Babylon bringing down Amorite king Samsu-ditana's government. Hittite king Hantilas 1595-1564 B.C

(11)Egyptian king Amenemhet III's 19th year he puts down a Nubian rebellion. Hyksos Canaanite chieftain Apepi I must have really liked Amenemhet III.

(1)Egyptian king Pepi I was the first Egyptian king to use Nubian mercenaries in war against the Amorites, when Egyptian historians state Menes formul

The World Famine Verified (Genesis 41:57) Updated
Joseph's global famine (Genesis 41:57) now has been verified! Spread the news! Educate the world to ancient world history. Shang Dynasty emperor Che

Four Red Moons Reveal Major Middle-East Wars
Modern Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948. (Major War) (1)April 13, 1949 Passover blood red moon (2)October 7, 1949 Sukkot blood red moon (3)April 2,

The World Famine Verified (Genesis 41:57)
How the seven year global famine (Genesis 41:57) effected mankind. The famine existed 1704-1697 B.C. causing massive migrations of people's in the anc

The 'Apostle' Paul was an imposter and an anti-Christ and part of the 'leaven of the Pharisees' that still rule us today. He was not one of the twelve

Anti-Christ arise to Power
When will this anti-Christ arise to power? (1) There will be no middle-class in the USA or other western nations when the anti-Christ arises. Revelat

Death and Universal Consciousness
I am leaning toward the belief that Enoch became enlightened to the same universal truth that the Buddha had: Death is only a mind construct of the un

Moslem Violence & the Lack of Cleric Outcry
Why aren't Moslem clerics condemning the Moselm beheadings of children in Thailand and soldiers in the Philippines? Are the clerics for or against th

How to Find the True Chruch of God
HOW TO FIND THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD It is very easy to find the true church of God. If you have a bible, or if you can borrow a bible, or if yo

Palestinians Claim Moses Was a Palestinian
Palestinians are teaching their children that Moses was a Palestinian. ( Israel section p.2) Lets review Israel's history. From 1517

Strange Events In the Sky
People in New Zealand state there was a glowing ball appearing over their skies, in which some believe was a meteor and other's a satellite. Do strang

Biblical Reality and Pagan Worship
How pagans worship are connected in Biblical history: (1) Princess Sit- Hathor-Yunet,Senusret III's sister, worshiped the vulture goddess Nekhbet as d

The ancient Egyptians, like all other great Middle Eastern civilisations, were white. And in the exact same way, as is happening today in the west, th

How Race in the Bible is Misunderstood
The topic of race in the Bible always seems to be down-played and trivialized by most Christians nowadays, who seem to do so upon the inspiration of t

Tragedies Surround the Lives of Egyptian Queens
Queen Nitocris, sister of Merenre II, sought revenge against high Egyptian officials who murdered her brother. She had built a large underground hall

Minoans in Crete, Egypt and Tel Kabri, Canaan part II
Archaelogist Manfred Bietak discovered pumice (volcanic material)and Thutmose III artifacts in the same strata. Pumice from the island of Thera explos

Minoans in Crete, Egypt and Tel Kabri, Canaan part I
Minoans deliver Egyptian king Amenemhet II 1777-1743 B.C.tribute in his 28th year 1749 B.C. when Babylon's king Samsui-luna begins reign in 1749 B.C.

The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel
There are genetic traces of the Israelites in many nations - for example in the Ethiopians - many of whom have naturaly straight hair - like the Soma

Wrong Names & Pagan Terms
God is not his name (breaking command), and Christ is a pagan term, and there has never been a letter J in Hebrew, Latin, or Greek. Jesus.

The Real Hebrews
Scriptures that Reference the American Negro as the Hebrew Israelites of the Old Testament by BIBLICAL PROOF. You are probably asking yourself who is

False Christianity
False Christianity arises when Christians don't read their bibles and follow false teachers. How do we find the false Christians? God said, I will ta

The Number 56
(1)Sargon/Nimrod reigned over Accad/Akkad/Agade for 56 years. (2)There are 56 stones in Stonehenge's circle. (3)Joseph was 56 years old when Jacob d

The Rings of Life
Joseph was given the pharaoh ring representing new life, since Joseph a prisoner was given the second most powerful position in all Egypt. (Genesr9is

Obama folllows Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals
Obama's administration is meeting with the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. The Moslem Brotherhood is connected to Hamas Israel's enemy. Obama's administ

Lessons From Nehemiah
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I liked the information provided by your site. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Organizati

Online Training
We can build online training institutes for those people who cannot attend the institutes.

And the islands shall be moved from their places. (Revelation 6:14) Japan's powerful earthquake moved the island 8 feet; and New Zealand's earthquake

Recent Visitor to Israel
I live in the United States and recently visited Israel. We saw so much ~ so fast. Two months later I am trying to remember where I was and what happ

Was Ruth a Moabitess
Does the Book of Ruth really call Ruth a Moabitess, or as I've recently read, that she was an Israelite from Moab? If the land north of the Arnon Riv

Mayan Calander - End of a Cycle
I believe it is very possible to see a worldwide flood. If you read the scriptures it is plain as day. They say seeing is believing, when really it i

How many people with Moses in the desert?
I'm trying to get some idea of approximately how many people were with Moses in the desert. All I can find is a multitude. Does anyone have resource

The Ancient Path - Noahide
Mankind is mankind - my point being that there are not different species of mankind, we are all human and basically all have the same needs, it does n

Regarding the Prophet Jeremiah
Anybody please share any knowledge of the great prophecies of Jeremiah the prophet. I am reading the book of this great prophet, and am interested in

The Temple Calendar
When Yahweh gave instructions concerning His feasts, He started with the weekly Sabbath: “Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the sab

Key Understanding in Bible Prophecy
Here are significant biblical facts that will unlock the prophetic scriptures for correct rendering: The Lord's harpazo action to immortalize His chu

All the churches are not Christ's
All the Christian denominations are not true Christian denominations. Because they are not following Christ. If they are following Christ they h

Moorish Jewa
The Marranos: The Moorish Jews of Portugal, Spain and Benin (Guinean) Coast (Part 1) – Oguejiofo Annu Black Moorish Jews of Maghrib, Sudan and Ibe

How Christians Misunderstand Race in the Bible
The topic of race in the Bible always seems to be down-played and trivialized by most Christians nowadays, who seem to do so upon the inspiration of t

The Edomites
The Edomites were descended from Esau, who was renamed Edom. Esau was Jacobs brother and Jacob was later renamed Israel. He was the father of 12 sons

Unification of Israel
Why did Eastern Israel and Northern Israel merge?

Surnames of Italian Jews?
What are the surnames of Jews who went to Italy in 80 AD to 1100 AD?

The Wars of The Human Races- David and Goliath.
(784.11) 70:1.15 Always these olden tribes made war at the bidding of their gods, at the behest of their chiefs or medicine men. The Hebrews believed

God and Conflict
It seems that everyone takes delight in forming their own opinion about everything. I know that God's truth is absolute. But just saying that doesn't

Inquiry about Family Blessings.
This is an interesting blog. I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your graphical concepts in the Family Blessings website I’m currently working on.

