The Biblical Garden of Eden

by Lawrence Hebb
(Hamilton, New Zealand)

It was interesting to read about the possible locations of the Biblical Garden of Eden. Actually much of what I read in the article ties in with what my own research pointed out when reading about Ancient trade routes. (I'm researching to write a novel about Abraham).

I've heard the theory about the Southern location before, but not the Northern one. I tend to think it will be the Southern location because there is a Cherub guarding the approach (meaning that man won't be allowed in until God says so!) and that one is under water at the present time.

Also reading up on some stuff I found that around eight thousand years ago the climate of the Earth was much more temperate and much of the Desert in come places was savannah (this would support the idea of a Garden).

As for the Northern one, that is in a place that people can travel over (I've been through that way on many occasions)and man can access the area, but those are my thoughts.

Tim La Haye wrote a series of books (not the left behind series but Babylon rising) where an Archaeologist discovers various things that show the truth of the scripture in the lead up to the rapture, kind of as a proof. wouldn't it be amazing if one of those is that we find the real and 100% sure location of the birthplace of Mankind!

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Nov 20, 2011
Biblical Garden of Eden
by: Robert Marshall

When you look at Gods plan of creation you see everything is temporary. God is still in his Heaven and everything is still perfect there. There are two stories in the Bible. One is of destruction brought about by man. The other is a look at perfection, that god will bring about.

Since good and evil cannot live side by side in harmony,God created an area in time to show man just that. God has isolated His creation in time and space so that good and evil could be controlled. Let us call it a test tube for an experiment that God is showing man, that if God gives a man free will how man will corrupt that free will.

So far God is right. Look at the world today. No one has to tell you about it, you can see it in the news and on tv. This world is a grand experiment to show us we can't handle perfection. That is why everything is temporary in this world. Go to any cemetary and see it.People think they are in control, but they are not. Sooner or later we all die then we are buried. Nobody will remember us or care at all. Gods experiment goes on.

When God is done He will create a new Heaven and Earth. where perfection does exist forever.You can think anything you want about salvation or eternal life or the Garden of Eden. The lesson God wants us to learn is do we obey Him or not. We are not graded by what we do or do not do in this world. That is not the purpose of creation.

The purpose of creation is that God wants whoever he saves to be in His image. Someone once said, all the world is a stage. He doesn't realize how right he was.

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