Native Americans

by Lois Y.Avery
(Fort Worth,Tarrant,Texas)

It has always been my belief that the Native Americans were descendants of Japheth,one of the three sons of Noah.

Your article here states that the peoples and nations of Japheth were; Cimmerian (Crimea),Germany and her peoples,Denmark and her peoples,Carpathians,Armenians,Turkey (possibly), Turkestan(possibly), Georgia and her peoples, Russia and the Russian peoples, Thracians, Etruscans(possibly), Persians, Medes, Scythians, Aryans, India and her peoples,founded by the Aryans.

Plus, you say that over the course of the following centuries, Japheth's descendants migrated to the America's, where they encountered the Native Americans, descendants of Ham.

In an article written by Steven Collins entitled, THE ISRAELITE ORIGIN OF THE SCYTHIANS, he states they inhabited, or arrived, in the region of South Russia about 700 B.C., according to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA.

Assyrian documents place their appearance on the shores of Lake Urmia(just south of Armenia)in the time of King Sargon(722-705 B.C.), a date which closely corresponds with that of the first establishment of the first group of Scythians in southern Russia.

It is also known, or believed, that the Mongolians were descendants of the Scythians,who were noted horseman and nomadic people. These Scythians,from my research,were the ancestors of the Alaskan Natives, who crossed the land bridge to America and settled on the shores of the Americas.

These were the first Native Americans, descendants of Japheth, who migrated throughout and settled the U.S. These were the Native Americans who first appeared from this crossing of the land bridge to become the Commanche, Lakota, Sioux, and many northern Native and Canadian Indians and the Native Americans.

From the descendants of Ham, I see no correlation of the people that are listed as peoples, or nations, of Ham's descendants to populate the American Continent, and no link to become the Native American people. The closest in geographical proximity to inhabitants origins of the Native Americans can only have come from the descendants of Japheth, being of Scythian origin.

I am interested in your conclusions on the connections to Japheth's descendants amongst the Native Americans of North America.

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Jun 09, 2023
Shem NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a University Graduate and I took courses in the studies of people all over the world and I have read the Bible thoroughly. The Native Americans are mostly related to the same people who are now known as Tibetans and the other Mongoloid speaking people in Nepal and the rest of the people that are called Asian nowadays. The old name was Oriental for these people. They are descended from Middle Eastern people from the tribe of Shem. Native American DNA sampling and testing has proved it through the Human Genome Project.
There were Solutreans who came from the coast of France who were descended from Japepth who are now believed to have come to North America just prior to the Asian people who are descended from Shem. There are Solutrean markers in the DNA of Native American tribes and there are ancient flint points that are found to look exactly the same as other Solutrean European points. There are Mica Hands with an eye in the center of the palm found in the United States that are the same design as the Jewish people use to this day which proves that Israelite Jewish people did come here and inter-married with the Native People. Welsh people mixed into the Mandans and introduced the Bull-Boat and the Mandans have a name for Bull-Boat which is practically identical. MicMac have an Egyptian-influenced writing system. Africans came to marry in with the Zunis and their language has African markers in it. The Olmec statues look very African facially. Vikings came in as far as Minnesota proved by the Kensington Rune Stone found on a farm and North Dakota which is proved by a rawhide shied with Runic writing on it.
Christopher Columbus is now believed to have been an undercover Jew helping Jews escape from the Spanish Inquisition. The Utes and other tribes have been influenced by the Jews who came off the boats in their language and other customs. A plaque with Moses and old Hebrew Writing on it has been found in the northeast part of the U.S. Even the Knights Templar made and buried lead artifacts in the desert Southwest U.S. There is also a symbol in the Grand Canyon area that looks exactly like the Ark of the Covenant.
There are pyramids on every continent. All continents were once one continent a long time ago. Noah had 3 sons. Ham - Canaan, Egypt, Nimrod, Put and other African people. Shem - The Israelites and other Asians. Japepth - Indo-Europeans.
I am well educated and have proof to back up all of the statements I made. DNA and anthropology has proven what is written in the books of the Bible.