Jesus in Jerusalem
Little stirs the imagination of Christians more than the thought of Jesus in Jerusalem. The Christian faith took root in first-century Jerusalem. Jer

Flavius Josephus
Flavius Josephus was a Jewish historian during the first century A.D. His colorful insight into ancient life, though dubious at times, iis invaluable

Jesus And The Passover....Part 1
Whether you are an Old Covenant Jew, or a New Covenant Jew, it is time to stop paying attention to the teaching of Sages, Popes, and Preachers. Begin

The Christmas That Never Was
This is a 'sad truth', sure to put a dent in your feeling of good will toward men. Because it is 'truth', it must be told. I'm rocking the boat n

Here is real controversy. There are four reasons why Jesus went to the cross. Don't start yelling until you have an in depth study of these things, le

Jesus and The Passover... Part 2
I want to begin the second segment of this article by concentrating on the Passover meal and the Christian Communion. I am using Bible passage qu

The Ancient City of Jericho in the Bible
The Biblical ancient city of Jericho possesses an interesting history of war and bloodshed. Jericho was of strategic importance, and has seen much bl

The Tribe of Benjamin
The tribe of Benjamin occupied a central inheritance. Thus, despite its diminutive size the tribe exercised a great deal of influence on the history o

The Royal Tribe of Judah
Despite dubious beginnings, the tribe of Judah would rise to become one of the most influential tribes in all of Israel. Jesus was from the tribe of J

Ancient Jerusalem
Ancient Jerusalem dates from centuries before its mention in the Old Testament. What was the city like before biblical times?

The Tribe of Zebulun
Zebulun was the tenth son of Jacob, the last of six by Leah. This tribe would play a prominent role throughout the time of the Judges and United Monar

The Twelve Tribes of Israel
When the twelve tribes of Israel marched out of Egypt, they were a band of refugees. God used the desert wandering to establish a structured and eff

A Lioness of Judah
God is calling an army of believers to Zion. The scattered tribes are being called home. The Lord is sending out His prophets, of which I am one, to

Verifying My Lineage
I am an American born Negro wanting to know how to find proof that I am tied through bloodline to The Tribe of Judah. I would like to be able to exp

The Tribe of Judah
The 12 Tribes of Israel is related to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, and is in harmony to their Birth. Example, Reuben is of the First Constellation Arie

Joshua and Caleb Were Faithful Spies
This article states that Caleb was the only spy who brought back a good report out of the twelve. Not sure if that is an error or misprint but, polite

Geneaolgy of Jesus
This is great. For some reason, I overlooked that Jesus was from the tribe of Judah. I was thinking it came from Rebecca's son. Praise be to God

Glory to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In years past, research such as this simply was not in my desires. I would chalk up such talk as militan

Common Names Linked to the Tribe of Judah?
I was also trying to trace my lineage, and was told that I may be of this tribe. What are the origins of the name Harris?

The Tribe of Naphtali
Naphtali was the sixth son of Jacob. The tribe was one of great warriors. They took part in some of the greatest battles fought in the Old Testament.

The Tribes of Israel
The relationships between the tribes of Israel can be traced to the exploits and activities of the sons of Jacob in Canaan. Power struggles, alliances

The Tribe of Issachar
The tribe of Issachar was descended from Leah, one of the wives of Jacob. This tribe was an influential tribe of Israel, encamping under the banner of

The Tribe of Gad
The tribe of Gad played key roles in the battles of the conquest. They led the march in the battle of Jericho, and held key roles in other conquests.

The Tribe of Reuben
The tribe of Reuben was founded after the first born son of Jacob. It was one of the first tribes to be conquered and deported by the Assyrians. The

The Greek Septuagint
The Greek Septuagint was the most popular version of the Law of Moses. It had very fascinating things to say about the "sons of God" and the

Nephilim, sons of angels
The Nephilim were born of human women, always male like a mule, and always sterile. The first angel to take a human wife may have been Kichunna of the

The Benjamites, part 2 of 2
Benjamites were involved in a number of fascinating events throughout the Old Testament. None moreso than the occasion that caused a civil war, and th

Sodomite Civilization
Sodomite society was one of hedonism and materialism. The sin of Gomorrah was so grievous God utterly destroyed their society. What was their sin?

The Ephraimites of the Old Testament
Ephraimites played integral roles throughout the history of Israel. Judges & Kings hailed from Ephraim. It was the royal tribe of the Northern Kin

Jericho Archaeology
Jericho archaeology is mired in controversy when dating certain events. At the front of the list is the conquest of Canaan. The exact dating of the

Jericho's History
The lastest archeologist found artifacts at Jericho of Amenhotep III, who received the Tel-Amarna letters from Canaanite kings when Joshua invaded Can

The Binding of Isaac
The binding of Isaac was the ulitmate test of Abraham's faith. This was to be the defining moment in the relaionship between Abraham and God.

Queen Esther of the Bible
Queen Esther of the Bible was descended from the tribe of Benjamin. This tribe, thus, produced not only a king, but a queen as well. Esther would rise

The Tribe of Simeon
The only tribe I want to talk about at this point is Simeon. In Gen. 49, we read that Simeon would be scattered in Israel. In Joshua 19:1 we see tha

Is mankind descended from the 12 tribes of Israel?
We Gentiles are not biological descendants of Israel. We are all descendants of Adam and Eve. But speaking in today's terms of being, biologically rel

ARCHEOLOGICAL PROOF OF THE LOST 10 TRIBES OF ISRAEL Migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel by F.M. Nithsdale ...We start, of course,

Who Killed Jesus?
1 ¶ Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him. 2 And the Roman soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and they put on

Who Crucified Christ?
WHO CRUCIFIED CHRIST ? Was it really the Romans, as our preachers would like us to believe ? John 19:15-16 - But they cried out, Away with him, away

The Modern Jews
The modern Jews are not the descendants of the a ancient Israelites and here's the proof. For starters the ancient Jews were only 1 tribe of the 12 Tr

The Modern Jews
The modern Jews are not the descendands of the ancient Israelites and here's the proof. For a start the ancient Jews were only 1 tribe of the 12 Tribe

The 12 Tribes of Israel / We're ALL Related
After God destroyed mankind with the flood, Noah's sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth and their wives replenish the earth. Therefore, we the people, are from

Lost in Time
I believe I am one of the lost tribes that settled in the Southern state of Kerala. We call ourselves Nasaranis followers of Christ. We used to have m

The Pharaoh of the Exodus
1 Kings 6:1 states the Exodus occurred some 480 yrs. before king Solomon's 4th year. King Solomon reigns 36 more years = 516 years after the Exodus.

Is Mankind Descended from the 12 Tribes of Israel?
A Jewish friend of mine stated that all of mankind was descended from the twelve tribes of Israel? I don't understand how that could be true. If we

There Were Not Really 12 Tribes of Israel 9. Hebrew History (1071.6) 97:9.1 There never were twelve tribes of the

The Tribe of Ephraim
I do believe that Ephraim was taken into Assyria, only to come to Kerala in India. Bene Ephraim of Andhra Pradesh is in close proximity to that of the

The Twelve Tribes
The tribes of Israel can be located today through the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 28 gives a list of 53 curses that explain the events that would befal

Melchizedec was the First Heavenly Man

Palestine HIstory
Palestine history is a continual story of struggle. Throughout the history of Palestine, its inhabitants have struggled with the land, outside powers,

Ur of The Chaldees: The Forefather of the Hebrew Race
Ur Kaśdim: The Birth Place of a Nation. Ur Kaśdim, or Ur of the Chaldees, (אוּר כַּשְׂדִים) is the town in the Hebrew Bible and related literature wh

Chinese Calendar from 365-day from Mari Syria (cont)
The confusion arises in 1437bc because these 600 of 360-day is 592-year Venus which 8-year Venus must not be regarded as 600 years until 1429bc or lat

Chinese Calendar from 360-day from Ur
The Chinese Calendar is a 12-year calendar of Jupiter. Jupiter orbits 7 times in 83 years, almost exactly to the Julian date. Accumulating, this is th

Sumerian Wheel and Ancient Egyptian Four Lobe Pinion Pulley.
Many Sumerian wheels are a three part composite construction of timber planks. This type of wheel design dates from about 5500 BC. Note the shape of t

The True Origin of The Sumerian Civilization Discovered.
(860.3) 77:4.8 The elaborate records left by the Sumerians describe the site of a remarkable settlement which was located on the Persian Gulf, near th

Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God
So you have been enlightened that the son's of God are bne elohym and not male descendants of Seth. And that daughters (bath)are not female members of

Comments for Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God
So you have been enlightened that the son's of God are bne elohym and not male descendants of Seth. And that daughters (bath)are not female members of

Nephilim not in Genesis !
In Genesis 6:4 Genesis does not use the word Nephilim. It ACTUALLY says: There were GIANTS in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the s

Comments for Nephilim not in Genesis !
In Genesis 6:4 Genesis does not use the word Nephilim. It ACTUALLY says: There were GIANTS in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the s

Ark of the Covenant
They found the Ark of the Covenant where Moses placed the 10 Commandments, in a cave under Golgotha.

