Biblical Mysteries

by Thomas Biggs

Let's pretend that you are partially correct. Which We know there are truths behind myths and legends. Finding those truths are not so easy. Has anyone taken into account the theory of Pangaea? What would this theory do to the models that you currently have? I think receding water levels along with latitude and longitude and time may play an important role in your theory.

I have been looking at this and think this would all change if there was a way to see the water, rivers, lakes , seas and routes of water if one could apply the theory of Pangaea to the theory of the search for Eden.

What is really interesting is when you take in account the Pangaea theory, along with what you have here, you position quite a few of the world pyramids and world wonders all around a general area. What is in the middle? This might suggest that there is a bigger connection than first thought by many theorists.

A second theory might be that when you raise the continents and the land mass increases, then too, wouldn't the rivers flow backwards?

Just questions that I have in general and some thoughts of my own about Eden and the quest to find it.

The reason I thought about the theory of Pangaea is because time is like a blink of an eye for GD. What we generally think of as days may not be to our Gd. The theory of Pangaea kind of makes Eden more real in my mind. The Torah describes a place that is Eden where one river feeds the others, all coming from Eden.

So where is Eden exactly?

If one could turn back the world map slowly and take into account the theory of Pangaea along with biblical dates, I think we might possibly be closer to finding out more about where Eden could be.

There may be more truth to a few world theories than we know. I certainly believe in the words of the Torah.

This might also explain the mysteries behind the building of the great pyramids and structures world wide. They were all possibly at one time closer together and not so spread out, why we find pyramids on the central American chain, pyramids in EGYPT, or places like Stonehenge all of these follow a path towards a centralized, assuming Pangaea theory is correct.
Anyway, these are just some thoughts....based on visual mental images after reading theories and looking at map data.

I think reading and studying the Torah and learning history and religion is a passion of mine. Learning anything that has to do with Gd, cannot be a bad path for anyone. I am part Jewish by blood only and know nothing of what it truly means to be Jewish. My search for GD has lead me to higher learning for self, and seeking knowledge as a treasure for life long learning. My mothers family was from Jewish Germany and my fathers family Native American.

Attending college I have learned to think outside the box so to speak and to question things. Not that I know anything but I seek to learn as much as I can; and this is a very interesting topic, "finding Eden", when you are bringing bible to life against recorded history of men. I think it is real. I couldn't believe in any part of the Torah if I thought otherwise.

There are a lot of "what if's" when putting bible stories against data. Consider the story of Azuzel and the whole scape goat scenario. A demon who roams the wild and fits the description of what we call in myths and legends and campfire stories of man as, "big foot". So I do believe there are things left for us to find, Mysteries to unveil. There sure are a whole lot of "what if's?" that need answering.

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