Jan 27, 2023
I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I believe you are correct in your postulation. Genesis 9:27 states that "Japheth will sit in the tents of shem". This scripture was the beginning of this theory for me!

Apr 13, 2022
The 3 Sons of Noah according to Jasher/Yasher.
by: Anonymous

In the Apocryphal book of Jasher, 3 lots were written & put in the bossum of Naoh's clothing & As Shem, Ham & Japeth pulled one out each of them, the written lots said where they & their decendants were to settle. Ham/Cham was to settle the 'hot lands'!! Cham in Hebrew means black or burnt. If you study & look at where most black folk originated, they lived in mostly tropical & to a lesser extent, subtropical areas in Africa & tropical Asia & Australia. Japeth the father of the white Europeans was to settle the 'cold lands' & they have lived in mostly cold 4 seasonal areas in Europe & Asia!! Shem was to settle the lands that were neither hot or cold & lands with both hot & cold lands in Asia, the Americas & islands of the Pacific!! The colored/brunette whites, olive/tan/yellow/red & brown folk of the world.Like the Orientals live in hot & cold lands!! The American Indians live in hot & cold lands!! Turkic & Semetic folk also live in hot & cold lands throughout Asia!!

Feb 06, 2022
Forming of the Races NEW
by: Bear

Only those who are racist at heart would make comments about the color of people from the time of Noah. When the Creator divided the people He did so by changing their languages not the color of their skin. The races were formed by nature through these perfect bodies the Creator made for us. As the people migrated from Babel to the rest of the world their bodies, over the generations, adapted to the new climates. Thus providing them with the necessary protections needed for their new natural enviornments.

The Creator was in charge of all this. At this time all the lands of the world were a single land mass and there was nothing stopping people from migrating in all directions from Babel.

To get to North America all one had to do was travel through what is now Spain and they would be in North America.

Jan 17, 2022
ancestory of Native American
by: Anonymous

Reading all comments and all are speculations of theories.
There were 3 sons of Noah, but then who was Noah descendant from? So actually there are 4.
Noah came from the seed of Lemech in the line of Adam. That made him righteous in the eyes of the LORD. The sons were seeds of him and his concubine and Sarah.
In that Noah was also a race of his own.
Out of the seeds of his sons came many tribes in which were mixed in origin.
Abraham came along and out of that became Isaac, Jacob. Another line of people righteous in the eyes of LORD.
Of course we know that Yeshua came along and became the ultimate born-again in the spirit line of True Bride which will rule again.
Where did Native Americans come from......some are from the line of first Adam descendants of through Noah. I am called "the Originals." Native Americans came after the first Europeans came and named us.

Dec 24, 2021
origin of the North American Indians NEW
by: Blood_Tribe

Joktan is descended from Shem, Ham and Japheth

Aug 31, 2021
Star of ashur NEW
by: Thomas Gabriel saul

How do you explain chief Josephs bag with the star of Ashur and the Assyrian Cuneiform tablets he had in his possession?

Genesis 10:22
[22]The children of Shem; Elam, and ASSHUR, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram. Shem father of the semetic race.
you call us heathens yet it's white people are the descendants
Of jepeth the gentiles.
white people destroyed the earetz. I'm from kamloops you heathens.we lived of the land as tribal people.whites are not tribal people at all. You conquered with lead a metel sacred to chronos aka sukkuth aka Molech. Why'd the vatican erect a statue of Molech in the colosseum?