Comments for Ark of the Covenant
They found the Ark of the Covenant where Moses placed the 10 Commandments, in a cave under Golgotha.

Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch
Remeber that atheists always say religion is the cause of the world's problems. But it is the person behind the religion that causes the problem. They

Comments for Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch
Remeber that atheists always say religion is the cause of the world's problems. But it is the person behind the religion that causes the problem. They

Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch.
Christ said the last days will be like the days of Noah. The book of Enoch focuses on what those last days of Noah were like. The book of Daniel proph

Comments for Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch.
Christ said the last days will be like the days of Noah. The book of Enoch focuses on what those last days of Noah were like. The book of Daniel proph

Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God
#3 in this series: Joh 3:1 There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: Joh 3:2 The same came to Jesus by night, and sa

Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God
#2 from me in answer to another: Jesus thought and spoke prior to entering the womb of Mary (Heb 10:5). It's the old,I think, therefore I am. He was s

Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God
So you have been enlightened that the son's of God are bne elohym and not male descendants of Seth. And that daughters (bath)are not female members of

Genesis 6
The sons of God are literal sons of God. Daughters of men are mankind. Daughters-Beth-Does not simply refer to females. Also it refers to somethi

Nephilim in Genesis 6
The word giant in Hebrew is Rapha which is not used here in this case. It should be Nephilim. Nephilim can be fallen one or one who causes another to

The Chiefs of Tens
You mentioned only 19 watchers. If 200 descended, and these were the chiefs of tens, then there is one missing. Am I correct?

In Surah Maryam, verses 56 and 57 there is praise of Prophet Enoch (Idris) that he was highly upright, pious, and that God raised him to a high place.

Enoch and Genesis
Like some others, I have been drawn to the book of Genesis and the book of Enoch. The Bible as we know it has so many questions and no answers, but ye

The book of Enoch speaks of the Watchers teaching mankind charms and enchantments. Witchcraft, or the curious arts, is the binding of spirits and elem

Map of Palestine
The Land of the Canaanites was never named Palestine until a Roman emperor asked a local resident who the most feared enemies of Israel were, the resi

Possible Route of Mary & Joseph
I would be interested in a map that shows all the existing roads, and the possible routes Mary and Joseph took from Nazereth to Bethlehem. I would be

Mountain of the Lord Garden of God
I am a 61 yr. old Baptist Missionary to tribal people of Southern Zambia. Maps and places are a passion with me. I am convinced the Mountain area of

Family Blessings
Genesis talks about the beginning of the world, how Adam and Eve started as the first couple that God created and began their own family. The history

Judges 4 Deborah & Barak
I am studying the story of Deborah and Barak in Judges 4 and would like to see a map of where Deborah was, and where Barak was, and where the river K

The Eden and the Garden of the Lord
Having read scriptures,including Jewish jubilees, the LORD Gd gave me this revelation. According to the account of Lot in Genesis 13:10, the garden of

Map of the Sons and Grandsons of Noah
I am doing a study of the prophesies of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation. It would help to have a map that showed the peoples before and up to Abraham.

Valley of Beracha
Such an amazing testament of giving God the Glory and allowing and obeying God. Would love to see where that was, and still is.

The Gates of Jerusalem
The gates of Jerusalem stand as a testament to the importance of this city over the last few thousand years. Jerusalem's gates have witnessed some of

Map of Jerusalem
A look at the map of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Different maps are presented from different eras of Jerusalem's history.

Jerusalem History
Jerusalem history can be dated through pottery back to 3500 BC. The city is one of the most ancient cities in the world, and undoutbebly one of the mo

Abraham met Melchizedek king of Salem (Jerusalem) after he slew Elamite king Chedorlaomer, (Kindattu) the very Elamite king who had destroyed his birt

Melchisedec the Great Man, the First heavenly man.
WHO ARE THESE FOUR BEASTS/LIVING CREATURES (Rev 4:8 KJV) And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes with


The Sin of Sodom
One needs to read Ezekiel 16: 49-50, to see fully the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sodom and Gomorrah
We know Sodom existed. Egyptian king Pepi II had trade with Sodom.

Proof of Sodom and Gomorrah Existence
This is a nice blog, but still confused about its reality. So, could you try helping me find out if it is just a myth, or the stories are true? Here

We all are a lot like Lot
The story of Sodom and Gomorrah are as much a myth as the story of Bethlehem. The story exists for the student of Christ to look deeper into it's

Tell El Hamman is not Sodom
Collins is dead wrong and his 'discovery' of a 500 year hiatus clearly disqualifies that site from contention. No where in the Bible do we read that t

Angels, Mt.Hermon, Bashan, Og, Zuzim, Rephaim, Nephilim, Anakim
Its believed a second group of watchers fell. And the reason they're not mentioned in the Bible more is because it didn't line up with the story line

The Nephilim Civilization
I believe the giants of the Old Testament were travelers from space. The 1/st chapter of Ezekiel describes a FLYING SAUCER, and Men or Angels. I beli

Are Angels Sexless?
The sin of the angels mating with human women & creating the nephilim was so bad that God bound them in chains in tartarus until the judgement. In li

The Descendants of Seth as the Sons of God
There are at least a few people who believe that the reference to the sons of God, in Genesis, is a reference to the righteous descendants of Seth. Je

The Emim, Anakim, Rephaim.
It seems possible that these people(s) are related in some way to the Nephilim. Why are there different names, if they are the same people? Firstly,

REPHAIM – Children of Fallen Angels
By CK Quarterman REPHAIM: The Rephaim were a tribe of giants who lived east of the Dead Sea. (Deuteronomy 2:10, 11, 19, 20) The Israelite’s had trou

The Nephilim
1 In time, when men began to multiply on earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were attractive; and

The Nephilim & Gnostic Gospels
The book of Enoch, as with the other LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE, are gnostic texts and were considered to be heretical by the church fathers, kind of lik

You have misquoted Genesis
You have misquoted Genesis. The word Nephilim is not mentioned once in the entire book of Genesis ! You said: The Nephilim were on the earth in tho

I wrestled a demon last year during a ritual. It was not human, or even humanoid, and it had tentacles, looked like something out of a movie, was with

Egypt and Sumer, the Oldest Civilizations?
Archeologist agree that Egypt and Sumer were the oldest known civilizations, yet both show no evolutionary progression. Their knowledge was mysterious

The Nephilim and the UFO Phenomenon
To me this is a fascinating passage because Jesus says that 'As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man comes again!' This pass

John ~
It is quite evident that the text “Son’s Of God” and/or Nephilim, however diverse, has been referenced, and has been, in my opinion, clearly indicatin

Did Fallen Angels Create the Nephilim
In Genesis the fallen angels are called, “the sons of god” (Gen. 6:4). Genesis is a much older writing than the Book of Enoch. The dating of the Book

Mysteries Like the Nephilim
The basis of any belief is faith. Now the question is; On what is your faith based on or in? What do you believe, the Biblical account or world know

Book of Enoch
I believe that the Book of Enoch was removed from our Bible because it spoke of the fallen watchers. If we were educated in this and their return, we

Zechariah SitchenJan Lamprecht
To anchor a ship to a single bay or history to a single source is foolish. Read the books written by Zechariah Sitchen starting with his first

The Bloodline of Seth
Nephilim, or Sons of God, is intriguing. What do you think of the following? I believe that the word refers to the bloodline of Seth. It's possible t

The Nephilim
Angels always transformed themselves into human form, so it is likely they mated with women to produce soul less humans.

