Genesis 6

by Marsella Harrison
(Washington Courthouse, Ohio)

The sons of God are literal sons of God. Daughters of men are mankind.

Daughters-Beth-Does not simply refer to females. Also it refers to something hard for me to define. But there was Adam, and Eve came forth from him, then children were born. Then you had family, then villages, then cities, then states, etc. Picture a small box, then one larger beside it, then another even larger and so on. Up to the last. And we have this population growth. This mass amount of people was the daughters of men. The mass that came forth from the small through generation. And in Enoch we are enlightened theses daughters are mankind.

The Hebrew word for giant is rapha. Rapha is not found here. Translation should have been Nephilim. Either fallen one or one who causes to fall or a fall.

We have lost so much truth through out generations upon generations simply due to the lack of study. People want to depend on others to tell them "the Word". And things got twisted into little fables that were believed and passed down generation after generation. Pretty sad.

Anyway, there was no sex. We are eternal spirit beings temporarily bound to physical flesh. Spirit is not physical and has no sexual organs {Luke 24:39}. Yes some scriptures make it seem as angels eat and so on. But it's like the burning bush before Moses. The bush was not burnt. It is an appearance of reality. What God chooses for us to see. This is why one can see a spirit others may not see. The spirit is real. but the appearance is what God has chosen at that moment.

Sex is the unification of two as one.

We spirits who are bound to these physical bodies were meant to be so. We are mutable and require change. Those not in bodies are immutable and require no change and should not enter in unless ordered to do so by God. And it's not their own body they enter into but ours {Matthew 12:43-45} and {I Peter 3:18-20} and {Jude 6}. There is no sex involved, it's a unification. We, through rejection of God and Christ, permit entrance of Nephilim within ourselves that gain control over us and act through us and are basically one with us. And they cause us to fall.

We need to realize God did not bring forth Death from non-existence, who is by the way a spirit {Rev. 6:8}. Wisdom 1 Wisdom 1:13 in the KJV 1611 declares God did not make or create Death.

We need to realize that to be born of God is literal. And if we reconcile to him it means we came forth from him and was born of him. If we don't reconcile {return} to him we did not come forth from him, but from his opposite who is Death. {John 1:13 and I John 5:4}.

Psalms 82:6 declares us to be gods. Jesus quotes this in John 10:34-36. It is not blasphemy to refer to yourself as a god because you are a son of God. You were born of him. You are his offspring.

Genesis 6 is a parable to a literal occurrence. And Enoch expands such parabolicly. As with all parables the spiritual truth is found beyond the apparent truth.

Creation was not the beginning of all things, only the temporal realm which had a beginning and shall have an end. But there is an eternal realm that had no beginning and shall have no end. And all that is eternal cannot begin, nor can it be destroyed. This would involve time and there is no time in the eternal. It is like a circle in that it is continuous with no starting point and no stopping point. But that which is not of God is in the process of separation from all that is. The parable is an attempt in revealing something unnatural occurred. An unnatural unification. Like a disease to life. The mass born of the small became entangled. The pure, infected.

What is the reason for creation and all that is temporal? It's a simple separation process. A reversal of the unnatural that occurred. And in the final scene, there is reconciliation. All that is born of God is united. All that is born of Death is united. And Death shall consist of no life. Totally inert. Still existent because it is eternal. Yet with no life in it. Eternally dead or the true non-parable Eternal death. And never again shall Life be affected by Death. Amen.

Yes I'm Bible educated. Liberty Bible Institute and years of self studies. Many years of such.

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