Genesis 10:2-5
[2]The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog (Russia), and Madai, and Javan(Greeks), and Tubal, and Meshech(turkey), and Tiras (Macedonia).
[3]And the sons of Gomer(said to be britan); Ashkenaz(white faces so called Jews who's blood is traced back to rome), and Riphath, and Togarmah.
[4]And the sons of Javan(grecia); Elishah, and Tarshish (Spain), Kittim, and Dodanim.
[5]By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.
Strong's h3120
Javan} the name of a son of {Joktan} and of the race ({Ionians } that {is} Greeks) descended from {him} with their territory; also of a place in

Ashur was blessed to be a warrior. Asher was upright and people are always happy no matter how much the heathen Romans and ashkaNazi brake us down. we prias AHAYAH in our songs. the Romans and fake Ashkenazi the Romans cusins have been lying since day one.

Genesis 9:26
[26]And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

Mar 31, 2019
Natives Red People are Hebrews NEW
by: Red man

Native American Indians we are from Shem's line. Whites always want to put Japeth in it to make land claims to the Americas it's pretty racist since no real Indian is white in origin. Indians are from the Asian continent. DNA even proves strong relationship to Asian and Hebrew type people's not so much other groups. I would go so far to state Hebrew roots for American Indians. We are neither white nor black in origin. Remember Nazis rule the world stage Indians have a big secret Nazis fear will get out soon and the Truth will be known that Indians are of Hebrew blood but still need JESUS in the end like all man does. Stop painting us white for political reasons we are not white.

Jul 21, 2018
No more lies NEW
by: Thruth

The Aboriginal American
(Not the mongol Native American) are descendants of SHEM

May 03, 2018
Indigenous tribesmen of North America descendants from SHEM NEW
by: Eaglefeather

Whenever you hear the word "Lord", "Lord Jesus Christ", "Jesus Christ", "God" or "Christ Our Savior"; look the other way and be not deceived. The Creator did not speak English when He spoke, "Let light come", nor did he spoke English when writing out the 10 Commandments. Go deep into your roots and foundations and make discoveries that the modern English Language was created centuries after the Creator. "J" was not even written yet. During the true biblical times and as written, Yeshua is His Real Name. YHVH or YHWH is His Real Name. Hebrew is where He came from. His birth was on a lunar cycle of late fall. In accordance to oral history of Native Americans, remnants of their biblical journeys are still etched in the minds and heart of indigenous people. In is through the language, oral culture, and traditional ways of lifestyle that depicts where we came from after the flood. Shem offspring are indigenous people living in this part of the continent. All the tribes in America are distinctly unique onto YHVH/YHWH.

Oct 17, 2014
America as Eden?
by: Anonymous

Why does no one even consider the idea that perhaps Native Americans were THE first people, maybe America was the Garden of Eden, and that's how they all got spread over an ocean to all these other continents that are spread apart. Why is that never brought up?

Jan 19, 2012
I Shall Survive
by: Anonymous

History will be re written and re spoken through the word that the son of the living god had created through existence. Japheth will dwell within the tents of SHEM and therefore shall have fellowship and share the prospering spirit that the lord gives us without any attachments of religion.

Morehu(Survivor) is the name of our people who have been given the final covenants of the lord Jesus Christ who belong to no one but our own salvation. This is our promise and now there is no hope for this is now governed by the supernatural powers of the age of the HOLY & FAITHFUL
Angels. I have no fellowship but my own…

Also in genesis speaks of the word spoken into existence and that god seen dark to be good and thus came light (Jesus) and Dark (Lucifer) to be both good in equal.

This is to say that Jesus and Lucifer where one in the same coin? Coincidence…?? Or divine design…?? Mormons also believe this but like all religion and doctrines claim to there own significance of belief that distinguishes us each other apart.

Jan 19, 2012
I will survive
by: Anonymous

I believe that it is in everyone's best interest and hearts alike to know that no one or no man has authority over any. Therefore the true calendar is not of the lord that we know and surcum to believe. Pledius was like Jewish, Greek, Native or Aztec, Mayan and our belief to be the calendar we follow through practice and now advocated by theory which the planets are govern by the sun the moon and the tide in hindsight so if i may rebut myself from continuing any further, in regards to the truth is behind the truth and the holy and faithful angels who now have power and authority over all 1st and 2nd deaths I shall proceed and say that the blessings of SHEM who came forth to SPIRITILIZE it without false idolatry. What i can say is that we (I & I) are descendants of SHEM and that I AM a survivor of the 1860 New Zealand Land-wars overwhelmed by the European of our older brothers Japheth.

