We all are a lot like Lot

by Brian
(Niceville Florida)

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah are as much a myth as the story of Bethlehem. The story exists for the student of Christ to look deeper into it's meaning.

For example, we all are a lot like Lot. Let's say that a father of a family has a smoking problem. Well, the cigarette becomes his Sodom and Gomorrah. The father loves God, but he also likes smoking. As a result, the second hand smoke can hurt his children (Lot tries to gives his virgin daughters to the people to protect the Angles) and influence his children to become smokers when they become adults (His daughters got there father drunk so they could get pregnant {idea they learned in Sodom and Gomorrah}).

The story depicts how important the fathers is to the family. His choices can have profound affects on the family.

Moreover, Lot's wife turns to salt when she looks back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The act of looking back is like looking back into your own past. If you live in the past you become a pillar of salt.

The fact that she turned to salt rather than any other substance may reflect the salt of the Dead sea. There is no life in the Dead Sea, thus, if you live in the past, you will have know life. We must live for today (as Jesus said), and enjoy God's gift for tomorrow.
I could keep going on, but the bottom line is Sodom and Gomorrah exist and was documented for many different reason. Only God knows why....

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May 08, 2011
We all are a lot like Lot
by: Lujack Skylark

God brought plagues against Egypt. (Genesis 12:17)
Pepi II's Memphis dynasty fell shortly after Abraham's visit to Egypt.

Sodom was just like Egypt; Sodom had traded with Pepi II's government. Lot lived at this time in world history.

Lot lived in a sinful city. Society was corrupt back then, as society is corrupt these days.

God is sending us floods, earthquakes, pestilences and food shortages as plagues.

The world we live in today is not so different than Lot's world.

May 08, 2011
God creates and God destroys. Sin proves that
by: Robert Marshall

Jesus gave three reasons why this world would be destroyed. In the time of Noah, people were so corrupt with sin that God destroyed the people of the world.

In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, sin was so bad God destroyed the cities. Jesus said in the last days this world would be the same as the two other judgements.

God could have destroyed the world when Adam and Eve sinned. The one thing that stopped Him was the Lambs book of Life, written before the foundation of the world. God has a plan to save a People for himself, and when that plan comes to a conclusion, then God will destroy the world and create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

These stories that God wrote about in His Word are warnings to the people of the world today that that is what God will do to the Universe someday. God said the flesh profits nothing. Sin is sin and all sin will be judged; unless Jesus died for your sins.

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