A thought relating to Nephilim after the flood

by Trevena
(New Zealand)

As Knowledge increases, may our Eternal Creator Yahuah (God),the rightful owner and Ruler of our world Yahushua (god saves)bring forth the truth for us all to understand, and may we his children help our Creator fight the enemies of darkness that have tried to destroy our beautiful,faithful,loving eternal fathers Creations, so we and our father can live in peace, love, kindness with each other, and give glory to him forever.

A thought on the Nephilim and other giant beings. It is a mystery to us why they are written in the context the bible gives to us. But reading this, I had a thought about the After flood time of Noah. As the Angles are heavenly Soles and not earthly beings, it has made me wonder about a couple of scriptures mentioned after the flood. I will try to explain below. Children of Noah
Shem (2nd Son) Ham (3rd Son) Japeth (1st born)

NOAH (was 601 yrs when the flood ended died aged 950 yrs) 350yrs after the flood
Noah was a Husbandman/Farmer after the flood and planted the 1st Vineyard.
Noah built an alter to Yahuah made a sacrifice that pleased the Yahuah, in turn Yahuah BLESSED NOAH & HIS SONS and said have many children so YOUR descendants will live all over the earth.All the Animals, Birds & Fish are placed under Their power. but a warning is given about eating meat with blood in it.for life is in the BLOOD. Yahuah then makes a covenant with Noah & his sons (Shem, Ham, Japeth)that a flood will never again distroy all living beings.
Noah was 502 yrs when he had Shem(Son) Shem was 98 yrs old at time of flood /99 yrs at end of flood
Japeth (Son) was born within 48 yrs after Shem
Ham (Son) was born within 47yrs after Japeth to have been born before the flood
After the flood each of Noah’s Sons and Wives had children, all the people on the earth after the flood were descendant from Shem, Japeth and Ham. The bible states that Noah had no faults and was the only good man of his time and everyone else was evil in Yahuah’s site. For some reason Noah is no longer mentioned along side his descendants after cursing his grandson Canaan, although it is mentioned he lived for 350yrs after the flood.

Children of JAPETH
Javan (mentioned speaking their own language)

Children of HAM
Canaan (cursed by YHWH)
This is the list on Canaan's Children
CUSH (grandson of Noah)
Nimrod (a great hunter, Babylon) (great grandson of Noah
This is the list of Cush's Children
CANAAN (grandson of Noah) (Cursed by Noah)
Sidon (eldest) (great grandson Noah)
Heth (great grandson Noah)

SHEM(Shem died aged 600yrs)(Sons mentioned in bible)
100 yrs Arpachshad (grandson of Noah 603 yrs)
Asshur(grandson of Noah)
Elam (grandson of Noah)
Lud (grandson of Noah)
Aram (grandson of Noah)These were the son’s of the people, whom bear their names
Shelah (great grandson of Noah aged 638yrs)
30 yrs SHELAH
Eber (2ndgreat grandson of Noah aged 668yrs)
34 yrs EBER
Pegleg (3rd great grandson of Noah aged 702yrs)( world divided)
Joktan (3rd great grandson of Noah)
30 yrs PEGLEG (during his time the world was divided)
Reu (4th great grandson of Noah aged 732 yrs)
32 yrs REU
Serug (5th great grandson of Noah aged 762yrs)
30 yrs SERGU
Nahor (6th great grandson of Noah aged 792 yrs)
29 yrs NAHOR
Terah (7th great grandson aged 821 yrs) died at Haran on his way to Canaan
TERAH (died at Haran aged 205 yrs of age)
Abram/Abraham (8th great grandson 891 yrs) 11th from Noah / 10th from Shem
Nahor (8th great grandson)
Haran (8th great grandson) died in native city, Ur in Babylonia while his father was living.
Sari/Sarah (8th Great Granddaughter of Noah) daughter in law of Terah, Sari married Abram