The Nephilim and Nephilia
The Sons of God spoken of in the Hebrew scriptures are very definitely angels who were persuaded that human women were desirable. The offspring of the

Sons of God
Angels were sons of God. Adam was a son of God. We are sons of Adam.

Robert Marshall
Enoch was a son of God. that is why God raptured Him. When God talks about the sons of God going into the daughters of men He is talking about those

YAHWEH's Daughter II
Listen, YAHWEH only breathed into us the Hebrew Israelite. We are made from the earth and Satan refused to bow to us as YAHWEH told him to do: I am ma

David Sheriff aged 65 Astronomer & Ufologist
What we see in Genesis is the word Nephelim. In Biblical terms yes fallen angels. However as it is written we could understand

Nephilim, Nothing Strange, Here Today.
When reading he Bible, stick to what it says, not what others say it says. God is about truth & facts. But they exist for our salvation, so read caref

This Bible passage also troubled me so much. Does this statement mean literally, ? As stated, they were sons of God, I think it is not right to call t

It is obvious that most or all commentators agree that the sons of God were fallen angels. There is not a single reference in Scripture that backs up

Mr christian
I see a little problem, or contradiction in the return of the Nephilim in Numbers after the flood. It does say the descendants does it not? Elsewhere

Watchers, Nephilim, ET's, UFO's, Giants, etc., in the Bible
I have been studying this subject with great interest for many years. I believe, from the truth supplied in God's inerrant Bible, and the helpful ass

Half-Angel, Half-man
Since these were half-angel/half-man, wouldn't their spiritual side survive the flood of Noah? Their physical bodies were destroyed, but what happene

Common sense of the Nephilim return
In (Gen.6:4) we can see how the return of the Nephilim came to be. Basic demonic manifestation of these angelic beings called the sons of God is also

The Nephilim, the fallen ones, who were they? They are spoken of not only in the Bible but in other creation stories. Are they descendants of a diff

Fallen Angels Have Attempted to Censor Biblical History
It is obvious that fallen angels have attempted to censor Biblical literature about themselves. Justin Martyr, a philosopher who converted to Christi

There is no proof these Nephilim impregnated humans. This passage just says that they dwelt on earth at this time.

Nephilim as Biblical Myth and Nonsense
Bible-believers have a problem, the Bible claims only Noah's family survived the flood, so the Nephilim should have been destroyed with no survivors.

You can't "Pick and Choose" truth.
I have spent the past few years studying in detail the giants of the Bible. The Book of Enoch has all the validity of any other biblical script. It is

So, the dna had to be pure, no Nephilim lineage. So, if the land of Caanan was filled with Nephilim, and then the great grandmother of Jesus hailed fr

The Sons of God in Genesis 6
For many years I, like most bible students, have pondered the mystery behind this complex passage in Genesis 6 concerning the Nephilim. The thought of

The Nephilim: Before and After the Flood
Many years ago I was in a conflict with a high priestess of the pagan goddess Ashtoreth. I learned much in that conflict. That high priestess had

The Seer
With respect to your comments about the Nephilim. I am very familiar with that school of thought, and it is erroneous, along with the uncannonized los

Regarding the Nephilim....
I just completed a book on this very topic for my publisher, New Page Books - The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim - which releases in February of 2012.

So, is astrology evil? Or was it like people learning to run before they can walk?

Can the Nephilim be brought back again?
Can demons, or the fallen angels who are not chained, sin again with human women to create the Nephilim? Will the Antichrist be born this way?

A thought relating to Nephilim after the flood
As Knowledge increases, may our Eternal Creator Yahuah (God),the rightful owner and Ruler of our world Yahushua (god saves)bring forth the truth for u

Adam and Eve; Satan and Lucifer - Angels in the Garden
I will be as brief as possible, so you will need to look up the bible verses yourselves. Trees, on many occasions, represented powerful beings or nat

Sons of God
Seems to me that it is a class of priests of sorts and may not have been called priests at that time, the intermingling of offspring has been known to

Did God create Death, Satan, Evil, from non-existence when there was none prior?
My daughter asked me a question today. A question among many I dread answering because my studies through out the years have been so complex, and my m

Days of Noah part 2
Part 2 of 2: Then we have Genesis 6. Regardless of ones way of explaining this chapter, go back to the top and read what Jesus said about those days.

Days of Noah part 1
#1 of 2 parts- Mat 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Mat 24:38 For as in the days that were befor

Genetic Alteration
Genetic Alteration What has happened in the past is happening now! Whether Angels can have sex organs can be redundant argument. I'm not given to th

The Sons of God in Genesis
The sons of god left heaven by their own free will. They were not sent by God. Jesus says no marriage in heaven for angels. Jesus never said that ange

The Sons of God Were the Sethites
There should be no confusion about who the sons of God are in Genesis, if you understand that there were two distinct peoples after the fall. Genesis

The Book of Enoch in Jude
The NT Book of Jude references the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim (which in Hebrew means fallen ones). Jude further seems to agree with the the Enoch

The Return of the Nephilim
I think the answer about how the nephilim could have returned despite the flood is simple. The mistake that people make is assuming that God sent the

The Origin of Man
We are not the product of evolution rather; an infusion of biological, technological implementations of the Creators who sought to engineer a race of

Nephilim 2.0
I don't think it's a mystery at all. If they were here prior to the flood, then why couldn't they be here again after the flood. The nephilim after al

Response to Blaming Ham (for the Nephilim)
Someone responded recently to something I'd written about the Nephilim, inasmuch as I'd mentioned Ham's children as the source of the POST flood adven

Enoch and the Nephilium
The Nephilim that Enoch spoke of are the children of the fallen angel's seed (the demons), that lived on the first earth, and the earth now. Enoch giv

The UR-antia Papers Explains This All
(856.6) 77:2.3 The post-rebellion era on Urantia witnessed many unusual happenings. A great civilization — the culture of Dalamatia — was going to pie

YAHWEH's Daughter
It is no mystery who the Watchers are for YAH has told us in Gen. 6:1-4, and as one reads further we understand why our FATHER YAH destroyed Sodom and

The Nephilim
What about when it says that Nephilim were on the earth after the flood, if they all died in the flood what Nephilim survived? Only Noah's family was

The Nephilim were indeed on the earth in the days prior to the flood, and after the flood, just as Gen. 6:4 says. They were a hybrid of half human/ha

Modern Day Technologies
I recently came across a picture on youtube of a woman walking with what seemed like a mobile phone on a Charlie Chaplin clip. The woman was seen talk

Prophet Frederick
The book of Enoch clearly explains the Watchers, the Nephilim and Azazel, the angel who taught the secrets of divine knowledge to man. This cannot be

Adam & Eve in the Koran
About the creation of Adam and Eve, in our Koran the story is quite different to what i have just finish reading. It is said that God had collected hi

Cain and Abel
The story of Cain and Abel follows their parent's expulsion from Eden. What caused Cain to murder his righteous brother? Why was Cain's sacrifice unac

The Father of Cain Was NOT Adam !
The father of Cain was NOT Adam! Nowhere in Adam's geneology is Cain listed, although Cain is a son of Eve. The father of Cain was either Satan himsel

Mark of Cain Mark of God's Grce

Cain's Offering Less Than What God Commanded
God always asks for one-tenth of our labors. Maybe Cain not only did not offer one-tenth, but did not offer the best of his fruits. Abel offered both!

