The Biblical Garden of Eden & the Flood in Genesis

by Rick
(Los Angeles)

There is no sense in looking for the Garden of Eden, as the Flood of Genesis 6 washed it all away.

One must remember that the flood was of such magnitude that the topography of the land also was significantly changed.

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Jun 28, 2016
End of Time and the renewed Garden of Eden
by: Anonymous

The Garden of Eden was taken to heaven just before the flood begins an will be return to the new earth. When christ returns with his angels and the few others that have been translated without seeing death, plus the rightest raised from the death that have been in heaven for the 1000 years of judgement over the wicked. The new kingdom will come down from heaven and the old city will be split in half and the new city will witness the wicked raised from the dead and Satan and his angels band together to destroy the new city and all the holy ones, when God does his final act to rid us of all wicktness. When fire from heaven comes and destroys Satan and his angles and all persons from the Start of earths time.

Jul 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

The bible clearly refers to the tigris and euphrates rivers as being the same rivers as exist today. There is no reason to say the flood changed the geography of the region that much. Megafloods we see today typically don't alter the geography that much.

May 02, 2012
Biblical Garden of Eden and Noah's Flood
by: Tom

I agree, the flood would have destroyed the Garden of Eden.

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