As Mentioned above YAHUAH BLESSED NOAH & HIS SONS,And made a covenant with them CAN ANYONE CURSE WHAT YAHUAH (GOD) HAS BLESSED. NOAH DID!!!Did this give the Fallen angles an opportunity to interact with Yahuah's plan again. Did Yahuah except Noah's curse? Or was this an attack from the fallen ones to destroy Yahuah's blessing again. After all no Nephilim had to cling to a boat to survive, Did ham's wife have an encounter with an angle to disrupt this line. An evil seed had to come from some where. Or is it possible that with the shame of Ham's actions and knowing his son did not recieve a blessing from his grandfather but a curse instead cause Canaan's and his Sons to seek out the fallen ones. There is a mixture of things happening within the 2nd-3rd generation born after the flood.By the time of Nimrod (a mighty hunter before the lord)was he?? a child of the Angles that gave him the power to protect his relatives to earn rulership over the earth, by means of being a mighty hunter in destroying Yahuah's seed.

Some where from Javan,Canaan, Nimrod,Eber, Peleg (Grandsons & Greatgrandsons of Noah) Something was happening. It is also during this time Babylon is being built; The confusions of languages. After the curse did the Canaan move to the land where the Nephilim were already descending to encourage them to take after their descendant Cain, by teaching the Past actions of city building, tools etc. My belief is that Eden is the land of which we now call Israel, to the east of the Garden was where adam and eve were sent out, after killing Able Cain was sent further east to wonder the land.Knowing Where the Garden once stood did the Angles claim that area as their own and encourage the children Noah cursed to Claim it as their own land so the righteous could not enter the Kingdom again. Also a couple of other repeated sins I see here in this story so far is. Cain's son Lamech is the 1st to break a marriage by having two wives, Terah and Abraham seem to be the first listed in following this action. The Book of jasher says terah worked with Nimrod and had many idols,but Abram had it in his heart these idols were no good and wanted to know the True God, it also mentions Abraham the (8th grandchild of Noah)was sent to stay with Noah and Shem before returning to Ur and being sent out of his Native land to the promised land. For the Nephilim etc to be in the promised land would suggests the were going to protect anyone from returning to the Kingdom of Yahuah (god) the garden of paradise where there would one day be a King Priest there to protect them. Some encounter of some kind had to occur between Noah's curse on Canaan and in 2 generations things were surely going wrong, with a building of Cities,Towers,Someone to rule, false idols, then as the bible states about babylon god called Abraham out. Although when we read the story about Abraham coming out of babylon we don't see Babylon with any great power as Egypt seemed to be of a higher place, one with wealth at the 1st encounter of a drought at Canaan where Abraham was able to take refuge and gain wealth. during Abraham's time at Canaan he also seemed to be able to roam from place to place easy enough and building alters to the Lord without any problems until coming up against kings when rescuing lot. then Abraham meets Melchizedek a King Priest of salem (once the Garden of Yahuah, The promised land, The future kingdon of Heaven) Yahuahs witness to Abraham he has entred the promised land and Yahuahs promise was sealed by meeting the future King Priest of the Kingdom of heaven. Abraham was 75 yrs old when he left haran he was 100 yrs old when Issac was born, in just 25 yrs, Abraham left his native land with a blessing, entered canaan met Yahuah when to egypt returned to canaan,Fought against the kings to save lot, met Mekchizedek (the priest of the god most high )was blessed, then Yahuah makes a covenant with Abraham and promises his seed will inherit the land(sari is his only wife at this point) he then has a son by sari's egyptian maide (not the rightful line) Ishmael is blessed)Angles again try to corrupt the seed. A Circumcision a sign of the Covenant is made. then Abraham witnesses the distruction of Sodom and Gamorrah,Birth of Moabites (lots incest children)Then Abram encounters Strife being in the land, and finally Issac the promised seed line begins. The Spirits of the Fallen angles I would think have hovered the area of Gods kingdom since the fall in the garden and they are doing their best to distroy and rightious person from ever re entering it, and will use who ever in any way they can to prevent that from happening. May we always remember NOAH,SHEM,HAM & Japeth (i assume their wives were too) GOD SAIDHAVE MANY CHILDREN SO YOUR DESCENDANTS WILL LIVE ALL OVER THE EARTH. was it the spirit of anger from the pre flood era that caused Noah to curse Canaan, he knew he couldnt curse what Yahuah had already blessed. we may never know. we can know this God created us in his image (kind, compassionate, loving, willing to bless, a nature not many of us can recognise fully in our selves today without satans spirit encountering us in someway. We need to Pray for Canaan that they can return to their enternal father and free them selves and see Noahs curse on them as a blessing (to serve his brothers not satan) we need to pray for the land of promise(Israel) that the land can be blessed and healed from the evil that has been committed there, We need to pray for the people of Israel Yahushua's (god saved) choosen children,(the rightful inheritors, The promised seed, Those that come to true faith. Those who love Yahuah with all their heard and love his commandments and blessings) so they can all return to the land Yahuah had given them/us from the begining. and may we always give Yahuah his glory and not take it for ourselves. Praise him each day for all things good and bad so he can defeat all the spirits of satan on our behalf.