Christian Trinity and the Sons of Noah
The doctrine of the Christian Trinity is discussed in relation to its manifestation in the names and lives of the three sons of Noah.

Abraham's Descendants Were All Hebrews
Abraham was a Hebrew. He was not an Isralite or a Jew. Jacob was a Hebrew and so was Esau. God renamed Jacob Israel. That line fron Jacob became Isr

The lost 10 tribes of Israel were Israelites, but they were never called Jews because they were not of the tribe of Judah. The were of the 10 of the 1

ISRAELITES WERE IN AMERICA BEFORE COLUMBUS! By Pastor Alan Campbell 1992 marked the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' voyage of discovery from Spain to

Israel and Egyptian history
I would like to see Egyptian history correlated with Israelite history side by side. Who were the Pharoah's of Moses, Joseph, David etc. How is Afric

Genesis 10
This chapter of the Bible clearly shows us that the Jews and the Hebrews have different geneologies. The Hebrews, for example, are from the House of

Jews vs Hebrews
Exodus 2-19 says; and they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hands of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us and watered the flock.

The Israelites
The Israelites are the blacks here and American, Hispanics, West Indians and Indian descent people from all around the world. The Lord scattered us

Noah and his triplet Sons were Gentiles
NOAH'S TRIPLET SONS = (Gen 5:32 KJV) And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth.. NOAH AND HIS SONS WERE GENTILES =(

Hebrew and Israelite
The Hebrews Abraham , Isaac and Jacob, who later has his name changed to Israel, never called El Shaddia by the forever name YHWH-YaH El Shaddia Exo 3

Tutankhamen’s DNA 99.6 percent match Western Europeans Appendix 3: Tutankhamen’s Male Lineage DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y Chromosomes

Nimrod, the Tower of Babel and Revelation
After studying and teaching on the Whore of Babylon in Revelation, I believe the Lord showed me a connection between Babel, the Tower of Babel and Nim

Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
All mankind was involved in building the Tower of Babel, pictured as a round tower yet all Sumer religious temples are square ziggurats. Egyptian prie

Sons of Noah & Nimrod - Their Descendants
My comments on Youth Pastor CJ of California. On his writing Where Did You Get This The curse fell on Canaan. Yeah. The descendants of Canaan became

The word 'Babel' has the original meaning of Bab=gate and El=God. It was the builders' hope that they were building a gateway to heaven.


Zagros Mountains & The Tower of Babel
And it came to pass as they journeyed from the east (Zagros Mountains) that they found a plain in the land of Shinar (Sumer) and they dwelt there. (Ge

Purpose of the Tower
Nimrod hated G-d and sought to justify himself and his people. His anger was systemic of his fathers teaching and knowledge of the Noahic curse. The

Didn't the Bible (Psalm68) say Cush will soon stretch her hands to God? This prophecy came true when king Solomon mated with the queen of Sheba and br

Babylon's days are numbered
Babylon ( the whole world system of falsehood ) is doomed! GOD says not to partake of the error. Jesus is the truth. Amen.

Nimrod and Babel
How long did Nimrod build up Babel?

Amazing insight into the past
This is a very interesting site. I study the story about the tower of Babel for teaching. Just a tiny little thing first to get all your facts right:

Ed Renegar
I am amazed with the parallels in the story line of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and the events unfolding in the world today. The global unification

The Tower of Babel was built in East Africa.
After extensive research I have found that the Tower was built in East Africa, at the strait of Babel Mandel which can be found on ancient maps of Afr

When I found this site, I felt like I had found Gold. I feel like a little kid in a candy shop I am teaching 9 and 10 year olds the Genealogy from A

Nimrod, the True Story
Nimrod WAS A MIGHTY HUNTER BEFORE GOD. He was the man choosen by GOD to eliminate the remnant of the giants that survived the flood. God even gave Ni

The Tower as illustrated here is an example of continual deviation. Men built the structure to worship 'other than' God. Thus the fall and the express

The Demonization of Nimrod

Repeating Our History
If man is truly made in the image of God, then like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, we were made to be the same. We are man, spirit, and in a much sm

Where Did You Get This?
At the beginning I was intrigued, but as I read on I was stunned! Such defiance and rebellion, anger and wroth toward God, but with anything I read o

Descendants of Nimrod
Nimrod built empires north and east; and possibly he and his clan traveled northeast, possibly going to China, Alaska, and down to California, Mexico

Modern Day Nimrods and Babels
Even now, there are lurking many Nimrods, I mean leaders who try to challenge God's laws, with their abominations, like legalizing same Sex marriage,

The Bible
It is fine to give opinions about anyone in the Bible, but we can't isolate them from the rest of the Bible. Gods plan when He wrote the Bible throug

For an opposing view of Nimrod, get a free ebook here:

The True Nimrod and Tower of Babel in The Bible.
3. The Tower of Babel (858.2) 77:3.1 After the submergence of Dalamatia the Nodites moved north and east, presently founding the new city of Dilmun a

Nimrod & Babel
I would like to refer you to some Ancient History Books that are very much available today from Amazon. The Ancient Book of Jasher By Ken Johnson is

From the beginning of time, this Nimrod spirit of rebellion, to overthrowing everything God stands for or wanted for His creation is alive ans

Someone who knows Hebrew
Before you brush this off, think about it. The words in Heb are הבה נעשה מגדל &#149

The Ugarit Texts
The Ugarit texts revolutionized the modern view of the ancient world. Within these texts, the mysterious Apiru appear. This page looks at the Apiru, a

Middle East Conflict, Who Is Right
Sir If what you say is right then the 'Israelis as Jews, the Ashkanaz, the sons of Japeth cannot call Israel their homeland. Only the sons of Shem ca

What If? A Brief History of the Ages & Whats Yet to Come
One could interpret the story of Noah and his sons as the spread of the Adamic religion or law. I doubt highly that with todays knowledge of the human

Peleg, Native Americans
Peleg was translated by Jewish scholars as earthquake - which happened during the tower of Babel event, when the continents were separated by G-d from

Different Narratives of Ancient History
I am currently working on three narratives of ancient history. First is the Creation view, up to and including what happened to the descendents of th

There has been a lot of Conjecture concerning weather or not Noah brought Dinosaurs into the Ark. It has been in my scrutinization of scripture that w

Joktan are Chinese
Joktan are the pure Hebrews. Genesis 10:25 states Heber had two sons, Peleg and Joktan. Genesis 10:30 says Joktan and family migrated to the Far East.

Sumerians are Canaanite Dravidians - Not Ethiopians
On a spiritual side, I have seen Prophet Muhammad PBH 10 times, and I say it with no boasting. I dreamed of the Prophet PBH and I am standing bes

Racial Make-up of the Sons of Noah
The sons of Noah are Adamic. the Chinese, Sumerians, blacks, etc are pre- Adamic (before 4000 B.C.). Adam means red/to blush/fair. The Sumerians are

The Descendants of Cush
I read Genesis 9, again, and for the first time, so to speak. For years I've understood the masses in America to say that Ham line of decedents were

Sons of Noah
For those who cautiously talk in terms of The Bible suggesting and The Story of Noah, again put a true account into the realms of myth and legend; th

Sons of Noah
For those who cautiously talk in terms of The Bible suggesting and The Story of Noah, again put a true account into the realms of myth and legend; th

If Noah said.
If Noah said, 'Cursed be Ca'naan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren, that means he only cursed Ca'naan and his offspring, not Ham an

Which Son of Noah are the Chinese Descended?
Are Asian people (Chinese) desendents of Shem and of what son?

