The Nephilim Civilization

by Beverly Peake
(Goose Creek,S.C. U.S.A.)

I believe the giants of the Old Testament were travelers from space. The 1/st chapter of Ezekiel describes a FLYING SAUCER, and Men or Angels. I believe what Ezekiel saw was REAL and he thought it was a vision.

Also The Egyptians Were taught by these giants the Advanced math, etc. they needed to build the pyramids. With all the modern math, engineering, and tools, man CANNOT come near to duplicating these marvels that have lasted for over 4000 years!

Several Verses in the Bible, Genesis 6:1-3 in particular, says the sons of GOD (Angels MAYBE?) married the daughters of men. Before then, all of the men lived to be 700 years old or more.

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Jan 03, 2016
City of enoch
by: Anonymous

What about the City of Enoch, which was taken up by God? Could it also be the fabled Atlantis that supposedly "Sunk", or if Atlantis was so technologically advanced, couldn't it have been raised up as well. How was it taken up by god? Or did it rise up under it's own power, like a spaceship. for one day it is supposed to return.

Oct 11, 2014
The Real History
by: Anonymous

The REAL and Truthful history of mankind has been twisted, rewritten and purposefully made erroneous by ignoring the findings of palaeontology,(Palaeogene epochs and others) archaeology, cosmogony-cosmolgy-, plus the complete disregard of historical accounts from Middle-Eastern and Far Eastern anthologies, that what is being taught today in the houses of worship, is nothing short of a scam and sham job. What we know today as mankinds histories ( as sourced in the Bible, Tora, and Koran ) are fictionalized abbreviations of history to suit one or another religious sects teachings. The underlaying message within those accounts is that we all are reprobabtes and heathen scumbags and the only way to redemption is; "You son of a bitch, you must pay and pay big!"
The earliest known Monotheistic religion; Zoroastrianism, as was given by Ormazd, is the basis of religion as we know it, but it has been abridged. ( and grossly edited ) Monism arose from that and also the Eastern thought-belief systems that reality is a unified whole. ( the cosmic machine )
What I have a hard time with, is knowing I am being lied to and told fables, all of which condemn me right out of the gate (the womb) and I can never do right no matter what I do or how I act!
What the Hell!?!?
Yes, exactly!
Whatever GOD almighty is, it ain't in control as we are led to think. Angels from the heavens came to earth and found human women so appealing to them that they couldn't keep the ole flowing robes closed and couldn't control their super erections and just had to "TAP" the VJ's of human females... Sounds pretty messed to me... and less than Angelic...Apparently there aren't any female angels like those from Victoria's Secret to make it with in Heaven, so they statutorally rape vigins on Earth for hot weekend of sex and lusting. I guess Boys will be Boys no matter where in the Hell they are from in the cosmos.
Now, the fair ladies ( which were more or less ignorant and one step out of the caves ) found themselves "preggers big time" and about nine months later pushed out a new breed of hybrid known as the Nephilim...which were a huge ( up to 20, 30, and even 50 feet tall ) Human like creature with bad breath and body odor along with very nasty habits.( waring, plundering, raping, and general disobience and malfeasance )However, these dudes were also prolific megalithic masons and built some the most impresssive stone work structures even seen on Earth in those days or since. Being good ole constuction guys as they were, these bullies were so bad in fact, that ole papa God decided that the only way to recify the situation was to flood the whole damnable place and get rid of the Big Boys on the block... So he did. ( couldn't God just as easily sent a bunch of Archangels to take care of them... I mean come on now, Archangels are supposed be the Enforcers from the Heavily Realm are they not? Must have a been an Angels Union Stike or something, because God chose instead to just hose everyone. But first in order to save a select chosen few ( decendants of the immortals ) God sold Noah a set of "Do-It- Yourself" mega ocean liner plans from the Popular Biblical Mechanics papayra monthly. When Noah saw them he exclaimed; "Oy Vey! How am I supposed to build such a thing with just my bare hands and this simple dull adz?" " I don't even got a shapening stone here, for my worthless son over there was cracking open nut shells with it, now it's broken in half!" God wasn't impressed and told Noah. " O.K, now you're gonna build it out of the hardest tree I got, the Worm-wood! That's what you get for complaining you Schlemiel!" "Oh and by the way, ya got 20 years to build the damn thing, so you better get moving don't ya think!"
It was quite a story...anyway,
