Robert Marshall

by Robert marshall
(Clinton Pa.)

Enoch was a son of God. that is why God raptured Him. When God talks about the sons of God going into the daughters of men He is talking about those people in that day that were saved. Enoch was symbolic of that.

Eph. 4 verses 7 thru 10. 1st peter 3 verses 18 thru 22.

There were 8 people on the ark, which is symbolic of the ark of the covenant,which is symbolic of heaven itself. Eight people are symbolic of the whole of salvation of God. Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day. The old testament talks about the seven day feasts of the Jews, and says the eighth day is a special high feast.

This all refers to the eighth day being a new beginning. This all points to the completion of Gods work on this earth and the beginning of eternal life.

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Oct 19, 2011
by: David Sheriff

I read in the Book of John that after The Last supper, Jesus states that he will go as there is ONE who will follow him.

I can only interpret this as that he means The Prophet Mohamed will follow him....

This would make real sense; as we then have a long line of God´s messengers from Abraham, to Ezekiel, to Moses, to Jesus, to Mohamed.....thus we have a complete message...

Oct 19, 2011
by: Robert Marshall

In James chapter 3 verse 11 God says[ Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening]. God is using water as a synonym for words. God says His Word will judge us. Throughout the Bible God uses synonyms to mean other things. This is part of the hidden mysteries of God.

For example, Gods word says [It is appointed unto man to die once, and after that the judgement. That scripture is not talking about the flesh. It is talking about the Spirit. When Adam died, he died in the spirit. His flesh lived 930 years, then his flesh died. Everyone born into the world after that was born spiritually dead. That is why Jesus said [You must be born again].

The mysteries of Gods Word are interwound throughout the Bible. We can't see them unless the Holy Spirit shows us. Jesus said to His apostles, after I go I will send the comforter. When He comes He will bring to remembrance all that I taught you.

In Noah's day the flood of water was a synonym of God's word bringing judgement on the earth. God said the next time He judges the earth it will be with fire. The reason being that in Noah's day there was no Bible to judge anyone.

Today we have Gods Word and the Holy Spirit to teach us. The Holy Spirit will teach only those that are saved. God said [The flesh profits nothing]. That is why the flesh dies. God formed Adam from the dust of the earth. When God cursed the earth Adam was cursed too. Adams spirit was separated from God. Adams spirit does not die because God breathed the breath of life into it.

In psalms chapter 115 verses 17 and 18 God shows us where the separated spirit goes after it dies. God also says [Absent from the body, present with the Lord]. The saved of God go directly to Jesus after they die. The unsaved spirit goes to a place of silence, to wait for judgement day. Gods word says when Jesus comes back[ The dead in CHRIST will rise first, then the saved in CHRIST who are alive will be changed in the twinkling of an eye].

All other dead who are not in CHRIST, who are still in the grave will stay there until the resurrection of all people for judgement - Rev ch. 20 verses 11 thru 15.

Oct 19, 2011
The Nephelim
by: David Sheriff

The Nephelim in Genesis can only be described as Fallen Angels i.e. Those who were cast down by GOD. They, under Satan, had led a rebellion in Heaven ( Another dimension )and God basically threw them out.

Up until this point, they were spiritual beings only, BUT they lost this on being thrown out ..."cast down". Now in the realm or physical World they sought to corrupt God´s race...humans.

This causes the gene pool to be corrupted. AT 11,000 BC, dated by Sumerian cuneiform, comes the Great Flood. Noah and his chosen ones now repopulate the Earth over the next 7000 years.

The object of the Flood was to rid the Earth of THe Nephelim and their descendants, Anakim, Rephaim & Zuzum..This was a partial success only, until around 2000 BC Abraham formed an army and wiped out the remaining 99% in 4 major battles.

DNA of the Nephelim is still around today in tall races in Syria and South Western Iran. Peace, Love & Light David

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