Protecting the Garden

by Joseph Krawiec
(Fairview, Pennsylvania)

I believe in the bible, and it says that the Garden of Eden is protected by two angels with flaming swords. Has anyone thought of what the angels could be. My family and I were talking and we thought of an idea.

There are many volcanoes in Turkey. What if the flaming sword is actually a nearby volcanoe? It is just a thought but I believe it could be true. Another thought is that if this new discovery is true, and the volcano isn't the answer I believe, there would be two angels around this discovery. If there are not statues I think there could be markings on the walls of the ruins. This may not be true but I believe I could be the sign that it is the real Garden of Eden.

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Dec 21, 2022
He placed cherubi, what the hebrew pictures tell us NEW
by: Anonymous

the word for cherubim, whirling and flaming sword of fire all have the pictographs of an insivible force blowing like a mouth people out of an open gated place with 1 or 2 gates with a tree high up populated by a lot of water and other trees surrounding it and a person or people beholding the sight.

1 to 2 entrances to the garden
the cherubim used some form of forceful wind or force akin to wind/force field or barrier of some kind that pushes man back from getting in, in by some miracle a man would get too close past this pushing or repelling force.

The weapons picture the flaming sword that whirling, is a picture of a sword that on contact flames engulf a person as the sword cleaves their head off and or cuts them off or stretches them out from the house of the righteous when factoring in the niqqudot, its a very unpleasant sight, even if its only symbolic, you should hope it is.

Basically the cherubim is a blocking force like a mouth blowing something, keeping it from the head or getting past it like a force field.
And the weaponry is something unpleasantly painful and engulfing that drives away people and could even kill a wide range of people.

This DOES indeed connect very much to volanic ash and meteors/debris or heavenly fire from heaven which angels are known to herald later on in the text, also there are words that depict eden as being submerged or surrounded by pouring water from the "4th rushing water", probably a niqqud reference to pishon which the name pishon refers to a rapid or downward violent/bouncing stream or river that would also push you away just as the water is implied in the text to have been with the air in kicking adam and eve out.

So the general takeaway is eden is protected by surrounding or submerging violent waters and some form of heat based thing that can cut or kill/torment like a sword to a person with a violent supernatural wind-like creature who in its heavenly form is terrifying beyond imagining and why would any sane person ever want to break into eden when considering those obstacles alone if you ever are by some low chance miracle able to find a spiritual entrance into the realm.

It would be much easier to just believe in Jesus and wait

Sep 29, 2015
Angels protecting the Garden of Eden
by: Anonymous

When God says angels, He means angels; they are created beings(Nehemiah 9:6;Psal148:2,5;Colossians 1:16,17).

Jesus is not a created being - He is God - part of the Trinity.God has always existed-He is eternal. Angels are His messengers - the Greek & Hebrew words for angels is messengers. Are the angels still guarding the Garden? Well, probably not.In due time it would have become grown over with vegetation, plus the flood buried it so completely that no one knows exactly where it even was.God's Garden of Delight was perfect in every way so when Adam & Eve sinned,they forfeited the right to live there;they would have brought corruption into it. How it must have saddened God that they did not think highly enough of Him to stay true to Him, & isn't that true of us today?What an awesome God we have, who still loved us SO deeply that He provided,through Jesus,a way for us to be able to once again KNOW him & be with Him-we are THAT important to Him!

Jul 15, 2011
The Garden
by: Joseph Krawiec

I know the flood could have wiped out all evidence, but what if it didn't? What if this new discovery is the garden; and there still is an ancient symbol protecting it.

We may never know for sure, but I believe anything is possible.

Jul 15, 2011
Garden of Eden
by: Robert Marshall

In the flood of Noah's day all evidence of the Garden of Eden were lost. The reason God put two Angels at the door of the Garden was symbolic. Once the world became guilty of sin, the only way back into the garden was through Christ. Therefore, one must be born again.

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