Sons of God

by Richard Mace
(Charleston, WV USA)

Angels were sons of God.

Adam was a son of God.

We are sons of Adam.

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Oct 20, 2011
Sons of God
by: Robert Marshall

In Hebrews chapter 1 God never called angles sons. In Psalm 139 we can read about The baby in the womb. God is in control more than we can see. Sometimes we get information from books but we can't prove it.

It is the same for the Bible. We can read the bible and get a lot of stories just like any other book. What we don't get are the mysteries of God. Jesus said call no man teacher, you have only one teacher, the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit teaches us, He also witnesses to our Spirit the teaching He is giving us is true.

Jesus said You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. That truth is hidden from the world. In order to understand the mysteries of God, You must be a child of God. I don't know who is a child of God. Jesus said the devil can become an angel of light. Man can teach anything he wants, but only God can teach the whole truth according to Gods word.

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