The Truth About the Sons of Noah

by Shedrick Simmons

The Native Americans are not from the line of Ham or Japheth, and Jews should be Hebrews. I see that your information is very limited, so for that I won't scold the authors who fail to further their research so that they be accurate when they place the peoples according to their right nationalities.

Weren't Jews Yehudah, and wasn't Judah just one of the Israelites and not all of them. Also, mind you, what were the Jews called before the letter "J"? This letter doesn't appear in the ancient Hebrew or Latin alphabet, and wasn't instituted in the new alphabet until the 1600s by the English( or family of the Germans or Ashekenaz).

According to the Jews, the Jews were forced out of Palestine by Vespasian Titus and later migrated into the northwest portions of Africa or (alkubelan). There the Jews split into three subgroups (the Moslem Jews, Byzantium Jews and Hebrew Jews or Moorish Jews) when they helped Tarik (son of queen Kahena) conquer Spain.

The Leo Africanus says that these (Arabs) were dark as night. Mind your the invaders were called Moors and consisted of Jews and Arabs, weren't the Arabs dark in skin color? The Moorish empires were then established from 711-1492. Then the Moors were exiled from Spain.

Some Moors went to north Europe and others went to north Africa. Some of he Jews went to San Thomson, where they were forced to become Christians and eat pork. When they were caught being nomial Christians they were killed or sold in the slave trade.

As for the Indians, according to a star in the west: Adair, who spent 40 years with these Indians, said they were the 10 lost tribes. Emilio de Morez, the Portugese explorer, said that the Americas is wholly peopled by the Carthaginians and the Israelites. The reverend Dr Beatty dealt with them through commerce and said he was convinced as well. All these people were from Europe and they were convinced.

Those Indians were thought to have fulfilled the prophecy that is in 1 Esdras, in the apocrypha.

Jewish, Jew, Judaism can't be translated in Hebrew. So my argument is: Eho are the real Israelites or Hebrews, and who are the people that are masquerading as the true people of the Most High?

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