Can you also provide scripture that states that Nimrod was evil and Eber was righteous seed, and that Nimrod was trying to thwart God's plan?

Your suggestions about Japheth seem to be slightly tainted! Pawthaw, or Pahtah, means to open(roomy) in the figurative sense(in mental or moral sense)

Gen 9:18 is when Ham is first mentioned as the father of Canaan, not when Noah is drunk. Also, the Bible does not state that all of Ham's children are

Two quick things; Gen 9:18 is when Ham is first mentioned as the father of Canaan, not when Noah is drunk. Also, the Bible does not state that all of

Your opinion seeks to justify the violent domination of the christian west and their jewish masters over the whole world. But wake up! The world has

Aram is a son of Shem, one of the sons of Noah, according to the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 of the Hebrew Bible, and the father of (Uz,) Hul, (Get

According to Ibn Abbas, the word Adam is derived from 'udmah' or the color brown. The Prophet Adam is called Adam because he was brownish in color.

Iraqi Kurds, Arameans and Assyrians live in exact same areas!
Ethnic Kurds compose a significant portion of the population in Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye'deki Kürtler, Kurdish: Kurdên li Tirkiye). Unlike the Turks,

Dravidians and Sumerians
Hi, I am a Muslim,and what I will say might be very weird to many of you. Here goes!I have seen Prophet Muhammad PBH 8times in dream form; also Prop

Noah's son Japheth is the Mythical Greek Titan Japetus (Iapetos)?
Some Liberal PhD scholars embracing an anthropological point of view understand that one of the sons of Noah, Japheth, is a Hebrew recast of the Homer

Are these the forefathers? What nations are they representing?

Descendants of Phut
These include mputu of Congo Kinshasa, who in turn are related to the kusu (kush). The Luba may be the Lubim. All these are Bantu groups.

Noah, who built the ark, is among the pure Chinese ancestors which were not ever mentioned in the bible. The Bible was made in the west. The west does

Native Americans
It has always been my belief that the Native Americans were descendants of Japheth,one of the three sons of Noah. Your article here states that the

Japheth and his descendants
I've just read Josephus and it says that Japheth and his descendants possessed the Mountain Taurus and Armanus. Could this be the country Armenia (A

The Curse of Canaan Did NOT Include All of Ham's Children
The curse of Canaan did not include, all Ham's Children. It was placed directly on Canaan, by Noah. Ham's children went on to build some of the Grea

Ancient Arabs are from Aram.
Another line of Salih PBH from my sunni book on shari a(Reliance of the Traveller) is SaaliH ibn Ubayd ibn Asif ibn? Masih ibn Ubayd ibn

Naked, or Ham Saw Noah Worshiping a False God?
Like I say I'm not a scholar or well read in all the Holy Bible by any means, but I've read and read and read the beginning many times. I really don'

Alternate Reading: Noah and Ham, Shem and Japheth
I'm not a Holy Bible scholar by any means. Just a guy who rarely believes the establishment and who has questions. My premise is that there is possi

Mr. F. Blouws (B.A. H.D.E)
I found this reading very interesting and informative, yet am perplexed at the absence of the African race from your explanation. How do you account f

Prophet Seth PBH
Seth (Shith) was born to Adam and Eve, after Cain killed Abel. God gave the Revelation to Seth after the death of Adam. God revealed 50 booklets to Se

The Table of Nations & Differing Calendars
I would like a table of nations section because when 1st dynasty Ur fell in 2029bc the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Mayans left Ur to build Mari, Sy

God's Intent
While I thank you for giving me the background as to which of Noah's son sired which nation, I am left confused about the big picture as to how God ha

Descendants of Ham
It was said that certain American Indians & Eastern Europeans have a haplogroup X. What son of Ham do think American Indians descend from?

From A Middle School Bible Teacher in a Chinese Baptist Church
This is good stuff - I am an African American teaching in a Chinese Church. This is a start of my series on, Where people come from evolution and the

The Truth About the Sons of Noah
The Native Americans are not from the line of Ham or Japheth, and Jews should be Hebrews. I see that your information is very limited, so for that I w

Isles of the Gentiles
Could it be that the isles of the gentiles were given to Japheth, instead of Japheth being a gentile?

The Sons of Noah: Known and Unknown
Looking at the lists of offspring in the book of Genesis, (and remembering that the book relates not just the beginning from Adam and Eve, but also th

Japheth: The son of Noah and His Offspring.
Gen 10:5 Reads (By these were the Iles of the (Gentiles) divided in their lands, every one after his tongue: after their families, in their nation. No

Robert Arias, Bible student and teacher of the word -
I am beginning a Beginner's Class at my church, and we are beginning with the Book of Beginnings (Genesis). The Table of Nations will come in very han

The Gas Have Also Been With the Israelites
The Gas now in Ghana once lived at North-Africa. Part of them lived in the Southern part of Mizraim. Gas also lived at the end of River Nile, which ma


The Sons of Noah - Shem, Ham, and Japheth
It was Canaan who was cursed and not Ham and all of his Sons. It is important that we do not add onto God's Words. Why Canaan was cursed is unclear.

Sons of Ham
Would it not follow then, that these people, who spread out and achieved so much, are to be considered inferior to the other sons descendants? That

Ham the Son of Noah
The Bible says that Noah cursed the son of Ham named Canaan, and not Ham and all his descendants. So why twist what the Bible says just to make excus

Refer to Jewish Jubilees
Please read the book of Jubilees titled, the Genealogy of the Descendant of Shem: Noah and his sons divide the earth. You will find Shem's land is fr

Truth vs Control
It is the truth that the sons of Noah populated the whole earth. Each of them through their generations passed down and changed their ideas of God an

Aram, son of Shem, son of Noah
The Qur'an states that in Arabia lived the people of ʿĀd, now eastern Yemen and western Oman. In the 1980s there was the discovery of what i

Neo Babylonians (Chaldeans)
Prophet AbrahamPBH had a wheat color skin tone, a beautiful curve to the nose bridge which did not make his nose hooked or jagged. His face is a ova

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, Allah created Adam, making him 60 cubits tall. When He created him, He said to him, Go and greet that group

At-Tabrani has related from Abu-Hurayrah that the Holy Prophet, Mohammed, (peace be upon him) has said the Adam descended in India. He then went from

Phut ibn Ham
The Persian historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (c. 915) recounts a tradition that the wife of Put was named Bakht, a daughter of Batawil son of Ti

Phut, son of Ham, son of Noah: Ibn Tabari mentions a wife named Bakht bint Batawil. Phut then dwell with the Hind Kush descent and Sind in India.

