Nephilim, sons of angels

by Richard Schiller
(Kenosha WI,USA)

The Nephilim were born of human women, always male like a mule, and always sterile. The first angel to take a human wife may have been Kichunna of the city of Larsa. The reason is because the first king Alulim struck Enoch with anti-matter that year making him vanish into air standing next to people.

Yet Alulim had begun his 80-year rule (28,800 days) a whole 300 years earlier at Methuselah's birth to Enoch so as to rule his 1st year when Adam was 687. Yet Kichunna of Larsa was the 4th angel to rule as king, when Alulim the 1st king passed kingship to him, and struck Enoch at Larsa for defying that coronation.

Thus Enoch had reason to say the kingship of Alulim should not be passed onto Kichunna. The odds are that Kichunna ooops struck a man dead; and so did the good thing by marrying his wife, which then began children of angels for 670 years (the next 7 kings). The list of only 8 kings for 670 years is wrong, the true list is 10 kings of 970 years.

But the 1266 years (456,000 days) is an indication the angels began their dwelling on earth in Adam's year 390. These angels were not forgiven as the recent movie implies. They feel that they cannot be blamed for human sexual deviance because humans are flesh - but as angels they no longer are. So for them to inspire humans to do trash is worse than an angel to marry and have sex, and children are their rotten political tactic to say it makes them innocent.

But scripture holds them guilty on death row for 1000 years after the Armageddon - about to strike them and us.

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Aug 03, 2019
Calrifications NEW
by: Richard Schiller

In my article here I no longer use the word kings as post-Flood records of preFlood rulers. They are rulers just like a measure of stars or calendar. The name Kiang (Kiag or King) was created in 2127bc. Thus a Sar or Russian Czar or Shar or Arabic Shah are words derived from preFlood versus Kiang in postFlood.

Next Adam's year 390 of total 1656 is the 1266-years of Sar, of 456,000 days in calendar decades (126.6 decade) not ten rulers.
The ten rulers are 97 sars or 970 years from Adam's year 686 to 1656. The seven rulers begins in 67 saars or 670 years from year 986 to 1656. Preceded by three rulers of the ten, Larsa knows that Alulim coronated Kichunna and strcuk Enoch dead so they list 8 kings (Alulim plus 7 for those 670 years).

It is definite that Enoch would not have waited 300 years to curse Nephilim sons and so his death marks the first Nephilim born to Kichunna at Larsa. Thus Nephilim existed only 670 years while angels had materialized 1266 years. That means they managed to dwell in human form for 596 years without having sex (screwing a woman in monastery position). No one really knows whether Alulim (Satan) ever had children; just as we do not know if Nimrod did.

Aug 03, 2019
Trippy NEW
by: Anonymous

Yo I feel like I was on something while reading this, it’s intere and nice to hear some opinion of ancient matters by someone else but it’s really hard to read into.

Jun 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

I've enjoyed reading the site, however what's up with this article?

can some text be referenced?



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