We are said to be the chosen line to bring forth that new revelation of God's people and what the promises will be for all man kind who try deny the will of his thereafter. Jesus is yes, just another name said in vain and the lord god himself has chosen it to be given a new name for all to repent and fight no tongue but the one we had already been given making us ONE. There is no suffice evidence that I have not found that prove that we are all ONE apart from the what the bible speaks of and is consequently a 5th edition re instated in 1775. This is not the original Torah or 10 commandments of the old testament we have come to believe in fact that almost 800 years have passed and we have seen that the manuscripts from the documents of euro centrism law the bible is not thee ultimate truth. Which is proof of the inoculation of my people and the descendants of Ham and his younger son Canaan ancestors that this needs to be rectified…? Thus a new revelation has been discovered and prophesies of have been fulfilled by its descendants of SHEM

So there are contradictions to say the least. There is no true religion or belief but only the belief that there is something greater than the UN for seen and the higher for told so it is our obligation if not responsibility and expression and insight response to that truth.. Therefore reason and will that will determine theses factors

Wisdom belongs to the female element the holy female element of all and wisdom is her name the Holy Spirit and we must embrace this... and not get caught up in our own beliefs engraved images in church out side high and low that we already have come to know…

Jan 19, 2012
The Sons of Noah & Their Descendants
by: Anonymous

The following is an attempt at a comprehensive list of the peoples and nations of Japheth, eldest son of Noah.

Cimmerians (Crimea)

Germany and her peoples

Denmark and her peoples



Turkey (possibly)

Turkestan (possibly)

Georgia and her peoples

Russian and the Russian peoples


Etruscans (possibly)





India and her peoples (founded by the Aryans)
Over the course of the following centuries, Japheth's descendants migrated to the America's, where they encountered the Native Americans, descendants of Ham? (Pehaps).

Thus two of the sons of Noah are responsible for the settlement and growth of the Americas.

Jan 14, 2012
Through the Sons of Noah, All Are Related
by: Anonymous

In just reading comments about ethnic/racial ancestry, it seems we forget that through Noah's son we are indeed ALL related by DNA, which I think should be the first consideration.

All related by blood, all created by God's hand, all flawed by history's blessings and cursings.
Historically, it is important that we "know where we come from", that comes with a bitter double edged sword of good and evil exists in EVERY decedent of Noah. No worries Jesus, Only Son of God will sort it all out according to the will of God.

Yes, the Shemite will sort it out without account of ancestry or descendant because I don't think that is what He is looking for! Because He knows we were ALL C R E A T E D by God, Father of ALL. People were created to be the image of God's Divine Nature, but we have placed our earthly father's and who they are/were above who God says we are.

No, I'm not without reproach and I do enjoy knowing that I am a decedent of Cush the Ethiopian and father of Nimrod. Just like you get pleasure out of knowing where you descended from. But in the end will it matter?

Jan 02, 2012
Yohewah's Remnant
by: Donovan

The Native American are descendent from Shem. God reveals the three races of Man in Genesis 10. Japheth=Caucasian, Shem=Mongoloid, and Ham=Black. Genesis 10:25 Eber had two sons Joktan and Peleg. Genesis 10:30 Joktan migrated to the Far East and became the Chinese. Peleg migrated to the Mid-East and became the Israelite People. We only read about Peleg's descendents in the Holy Bible.

They worshiped the true God Yohewah at one time, until they became idolaters. God banished them to the four corners of the Earth, where they are in exile to this day. God in the End of the Age will gather His remnant together again.

Jun 07, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

I believe that we can trace both Ham and Japheth to the areas where the Scynths were, though the Scynths were descendants of Japheth and Ham was not.