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May 03, 2019
Japeth was the youngest
by: Anonymous

Shem was the oldest son. Ham was the middle child. Japeth was the youngest. In Hebrew, the term "youngest child" refers to the youngest grandchild, which was Cainan. Shem had the birthright and the lineage to the Messiah, proving he was the oldest. Study this topic a d the truth will be revealed to you. Dont always trust the wording of a 20th century king James version bible that has been eroniously translated from Hebrew, to Greek, to English. The confusion is cleared up with a Hebrew translation.

Aug 09, 2018
Canaan was a product of incest
by: Anonymous

"CAN ANYONE CURSE WHAT YAHUAH (GOD) HAS BLESSED. NOAH DID!!!"- No he didn't! YAHUAH blessed Noah and his sons, but did not give blessing to their kids. Canaan was a son of Ham; therefore, not blessed and Noah could curse him. Noah couldn't curse Ham because Ham was blessed by YAHUAH, but Canaan was not blessed by YAHUAH. Now why was Canaan cursed? because he was a product of incest! As the story goes Ham saw his fathers NAKEDNESS. Use scripture to interpret scripture Leviticus 18:8 says "The nakedness of thy father's wife shalt thou not uncover: it is thy father's nakedness." Ham was guilty of uncovering his father's nakedness, and Leviticus says the nakedness of they father's wife (IE sex with your fathers wife) is the same as your fathers nakedness- which is exactly what Ham was guilty of. Also note that when they left the ark G-d told Noah and his son's to be fruitful and multiply yet Noah didn't have any kids after he left the ark. Why would Noah- a righteous man- disobey G-d by not being fruitful and multiplying? In my opinion he would only do so if something caused him from biblically being able to do so- like his son sleeping with his wife. While this may seem heretical to some this type of behavior also occured else where in the bible- Lot and his daughter, Jacobs oldest son Reuben slept with his mother in law, and David son sleep with Davids concubines in front of all the people.

Sep 19, 2015
Canaan is the son of Ham according to Genesis
by: Anonymous

Genesis 9:22 - Says, Ham the son of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father.

Jul 14, 2013
Canaanites & The Nephelim
by: Anonymous

Canaan is dead. The Canaanites were descendant from nephaliem. They were saved because of Ham - he was Noah's son and pure, but his wife was not.

They were wicked. The gene also went through Japeth's branch(Og and Magog) - but they were blessed because they chose to worship the god of Shem (Noah's god).

The Canaanites were destroyed because of the fact they were nepheliem. The Cushites became Israelites (Ethiopians, Dannites). Syria and most of North Africa were blended in with the tribes of Shem and Jepeth.

Egyptians and Assyrians were a mixed race. These mixed races had very-little to no giant-gene in them and were not cursed. Canaan is gone forever. Current Africans, their descendents, Arabians and Chinese are no more cursed than any other race.

They are equally blessed and all Gentiles. Chinese are people of the sea, as are Africans (coastal regions). There is nothing that says they came from Ham. Ham was dark skinned, but the Bible does not mention his wife, as it does not mention Shem and Japeth's wives.

We don't know their skin color or heritage, as it does not mention the mothers of Gad, Asher, Nepali or Gad's lineage.

We do not know if these people are black or white and do not know their lineage. It is not fully explained as of yet. However, they are not Canaanites. The Moabites mentioned in the Bible as the Hittites, etc are all descendants of Ham - but not Canaanites.

Noah cursed Canaan because of his genetic structure, not because of Ham. God had already cursed Canaan so Noah just verbalized it.

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