Key Understanding in Bible Prophecy

by Linker
(South Dakota USA)

Here are significant biblical facts that will unlock the prophetic scriptures for correct rendering:

The Lord's "harpazo" action to immortalize His church will occur just before the coming 70th week decreed for Israel

The evidence of this event is seen in Revelation's unfolding by describing those who dwell in heaven before and during the tribulation of the Lord's wrath and judgment upon the earth

Gog is Satan in Ezekiel 38

Ezekiel gives the invasion of Gog at the middle of the 70th week decreed for Israel, and the subsequent battle of Armageddon at the end of the same 70th week the time of Jacob's trouble.

Satan's angelic beast of Revelation is Abaddon, the angelic king of the abyss who rules over the 7 human human kingdoms of the Middle East for Satan .... 5 have fallen and two more the 6th smaller and the 7th expanded/divided are scheduled for the time of the end of this present age

This beast will fully possess the little horn of Daniel's visions, a future king of the northern Middle East ancient Mesopotamia who will rule over the next 2 consecutive kingdoms consisting of the adherents of Islam

These facts will clear up the confusion on the subject of Bible prophecy that abounds today.

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