Medes(KURDS) are from Madai
According to the Book of Jubilees (10:35-36), Madai had married a daughter of Shem, and preferred to live among Shem's descendants, rather than dwell

The Muslim historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (c. 915) recounts a tradition that the wife of Lud was named Shakbah, daughter of Japheth, and that

Ibn Hibban said in his book As-Sahih, from Abu Dharr, that the Prophet said, O Abu Dharr, four among the Prophets spoke a language called (Syriac:) Ad

Iraqi Arabs and Iraqi Kurs are closest to Assyrians by DNA.
The Genetics of Modern Assyrians and their Relationship to Other People of the Middle East by Dr. Joel J. Elias - Professor (Emeritus), University of

Iraqi Kurds, Armenians, and Modern-Day Jews
Many Kurds have the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype In the 1990s, a team of scientists (including the geneticist Michael Hammer, the nephrologist Karl S

Elamo-Harappan origins for Haplogroup J2 in India? The presence of Haplogroup J2 in India, including the subclades M410 and M241 has been an often ov

DRAVIDIANS = SUMERIANS ! this is tamil i am not interested in the article just the pic as it is

Dravidians, Indians and Sumerians
Also the people of Phut settled in north Africa, Tyre, Somalia and Yemen. Imam Tabari RA also said they settled in Sindh and hind (India), they are of

According to your list for the descendants of Ham, one of the sons of Noah, it appears that Ishmael, being a son of Abraham, was not a progenitor of a

Covenant Marriage
On this biblical study I've been also reading a dozen of articles about the life of Noah, and although they pertain on the same thought, I think I've

The Mountains of Another Time
The antediluvian terrain was much less austere than that of today. The fossil evidence of Mt Everest, and many other sites, attests to the understandi

Answering the doing the math question
There are many different animal species that we know of now, but in the biblical times, only very basic animals where mentioned, like cows, fish, bird

God fit them all in....with room left over
Well, this is for those of you that think Noah had to put every single animal on the ark prior to the Biblical flood in Genesis. The fact is, the Bi

Doing the math
Look, I'm not here to chastise you for your beliefs, but there are about 5,000 species of mammals alone on planet earth. That would mean that over 10,

Animals in Noah's Ark
Your logic is flawed. The Bible says kinds not species. People just do not want to believe the Bible and God because they do not want God telling th

People should think - science has proven that life of mankind originated in EAST AFRICA. Therefore, since the land then was one solid mass before the

According to the 2nd Book of Enoch, the Garden of Eden is not on Earth, but in the 3rd Heaven (II En...
This tree is of ineffable goodness and fragrance...Its root is in the garden at the Earth’s end. And Paradise is between corruptibility and incorrup

The Godekli Site
It would lend credence to say that the first inhabitants of Godekli was Cain himself as well as his offspring, hence the LAND OF NOD.

The Biblical Garden of Eden & the Flood in Genesis
There is no sense in looking for the Garden of Eden, as the Flood of Genesis 6 washed it all away. One must remember that the flood was of such magn

Is the Garden of Eden in England?
I notice that the river that flows through the Garden, or to it, or whatever, also flows through the NEW Jerusalem. My reckoning from decoding the hym

The Biblical Garden of Eden in Tanzania, Africa
The only seen and proven Garden to date is in Tanzania, where even the remains of the first human was found. It is the only place where you can see t

The Term Palestine
I made a comment about the web-site using the term Palestine and wanted to add that the land was not known as Palestine until around 70 AD. I should h

Added Information on the Biblical Garden of Eden
Since writing the article I've uncovered some more interesting stuff that indicates the Southern location as the possible source. First of all the Pe

Challenge yourself. Google First Scandal.

How Long Were Adam and Eve in the Biblical Garden of Eden?
I am trying to determine how long or how many years Adam and Eve were in the Biblical Garden of Eden before they were cast out of the garden ? Ada

Garden of Eden & Other Questions
Which part of the world was the Biblical Garden of Eden created in? Did Jesus say to marry in the Church?

The Biblical Garden of Eden
It was interesting to read about the possible locations of the Biblical Garden of Eden. Actually much of what I read in the article ties in with what

The City of Cain
Does not the biblical account tell us that Cain, when exiled from Eden, went east to the land of Nod and built a city? We are also told that he named

Nothing is lost forever, if GOD made it, it can be restored. GOD gives man various talents to use in HIS service, one of those is technology. MAN has

Family Trees
The trees in the Garden are Family Trees. When God said be fruitful and multiply, you didn't envision apples, you realized he meant make babies. Genes

The Eden Garden and the river Pishon
Egypt has tourist villages because of the biblical Moses, the Pyramids and the Sphinx which the people of Israel made for them! Israel has tourist vil

Protecting the Garden
I believe in the bible, and it says that the Garden of Eden is protected by two angels with flaming swords. Has anyone thought of what the angels coul

The Garden of Eden is "buried" under Noah's Flood?
Some Liberal PhD scholars understand that the Garden of Eden and Noah's Flood are myths. They do acknowledge that behind myths there are usually real

One simple and main reason man can't and should'nt find the location of the Biblical Garden of Eden is, there is not one man perfect enough to enter i

Garden of Eden.
You can't see the Garden of Eden with normal eyes. Same thing with the burning bush. Visions are for the prophets, or the choosen ones.

Location of Garden of Eden
Genesis 3:23-24 says; So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. After HE drove the man out

Garden of Eden Destroyed
I have problems with both locations for the Biblical Garden of Eden in this article. According to the Bible we should not be able to find the former g

Eden perfect home
How can Eden have been a perfect home with Satan living there? Because Satan lived there, Adam and Eve made the mistake of believing his story about t

It's not whether a perfect man can enter the Garden, the garden is still on this earth but we will never find it, because MAN is forbidden ever to go

Location of Garden of Eden ?
My question concerns the location of the Garden of Eden. My thought is this: Of the rivers mentioned, are all pre-flood? I imagine after the flood th

Eden Located
Topography can change, but Location cannot. The same area apportioned before Noah's flood is the same area apportioned after. God placed Adam and Eve,

Why the Garden of Eden Will Never Be Found
The Garden of Eden cannot be found because it is a myth. Its river system is mythical too, hence the reason it cannot be found by following one of its

Why Humans Ruminate on the Location of Eden
From the psychological standpoint, humans have, through the ages, sought what they imagined the Garden of Eden to have been: a place of euphoria where

Gobekli Ruins Explained
I humbly believe the ruins you mentioned are antediluvian, the main reason it was covered with mud. It was the flood of Noah's day that did the work.

Biblical Mysteries
Let's pretend that you are partially correct. Which We know there are truths behind myths and legends. Finding those truths are not so easy. Has anyon

The Holy City New Jerusalem : location of the Garden.
The Holy City is a big place. A cube 1400 Miles to a side. There are different rivers mentioned in the Holy City, same names. Cherubims with flaming

Effects of 'Noah's flood re: locating Eden
After Eden came a great flood - might this have removed much of what may have been Eden?

The True Location of The Garden of Eden.
3. The Garden Site (823.1) 73:3.1 The committee on location was absent for almost three years. It reported favorably concerning three possible locati

The Biblical Garden of Eden
It is simple logic. If some one can find the old rivers, and other lands associated with the ancient maps, I am sure they should be able to find the B

Geography of Eden
If people will just take GOD at HIS Word they will know roughly where the Biblical Garden of Eden was; and it is not where other so-called scholars ha

The Biblical Garden of Eden Location
I believe that the Biblical Garden of Eden was situated somewhere in Turkey. If the bible says the rivers flowed out of Eden...rivers flow from the mo

The Garden of Eden as recast Mesopotamian Myth
Some Liberal PhD scholars trained in biblical studies and ancient Mesopotamian myths understand that the Garden of Eden story is a Hebrew recast of Me

No going back
It seems perfectly clear that a significant part of God's judgement against Adam and Eve was their BANISHMENT from Paradise. This was obviously

I like this site! I just wanted to point out that although Abram was called by God at Haran and told to go the land He would show him, the Torah does

The Beginning of Civilization
There are 326 years from mankind leaving the Tower of Babel at Peleg's birth, to Abraham's 75th year. 0 year of civilization Peleg is born. 30th yea

question about the place they called mashu and dilmun
I am reading the Epic of Gilgamesh and Atrahasis. I was so amazed to know that they are the first scriptures older than the Bible. My question is this

Mesopotamian Life
Ancient Mesopotamians typically married between the ages of 11 to 16.

