Babylon's days are numbered

Babylon ( the whole world system of falsehood )
is doomed! GOD says not to partake of the error.
Jesus is the truth. Amen.

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Dec 18, 2010
Babylon is infront of you.
by: D

Babylon is a spiritual name of a nation. That nation has powerfull influence throughout the whole world. Many countries made money and became rich from this Babylonian nation.

This Babylonian nation is very pridish, believing they are better than any nation in the world. And remember, she's a harlot and can never be trusted.

This nation put a lot of evil men in power and betrayed them. That is the reason why the beast will destroy her.

Dec 07, 2010
Babylon's days are numbered
by: Stanley7 Halek

To You All And All Earth Peoples,

Verily, verily I, Stanley7 Halek say to you all that Lord Jesus Christ is still always "Yesterday" (In The Pasts), still always "Today" (in The Presents) and still always "Tomorrow" (In The Futures), so you all allowed to search all the pasts, all the presents and all the futures to save, free, help, care, play, work and rest all both old and new everything so forth ahead above you all ever best all the times all more years to come to learn, study, know, understanding, satisfy, believe and peacemaking, wow! AMEN.

With Regards And Thanks,

Stanley7 Halek, Semite, Hebrew, Jewish, Christian, Canadian and Servant with Lord Jesus Christ's Authority

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