No going back

by Elizabeth Griffith
(Dwight NE)

It seems perfectly clear that a significant part of God's judgement against Adam and Eve was their BANISHMENT from Paradise. This was obviously meant to be PERMANENT. Why, then, do we keep up this search for the Biblical Garden of Eden, or its location?

Isn't it logical that this loss must be accepted, along with the other grave consequences of the Original Sin; this, in reparation for the inexcusable offense to our loving Creator? Eden is gone forever in THIS world.... what matter its location?

Neither need we bemoan having INHERITED the terrible consequences of original sin, as if it were some injustice to us. It was, indeed, committed by our first parents, not by us personally, BUT we might have done far worse; we might have sinned and then CURSED God, possibly meriting utter annihilation.

Why not give up the futile search for Eden; its location will always be mere conjecture. However, our loving, merciful God has promised us ANOTHER everlasting Paradise through the Saving Passion and Death of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

We need not be "searchers for the lost Eden" in order to receive this inestimable gift of salvation. The real issue, now, is NOT to risk losing Paradise all over again.

The fall of Adam and Eve, and its consequences, are recorded for our instruction, as a warning and an encouragement to all mankind lest we repeat the terrible mistake that led to the original loss of Eden, and the state of innocence and union with God.

Let's move forward, trusting in God; going back profiteth nothing.

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