Is the Garden of Eden in England?

by Julia Nicholson
(Bath, England)

I notice that the river that flows through the Garden, or to it, or whatever, also flows through the NEW Jerusalem. My reckoning from decoding the hymn Jerusalem, is that there is a Jerusalem built under the many layered city of Bath in England, where I live.

The modern city of Bath is the third layer of building, and the natural ground level is way, way below it. I am fairly sure there is a whole other underground world functioning underneath.

The original lay of the land is most likely as Jerusalem in Israel, with all streets heading down to the centre. It is known that Jesus visited Glastonbury, near Bath. I found a map of 1610 by John Speed which shows a huge pool at Meare near Glastonbury.

There are 4 rivers going in or out. It is often flooded as it is on what is now known as the Somerset Levels. The sea water did at one point cover it completely. It has been completely messed up since 1610 with the building of gridlined irrigation channels, and the map of 1610 bears little relation to what is there now.

However, it's a most tranquil place to visit, and there is still an abundance of wildlife, despite all the attempts to ruin it. In particular the area is known for its apple trees, and there was an abundance of eels. I believe over the years that eel may have been replaced with the word snake, as they seem similar to those who do not know.

A couple of other points to add. There are three man made , I think, Jacobs Ladders in the area. Two at Cheddar not far away. Bath Abbey has Jacobs Ladders on the front. Bath was the originator of the expression "Cash on the Nail". This comes from the giant nail in the market, which is now a carved stone version, but still there. It was used to enable fast trading. I believe that the nail represents the nail through Jesus' hand on the cross, and the use of it for money transactions further destroys everything He believed in.

It seems quite likely that Jesus could be buried under Bath, or at least some of His bones are there. There is another nail in Bristol, which may represent His other hand. I have no doubt that all official people will deny this, but then there are a lot of secret societies in our world, certainly very active in Bath.

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Jun 21, 2012
Jesus' Body
by: Anonymous

Also Jesus' body, or bones, wouldn't be under Bath. Jesus rose from the grave. When his disciples went to anoint him his body was not in the tomb. Here is proof.

"Do not be alarmed; you are looking for Jesus of Narzareth, who was crucified. He has been raised; he is not here." Mark 16:6

Also look in John 20, which also speaks of the tomb being empty.

Mar 11, 2012
Where is the Garden of Eden?
by: Anonymous

One of the rivers coming out of the Garden of Eden was the Euphrates river. (Genesis 2:14)

The Garden of Eden was somewhere in western Asia, not England.

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