by Robert Hagedorn
(New York City)

Challenge yourself. Google First Scandal.


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May 18, 2018
The Garden of Eden is the land of Moldavia.Romania.and.Transilvania NEW
by: Anonymous

Romania=Om An Rai=> Man in Heaven <= The Word

Jan 03, 2012
Biblical Garden of Eden
by: Robert Marshall

I guess we would have to talk to someone who was in the Biblical Garden of Eden. OOPS, they are all dead. Except God. I guess we would have to talk to the one who started this whole thing. Only one thing wrong. God does not hear the prayers of a sinner. So i guess we will never know. One thing we do know for sure, God wanted mankind to know good and evil. We all fit in there somewhere. If ignorance is bliss i guess we are all happy. Everybody knows what sarcasm is. We all do it. If we had all the answers we would be like God. God will not allow that. He is the King and we are His servants, whether we like it or not.All wisdom in this world will be gone someday, and God will still be here and in control. Whenever we die all our wisdom is gone. If there is an afterlife we will be at the mercy of whomever is in control. We waste a whole lifetime trying to find the secrets of the universe. I come up short every time. There is only one thing left to do. Trust God. Maybe He will give us some answers. Most things in this world are given to us to understand by God. He gave us all the raw materials to produce all the things we need to survive. It started out with a cave and moved up to a mansion. We think we did all that,but we didn't. If God didn't create these things, and give us the knowledge to discover them and to use them, we would still be living in a cave. God achieved what he wanted in His creation and taught us and let us to discover what we needed in his time.

Can you imagine trying to deliver a load of tomatoes from California to New York in a buckboard. As people multiplied on the earth, God already knew what he would do to supply our needs. More people, faster delivery.Do we think man created airplanes by themselves. If angels can fly, don't you think God can make airplanes fly. Most of us can't see the forest because of all the trees. A scientist once said, give me water and dirt and I will create a man. Another scientist said, who created the water and dirt. If there is any finding out about the mysteries of the universe I guess we will have to talk to the one who created it all. That is if we get to where He is.

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