Biblical Reality and Pagan Worship

by Lujack Skylark

How pagans worship are connected in Biblical history:

(1) Princess Sit-Hathor-Yunet,Senusret III's sister, worshiped the vulture goddess Nekhbet as displayed on her necklace. This took place during the global famine. (Genesis 41:57) She believed by worshiping this bird the famine would be over. Joseph lived in Egypt at this time.

(2) Queen Sobekneferu reigned a few months after Joseph had died. She worshiped the crocodile goddess Sobek, believing Sobek had power to fight Egypt's enemies.

(3) King Ahmose worshiped the Egyptian moon god Iah at the same time Babylonian/Amorite king Samsu-ditana 1625-1595 B.C. worshiped the moon god Sin.

(4) Egyptian king Thutmose I worshiped the god of Wisdom Thoth. Thutmose I was paranoid believing the Hebrews would side with Egypt's enemies (Exodus 1:10-16). He thought being wisely he would have all male Hebrew babies killed. Moses emerged to become the powerful Hebrew leader.

(5) Queen Hatshepsut worshiped the cow goddess Hathor. The Hebrews, later in the wilderness, worship the golden calf.

(6) Egyptian king Thutmose III also believed in Thoth. He challenged GOD and experienced 10 plagues.

(7) Egyptian kings Amenhotep III & Akenaton were interested in sun worship, due to (Joshua 10:12-14) the sun standing still in the sky for nearly 24 hours.

This is how Biblical reality is confirmed when we discover how the pagans worshiped.

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Mar 22, 2012
Trail of the Pagans
by: Anonymous

Ubaid culture mentioned by archaeologist as pre-flood. The discovery at al Ubaid was the foundation tablet of the little temple, which stated that it was built by Annapadda moon priest of UR.

How can Annapadda's temple have been built in the Ubaid cultural days, when UR was a city built after Noah's flood?

Sargon's daughter Enheduanna was the first high priestess of UR. Her goddess was Inanna/Ishtar and she loved Tammuz the deified Sargon/Nimrod.

Sumer chronology is highly inflated. Annapadda's life is estimated around 2500 B.C., when Enheduanna's life is estimated around 2350 B.C.

Bible chronology after mankind leaves Babel Mesannapadda & Annapadda reign at UR 2243-2163 B.C.

Sargon 2243-2187 B.C. & Rimush 2187-2178 B.C. when Enheduanna reigned as moon priestess before she was cursed.

Mar 21, 2012
Who Wrote Ancient History?
by: James

Who wrote Ancient History?

Egyptian priest Manetho wrote Egyptian history about the same time the Chaldean Berossos wrote Sumer Babylonian history, during the time the Greeks were in control in the Middle-East. Both Manetho and Berossos extended their histories into a mythical past. You cannot believe in the words of these pagan priests.

Manetho came up with the mythical king Menes; and Berossos wants us to believe some kings of Sumer lived 36,000 years and upward.

Few modern historians want to erase their false chronologies and search for the truth. Mankind should know its real beginning, as mentioned in the Book of Genesis.

Mar 18, 2012
Pagan Worship and Biblical Connections?
by: Anonymous

Priest Imhotep is quoted as saying the god Ptah was the Egyptian creator god, he worshipped when Egypt was building its first pyramid known as the Step Pyramid at Sakkara.

Egyptians were part of mankind building the Tower of Babel at Sumer (Shinar) before humanity fled Babel and established nations. (Genesis 11:1-8) The Step Pyramid was the first pyramid built in Egypt after the Egyptians left Sumer. Djoser/ Zoser was Imhotep's king.

Pathru-sim (Genesis 10:14) Sim = tribe the man's name is Path-ru. Could Path-ru have been the deified Ptah the cousin of Nimrod/Sargon from the Biblical city of Accad/Akkad/Agade? (Genesis 10:6-14)The Egyptian territory of Pathros (Ezekiel 29:14) is where Egyptian civilization 1st began.

It was Egyptian king Snef-ru who fought the Cushite Nubians, Phut Libyans and who had trade with the Canaanites. All four sons of Ham (Genesis 10:6) are first listed in Snef-ru's reign after the Egyptians left Sumer for Egypt.

The Step Pyramid and the temple nearby are Sumerian in design.

Egyptian king Snefru had trade relations with Byblos and Sargon/Nimrod's western border extended to Byblos. Were the Hamitic tribes united under Nimrod's and Snefru's control?

Mar 16, 2012
Biblical Reality and Pagan Worship
by: Anonymous

Bible reality is coming into real focus here, stripping away the pagan's masks, revealing how the way pagans acted when dealing with the Hebrews.

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