Ebla, Syria
Ebla, Syria was a city established by Eber in Genesis 11:16. Egyptian king Khafre who built the second pyramid at Giza traded Egyptian grain for Ebla

God Gave the Land
God gave the land, which was HIS to give. So HE gave it to {Jacob } ISRAEL; and that is All that needs to be said.

When are the Jews Prophesied to Return to Palestine?
WHEN ARE THE JEWS PROPHESIED TO RETURN TO PALESTINE ? The Jews (not just the Jews, but ALL Israelites) are prophesied to return to Palestine ONLY whe

The Edomites
The Edomites were descended from Esau who was renamed Edom. Esau was Jacobs brother and Jacob was later renamed Israel. He was the father of 12 sons w

Second Advent (Armageddon)
Second Advent or Coming - Armageddon Israel will only be gathered to Palestine AFTER the second advent (ARMAGEDDON) according to the Bible. There is

Isaiah chapter 17
Syrian president Assad just announced a N.A.T.O. attack on Syria will bring about a Syrian attack on Tel-Aviv. Could the prophet Isaiah be right when

History of Palestine
I find it interesting Egyptian king Senusret III invaded Palestine and entered the city of Shechem after Jacob left Shechem for Bethel. Genesis 36:5-6

Where Are The Plains Of Mamre?
I don't know where the plains of Mamre are. It is where Abraham was, and where an Amorite man made friends with Abraham. It is probably the place of

When The Hebrews Reached Palestine.
(838.1) 74:8.9 The Hebrews had no written language in general usage for a long time after they reached Palestine. They learned the use of an alphabet

Melchizedek Without Mother or Father
Flood came when Noah was 600. Shem died when he was 600. Nimrod died in year 600 after the Flood. BUT when 600 years are added to the first 6 post-Flo

Melchizedek Confirms Abram's Blessing with Bread and Wine
Genesis 14:18 And Melchizedek, the king of Salem and a priest of God Most High, brought Abram some bread and wine. It is this passage that God gives

Melchizedek & The Holy Spirit
I think of Melchizedek as The Holy Spirit because He has no mother or father. Jesus has a mother and a father.

Shem Cannot Be Melchizedek
It is to be understood that Shem is Abram's grandfather, and as such they could have known each other very well. Another point is that Shem possesse

Melchizedek is not Jesus
I was comforted to hear your possibility that Melchizedek was Jesus, but this does not fit the description. The Biblical verses imply an order of pri

Masonic Church In America
WE were brought up to revere the Founding Fathers. All of us can remember being in third grade and learning about George Washington and the cherry tre

Melchizedek....king, or The King?
Some theologians have pondered the identity of Melchizedek for as long as 'a time, not remembered by man'. The Biblical facts pertaining to his life

Melchizedek Must Be One of the Sons of God
The bible talks about the sons of god visiting the earth in Genesis 6:1, and we do not know what they came to do apart from taking wives of the daught

Who Was Melchizedek?
Either he was a pre-personified Christ, or the Adam from another planet (unfallen) who was on a mission for God.

Heb.6:20... says that Jesus was MADE a high priest...that means that before he came as Jesus Christ he was not a high priest,so for Jesus to be Melchi

Possible Identity of Melchizedek
I have felt that Melchizedek was a Priest of the Most High God. He even brought bread and wine to Abram. Jesus did this as a priest during the pass ov

Melchizedek Could Be Shem, Son of Noah
I'm sure you've dealt with a lot of comments from people on this matter. I took on Genesis a little bit fearful that I might find more problems to ad

Melchizedek, Simply a Story
This is a mythological story only, and so far we have no proof of Abraham existing at all. Only the Jewish religion can tell us what this myth refers

The Order of Melchizedek
The power of king/high priest was given to David, and remains with the first son of the first son. It is not about what he was; it is about what he wi

Evidence Melchizedek and Jesus are One
Melchizedek had no beginning of days no end of life ..... His name means Righteous King God himself is the Righteous King. He served Abraham bread and

Melchizedek is Christ Himself
Who is it that has no father or mother?It can only be God himself who has no beginning or ending just as Christ lives forever but we ought to understa

Melchizedek was symbolic of an eternal Priesthood. He was called the Prince of peace as was Jesus. When Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek the Bible

Theory on Melchizedek
When looking at creation, God made the Heavens & Earth. (heavens listed first) There is nothing to suggest he did not create his heavenly family first

Melchizedek Actually Shem?
I have been told that the King of Salem (Melchizedek) was Shem, son of Noah. Is this correct? If so, can someone show me where to find this inform

I agree that Melchizedek was either Shem or Eber. Both were in the line of the priesthood and their lives overlap Abram's. Many names at the time ar

"Yes, I would like to know how I could find the age of Melchizedk when he died?"
I would like to know at what age was Melchizedek when he died...?

Who Was Melchizedek?
It does not have to wait until we die a physical death. Melchizedek was someone who attained the fullness of Christ.


Morons the sons of Mormon
This article is about an ancient nation, whether it existed or not, not about a modern religion. There is actually only one Moroni son of Mormon, but

Melchizedek could easily have been Jesus.
It is not impossible at all to think that Melchizedek was indeed Jesus Christ. First I will deal with the arguments against. The arguments for, are,

Is Melchizedek Alive Today & Mentioned in Mark 9:1 ?
Could he be one of those mentioned in Mark 9:1?

Zechariah 6:13 The Branch - qualifies to be KING AND PRIEST NO other than THE BRANCH!! 2nd Chronicles-------------------------------- King Uzz

From the Throne of God
Many have been the times when contemplating the Throne of God that the identity of the four and twenty elders becomes a source of profound interest.

Melchizedek spoke through me
Around the time I was in my later twenties I started channeling. Out of the blue a voice came out saying I am Melchizedek. I never heard of the name

"Melchizedek, King Of Jerusalem" by Ellen Gunderson Traylor
The book by Ellen Gunderson Traylor, Melchizedek, King Of Jerusalem, is interesting in how it describes the life of Melchizedek from a story-telling p

Melchizedek was the King of Salem & priest of his God. There were several gods being worshiped at that time. 14 And when Abram heard that his brother

The True Melchizedek of The Bible.
6. Melchizedek's Covenant with Abraham (1020.4) 93:6.1 Abraham envisaged the conquest of all Canaan. His determination was only weakened by the fact

Melchizedek, Enoch: the eternal Christ Principle
Most humble respects to this article, forum, and all people of diverse faiths! I just watched a live show with Yogiraj Satgurunath at Agape, a mult

Who Was Melchizedek
I would rather think that Melchizedek was Christ, before he was Jesus Christ in the flesh. Abraham knew of him. I would rather say Enoch had direct a

Could Not Have Been Shem
When Adam and Eve sinned against God they died Spiritually. Since Adam was dead spiritually and thrown out of the Garden of Eden, when he had Cain and

Who Was Melchizedek
Melchizedek Was symbolic of a priesthood that would last forever in a perfect state. The levitical priesthood was not perfect. God show's us in many w

Melchizedek and the priesthood
The first Melchizedek from 2nd Enoch was born not from the flesh, but from a sterile mother, which means she couldn't conceive, not nece

The Urantia Book certainly seems to have most of the answers. Melchizdek taught "faith" as THE Answe...
I question why the Old Testament has such a gaping hole about an obvious person/entity of such importance?

Melchizedek the first king of the chosen five
Melchezedek was Shem. Many Rabbinical sources claim this. Melchizedek was so old that no one knew who his parents were or where he came from. Th

Melchizedek in the Urantia Book
Melchizedek is discussed in the Urantia book, and ignoring its authorship, it has interesting things to say about him. Apparently, Melchizedek is a p

Father Abraham - Father of many Nations
First of all,thank you so much about this valuable information about the trip of our father of prophets Abraham and his blessed wife lady Sarah. Being


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