God's Intent

by Patricia Mann

While I thank you for giving me the background as to which of Noah's son sired which nation, I am left confused about the big picture as to how God has sorted through these generations and how He is summing up His work in the new testament with the goal of having a bride who is without spot or wrinkle.

Doesn't all of your open minded theories of all of your nations seem to contradict God's offense in having a creation that just couldn't live without partaking of independent thinking; aka the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Doesn't it seem probable that if our deciding for ourselves was what separated us from a relationship from our Father-Creator, why would the points you made make any sense?

Did not Christ take us from soul-serving to spirit serving flesh? Wasn't that what the cross in effect did? I am just curious. It seems to me that you missed the ways of God in all of your effort.

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