Nephilim, Nothing Strange, Here Today.

by Ernie W
(Adelaide, S Australia)

When reading he Bible, stick to what it says, not what others say it says. God is about truth & facts. But they exist for our salvation, so read carefully.

Genesis 6 says "the sons of God saw the daughters of men". What we are being told is there are 2 groups of people; those belonging to God (sons of God) & those belonging to men. These are the same 2 groups as always in the Bible.

Genesis 3 presents them as 1. Seed of woman (true to God) 2. seed of serpent (disobedient).

This then explains the term 'nephilim'. Check a concordance = they are the 'fallen ones'. They are the ones fallen from the 'high' ways of God. We have the nephilim (fallen) amongst us today - they believe philosophies of men instead of the word of God. They say there is no God.

They continue the serpent lie 'you will not die'.
Let us learn what God has promised, & not fall from grace.

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Mar 11, 2012
Giants & the Nephilim
by: pauljrsdad

Why were they called Giants? Not everyone from the seed of the serpent can be considered giants.

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