by Hadiyat

Your opinion seeks to justify the violent domination of the christian west and their jewish masters over the whole world.

But wake up! The world has changed and this domination is certainly about to end.

On a last note; you get it wrong, arabs are the off spring of Ismaheel the son of Ibrahim. God is universal and does not subscribe to a racist world you use the bible to project.

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Sep 12, 2011
Truth vs Opiates
by: Anonymous

God never intended any division from the beginning. Adam and Eve were the same DNA. Divisions came when rejection of the almighty happened in the garden and were proliferated with Cain and his descendants. The same happened when Adam and Eve were thrust out of the garden.

Living according to the laws of man will always bring hate and prejudice. Getting back to the law
of love is impossible, as shown by all of the years of violence since the world began.

When will all people see this? It doesn't matter who rules, people ruling themselves will always end up the way it is today and the way it was in the days of Noah.

There is only one hope and that is a world ruled by God as in the days before the fall. As long as mankind wants to be one of the kings of the earth, there will never be peace. Remember, the garden was the ultimate demonstration of freedom. God told Adam what to do, but did not force his will on him. That is why any religion that believes in force will not bring peace. God wants the hearts of mankind, not a binding set of rules that force obedience.

I know of only one person in the world that asked for that. Jesus.

No matter what the early Christian "church" did during the crusades, it was the politics of Constantine that started this as a political war.

We, as Christians, have to separate ourselves from the political attempts of government to control our beliefs and read the readings of the Old and new testaments, especially about what Jesus taught and not what the churches and government did to disfigure his real words.

Aug 28, 2011
by: Robert Marshall

If I came from your Mother's womb, I would be your brother. Then you would love me as a brother. Everywhere around the world people are being born in the same way. Whatever you believe or whatever I believe depends on how we are brainwashed from birth.

Nobody who comes from the womb understands prejudice. It is taught to us as we grow up. Your God is not prejudiced and neither is mine. If there is only one God, then your God is the same as mine.

If not, then I guess we will have to die to find out. If you are dead and I am dead, then neither one of us can hate the other. If that is so, then why do we hate each other when we are alive. Hate is such a waste of life. Nobody wins.

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