Melchizedek Without Mother or Father

by Elijah's Armageddon
(Kenosha, WI, USA)

Flood came when Noah was 600. Shem died when he was 600. Nimrod died in year 600 after the Flood. BUT when 600 years are added to the first 6 post-Flood forefathers, everything is pushed back 600 years, with exception to Nimrod pushed back only 250 years so that he is 600 after Noah's death, in year 950 after the Flood.

Here is what this does. It takes Shem Melchizedek who dies when Abram is 150 and then says he died 600 years earlier so that Melchizedek is not Shem. It takes away his identity. But Noah and Nimrod are also included in this. Noah died before Abram was 75. (Reality in year 350 just 2 years before his birth in year 352) Those who insist Abram was firstborn place Abram's birth in 292 which is 58 years before Noah died, and they claim in Seder Olam or Jubilees or Jasher he went to live with Noah. However, these traditions are all based on Abram meeting Melchizedek because Noah was Melchizedek until he died which made Shem Melchizedek despite being the youngest son. Being a king of all things right does not come by being firstborn.

A firstborn who doesn't listen doesn't learn right. And for Abram meeting Melchizedek at age 75, or against AmraPal at age 82, this is Melchizedek is Shem not Noah because Noah has already died in any chronology. There is no solid evidence of Abram meeting Noah or Melchizedek before his leaving Ur. So now, Noah and Shem share a death at age 600, because Noah symbolically died and was reborn thru the baptism of the Flood. We also have a match for whatever age Noah was at Shem's birth, so is Shem after the Flood be it born at Noah's 500 to die 500 after Flood, or born at Noah's 502 to die as 502 after Flood. Notation: The Shem-Ramis is 251 years and thus 502 years of Venus whose sidereal is 235-year, whose sothic Julian is 243-year, and whose seasonal is 251-year of rotation of the Venus pentacle thru the zodiac.

The 3rd Melchizedek pops in as Nimrod who as Narmer nick-name Nar slurred as Nar Merod creates the king of kings or Pharaoh in year 350, which is Noah's 950. This becomes wrongly mistaken as Nimrod dying in year 950, thus 600 years after Noah dies. This inspires the 600 year additions to the forefathers. Thus Nimrod is aggressive action-man Melchizedek, and Shem is passive learn and listen and wait for answers like Melchizedek. The same figures exist then since Nimrod dies 600 years after the Flood (Noah's metphoric death) or 600 years after Noah dies in post-Flood year 350 makes year 950, or mistaken as Noah's year 950 when Noah died, but with this year of Noahs death wrongly claimed as death of Nimrod, the Flood is claimed as 950 years earlier, inspiring the adding of the 600 years.

The fact is five calendars cross at Christmas of 2021bc as Noah's death (350) claimed as the 950 of Nimrod's death. Greek Julian Dec 25, Persian 365-day Mesor 15, Zoroaster 365-day Thoth 24 (its 40-day seance), Chinese 60-day calendar of Thoth 24, and the Pop 1 new year of Mayans on Dec 25. Thus dies Melchizedek Noah at 950 replaced by anointing birth of Melchizedek Nimrod (at his age 249). Jupiter's 83-year cycle (249 years) plus Venus Semiramis (251 years) is the traditional 500 years of Nimrod which correctly end in Hamurabi's 1770bc. When 2-17-600 or Paopi 17 of 2256am on Dec 25 is late mistaken as a record of Noah's Dec 25 Flood date 2-17-600 in 360-day calendar. This 500 years (2270-1770bc mistaken as 2521-2021bc) is yet another factor to confuse with 500 years of Shem as born in 500 years of Noah. And the Father of Chaldea (Arpaxad) is born 2 years after the Flood so that Shem dies 500 years after his first post-Flood son is born. Thus this 500 also confuses Nimrod as Father of Chaldea (taking over Shem's sons) as father of Asshur (Nineveh Assyria).

So many facets exist to confuse the three of Noah and Shem and Nimrod as the same Melchizedek. The name Man and Men also does this. Man is Manu who is Man-Nu (Noah), and Men is Mena (Greek spelling Menes). And we know Man and Men is now English for Adam.

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Jul 13, 2016
90% all online replies to everyone
by: Anonymous

Say what? back to you. YOU building Babel's tower! Learn to listen. Demon to demon, the one who doesn't wish to listen and that's the reason he doesn't understand, and he replies not my fault nor sin listening, your fault and sin speaking. That is why we Christians are able to accept Jesus. We understand when ans hwy he rids Jews by saying drink my blood, eat my flesh. it works, you walk away. The drowning Jew looking up at Noah's ark said this is your fault Noah that i'm drowning, you didn't explain what an ark is to me.

