The Sons of Noah

by Ashraf Soliman
(el haram,Giza, Egypt)

It is so interesting to know something about the Noah family..and i strictly believe the story you mentioned..but I would like to add something about this story..according to our reference Noah had 3 sons SAM(Schem) and Ham,and Yafess
(Japheth)..Noah ask the God to give SAM the knowledge and to be superior among his brothers in that field,while,hoped for his other son (Japheth)to have huge number of fore sons (yellow people) for Ham this son was too shameful,and looked at his father when he was naked with his,Noah ask his God to curse him and his fore sons as well (the black people)..nowadays we can see the prophecy of Noah real.the fore sons of Schem ,did a lot for the humanity i.e science ,arts,etc,while the fore sons of Japheth have the greatest population among the other fore sons..the curse became real for Ham fore sons,as you find them masters of fun and entertainments,and serve the other for sons.

I am sorry to say that,but it is my the question is are we (the Egyptians) come from Canaan ? for sure not..the people in north Africa are quite different in many things..on other hand :are Canaan the fore fathers of Palestinians...thank you...about the journey of Blessed Sarah and his husband father of prophets Abraham..the story is a bit different as the Egyptians had faith to God in their own way,and Sarah was well treated as well as Abraham
..your story was not complete,..what happened to Sarah / did she marry the Pharaoh? or escaped with her husband to avoid this marriage ?

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