It would explain why we find a larger concentration of the halogroup x DNA; which is Indo-European in the Canadian tribes. As well they also find the Mongolion DNA, which is Ham's DNA apparently.

It makes sense to me that this would be true as both the DNA factors appear in the peoples. As far as Shem goes I believe that is a myth which Mormons want to perpetrate, that myth being the lost tribes of Israel.

May 16, 2011
Native Americans
by: Joe

Without going into detail, there is evidence that shows that Native Americans may be descendants of Eber, a descendant of Shem, one the three sons of Noah; thus their culture aligning with Hebrew culture.

Nov 04, 2010
Japheth and his descendants.
by: Lois Y.Avery

The passing of time is irrelevant to the movement of the Sons of Noah. The Earth is a little over 6,000 yrs. old. Until the Tower of Babel, all people spoke the same language and dispersed afterwards across the lands to create Nations of People.

These nations included the Jews, who made the Jewish Calendar that you speak of in your commentary. The Romans created the Julian Calendar, and then the Gregorian Calendar that we all use today.

India is not anywhere near the Land Bridge that the Eskimos used to cross into the American Continent, so that theory is highly disregarded and no proof of it is given in the Bible.

The Bible does speak of the Scythians being on the Russian Stepps, who are to this day, the Mongolian Tribes and the ancestors of the Eskimoes and the Native American Nations.

These people are classified languistically as Mongoloid People.

Oct 24, 2010
Descendants of Japheth
by: Stanley7

I, Stanley7 under Lord Jesus Christ's Authority always follow the Lord God Calendar of 24/7/30/12/48/360/1 ever best all the times all more years to come so forth ahead in all nice futures, (NOT your current calendar). Your current calendar is always wrong forever. Just forget your wrong current calendar, but FOLLOW the Lord God Calendar as always ever best.

Verily, verily I, Stanley7, under Lord Jesus Christ's Authority, say to you all that in the beginning of the 2 different groups (Tribes) from the descendants of Japheth from Shuruppak (Fara), Sumer (Babylonia), Mesopotamia migrated in the 1658th Lord Year (6th Year) FIRSTLY to China (5183 Years Ago), then later to 2057th Lord Year (6th Year), down from China SECONDLY to India (5784 Years Ago).

The 1st different group (First Chinese Tribes), known as the First Chinese Tribe Eskimos from China migrated FIRSTLY straightwayly towards the North Arctic Ice on the top of Canada on Seventh/ Sabbath/ Saturday, 12th Month of Adar/ JULY 30th Day, 1665th Lord Year (6th Year) (6841 - 1665 = 5176 Years Ago) in the summer season, (NOT your current calendar).

You all see: Currently Lord God Calendar of 2011th Lord Year (2nd Year) from Friday, Abib/ Nisan/ August, 7th Day, 2011th Lord Year (2nd Year) and (6841th Lord Year (2nd Year) LAST SUMMER SEASON THIS YEAR, so currently 2011th Lord Year (2nd Year) and 6841th Lord Year (2nd Year)are this year (6841 - 2011 = Holy 4830th Lord Year - Holy 7th Year - High Year on Holy 7th Day - High Day, where Lord Jesus christ was born).

The 2nd different group (First Indian Tribes), known as First Indian Tribe Indians from India migrated SECONDLY straightwayly on the land of bridge towards the First West Alaska Shore on Wednesday, 11th Month of Shebat/ JUNE, 29th Day, 1672th Lord Year (6th Year) (6841 - 1672 = 5169 Years Ago) in the summer season, (NOT your current calendar), then down on all the West Shore Coasts of North American of Canada, of United States of America and of South American of West Shore Coast Nations. Always yes and true! You all are still far away 1,259 years ago behind Lord Jesus Christ and me, Stanley7 yesterday. Always yes and true! Thank you.

With Lord Jesus Christ's Authority

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