Jul 12, 2016
Say what?
by: Anonymous

Learn to write clearly.

May 21, 2014
Additions: Abram is Melchizedek
by: Elijah

At 150, Abram inherited the right to be Melchizedek. But not by age 950 of Noah, not by age 600 of Shem, not by age 500 of Nimrod. Abram inherited that right at 150 when Shem died, and only had the title for 25 years. But it was Shem at 575, who advocated that 125-year Abram proved his righteousness by showing he would give up his son at 25 before he would give up truth.

The proof of this fact is found with Christian Demetrius and Eupolemus (Jack Finegan book) by the years used for honoring the death of Shem. Using a Flood of 3043bc has a 600-year cycle to 2443bc and 1843bc. But Shem lived 2468bc to 1868bc, and the claim that Flood is 2970bc not 2370bc still retains the 1868bc as that 600 cycle. It just makes his birth in 2468bc be claimed as his death, so that 1868bc just becomes a memorial of honor.

But the point is that Abram died 25 years after Shem, or 25 after that 600-year cycle. So by claiming the cycle to be 3643bc to 3043bc Flood to 2443bc to 1843bc, instead of 3668-3068-2468-1868bc the honor of Melchizedek is being placed in a cycle upon Abram (1843bc) instead of upon Shem (1868bc) as the death of Melchizedek. That is the proof that for 25 years Shem (age 575-600) advocated his successor of title belonged to Abram who the held it the next 25 years to death from age 150-175.

May 21, 2014
Shem-Ramis dates of Venus (Semiramis too)
by: Anonymous

A Julian Venus of 243-years retains the same date as in Flood's 2370bc Nov 20 (astral impact date to start packing the ark 7 days) to 2nd king Meskiag-Nannar 2127bc Nov 20 (resulting in Reu A.Aninpada (Chinese YU) giving the throne to him on the 10th month (2127bc Dec 25) that year, as he Reu too had been chosen by Father Peleg on the 10th month (2207bc Feb 28) to be king on the May 29 new year. Even the tsunami date 2370bc Nov 27 to 2127bc Nov 27 is before his Dec 25.

BUT the seasonal Venus of 251-years is such that Julian loses 2 days of those 8 years. Such as the same date 2370bc (G.Nov 7) Julian Nov 27 to 2119bc (G.Nov 7) Julian Nov 25. Note the seasonal stays the same as Julian falls back 2 days because Venus is 8 years later. Then another 251 years is 1868bc (G.Nov 7) Julian Nov 23 marking the year Shem Melchizedek died with a Shem-Ramis. This 251-year rule can be applied from Noah's 2021bc Dec 25 (G.Dec 8) Christmas death which will be Dec 23 (G.Dec 8) in 1770bc. It will be the date Paopi 15 not the Paopi 17 confused with Noah's Flood date 2-17.

The other direction of a sidereal star Venus will increase 2 Julian days because it is only 235 years. This is the cycle used to claim Adam's 3192am in 834bc (834bc used as Solomon's temple in the Seder, but it is only Babylon's Marduk temple), and is claimed as the original Marduk temple of 2009bc. These 1175 years being a full cycle of 5-point Venus Pentacle using 235-year sidereal Venus.

May 21, 2014
The Sons of Noah & Abraham
by: self comment

No one knows whether Noah had sons before 500, because they didn't get on the ark. No one knows if he had sons after 502 because they didn't get on the ark. No one knows if Japheth and Ham and Shem had sons before the Flood because they didn't get on the ark. Nor whether any of these sons of those 4 men had grandsons or great grandsons. The probability is very strong that they did.

The comment of Meanwhile this forefather had other sons and daughters is because the writer Moses does not want you to think planet Earth had only ten men on it. This is not required to say when the last man lives thru with only 3 sons choosing to go with him. Thus Arpaxad when Shem is 100 is his first son after the Flood because those before the Flood were now dead. BUT in the case of Abram not being firstborn but also third. He is firstborn for a new post-Flood reason.

His father has two wives, and the true real first wife is barren until Abram is born when Terah is 130. Jasher is wrong, Haran is not 32 when Abram is born, (Haran is dead having died in suicide 11 years before Abram), and it is his city Harran built in his 30th year at 29 that is in its 32nd year (31 years) when dead Haran would have been 60.

In 360-day calendar, 61 calendar years span 60 years, so that either Haran is 30 (not 29) or his city is 32 (not 31).

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