Japheth and his descendants

by David

I've just read Josephus and it says that Japheth and his descendants possessed the Mountain Taurus and Armanus.

Could this be the country Armenia (ARMANUS), where the Ararat mountains are? Could the Taurus mountain be the mountain range that runs along southern Turkey, which is next door to where the Ark is supposed to have rested.

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May 20, 2011
Mount Amanus _not_ Mount Armanus
by: Anonymous

Sorry Dave, you have the "wrong spelling," perhaps a misunderstanding or mis-recollection on your part?

It's Mount Amanus - not Mount Armanus - (which you identify with Armenia).

Mount Amanus is located west of the ancient city of Antioch in Syria and is associated with a promontory near the so-called Cilician Gates, a mountain pass in the Taurus mountain chain near the city of Tarsus (in modern Turkey)where St. Paul hailed from.

Josephus is saying in effect that Japheth's descendants are situated along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, from Mt. Amanus and Taurus, west of Antioch,and thence along the sea coast to the province of Asia (in modern Turkey), thence to the River Tanais which empties into the Black Sea in today's USSR. Thence along Europe's sea coast to Cadiz in Spain.

Greek colonies had by the 8th century BC been found along all this coastline, from Amanus to Tanais to Cadiz. So, Josephus writing in the 1st century AD is alluding to this historical fact, which has been documented by archaeology.

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