Once the big cess pool of dead creatures all over the face of the earth decayed away, a whole NEW earth with happy chirping birdies, little hoppy cotton tail bunnies, pretty pink unicorns, along with repentant human females,( until pro sports athletes hit the night clubs with their big gaudy Super Bowl rings and piles of cocaine and Lamborghinis that is ) had the whole place to themselves now and a great big ole Rainbow in the sky letting everyone who survived the duluge know, that never again would the landlord turn the fire hoses on everyone until they drowned. All that was required by the new tenants was pay the rent on time with first fruits. Or something like that... Now hold on a minute... Mankind was still condemned and sinful after all that...
Apparently we couldn't catch a break no matter how hard we tried...
Now lets go back to the story of humanity in the very begining. The original Adam ( adamu, the first human like creature ) which was a genetic anomoly because he was created out out mud ( or was it in fact something that arose out of the primordial ooze and slimy bogs of Paleolithic Earth along with the first known forms of life?) that evolved into some type of proto human sub species. Not quite an ape and certainly not a homo-sapien-sapien. Sort of like a half fish, half man creature as like the images shown in ancient Sumerarian carvings showing the GODS- the Annunaki, with the Adamu he created! WHAT!?!?! Oh yeah... But wait there's more;
The Annunaki made Adamu to be his work horse slave race. So with a little genetic engineering here and there,( probably more of that super-dooper angel Sperm ) Adamu was able to do all of the heavy work for a Lazy Ass Caste of inter galatic high brows from another Planet. After all, they were here just to rape the planet for precious ores and who knows what else, until they were fat and happy and had full cargo holds in their space ships.(Shems) Then they blasted off leaving behind a lesser contigency of demi-gods with elongated heads to run things whilst they were away, promising they would return one day soon ( OH; I can hardly wait for that day! ) The cone heads inter-bred themslves into extinction, and others that may have survived the earliest races of mankind killed them off, so that none remained alived.
Good ole Akhenaten [Annunaki lineage] the Pharoh( who was a hybrid cone head )learned that lesson the hard way. He was killed. And his wife Nefertiti did last long either. All of their children were born malformed and didn't survive.
Yet kiddies, do not dispare, we have much historical informantion and surviving artifacts, archaeological sites, skeletal remains, written accounts, art, and genetic research to clearly disprove the Genesis "fable" accounts as 100% not factual. The earth in nearly a Billion years old, not 7000 or so years old as is reported in the Bible. Long ago mega Flora and Fawna thrived and lived here for millions of years before we came along. What's interesting to see, is human foot prints tracking an injured Dinosaurs tracks pertrified in solid stone. What is interesting is in this day and age some type mega humanoid creature is living through out the deep unexplored forested regions of the globe and we have enourmous foot prints from it, along with some hair samples, and possible primative structures and markers. The Inuit peoples knew this thing existed long ago and it is on their totems. Could it be a left over and hold out of the Nephilim? Yet, modern science will not acknowledge that such a creature exists. The same heads in the sand approach is applied to UFO's and Crop Circles! Some thing very real is out there and all we really get is debunkers and government denials. Until a 747 pilot claims his aircraft was nearly hit by a football field sized flying disc! Something is going on clearly.
So, whatever the REAL history of mankind is in fact, modern scholars that wear tweet jackets with leather elbow patches and tortoise shell Harry Potter like eyeglasses with big impressive beards and mustaches will not ever tell the truth. There is much too much money to be made on the talking lying head ciruits, book publishing, sitting on self important peer review boards, and positions within the acedemic sets to then allow upstarts with their forbidden esoteric information and long supressed archaeology to upset the rotten apple cart they hold so dear. There is power in knowing the truth, and if that power is then based upon a falsified truth to benefit one Religion or the other and to suppress their societies and hold their souls hostage to a lie, then sobeit. The West and East have been doing it for over 2000 years... Right now, I'm of the mind that if God wants to open up those fire hoses once again, I'd be OK with it. I am sick of lies and cover-ups.

Jun 08, 2013
UFO's, Or Ezekiel's Vision
by: Anonymous

Or you could turn it around and think to your self there are no UFO's, space aliens and such; and what we are actually seeing in the heavens is what is described for us in Ezekiel?

Jul 13, 2012
Aliens = Ridiculous!
by: Anonymous

In the English Bible in Genesis 6:4 Genesis does not use the Hebrew word Nephilim. It ACTUALLY says:

"There were GIANTS in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

Giants (nephilim in Hebrew) simply means tyrants, or powerful ruthless leaders/kings who just TOOK what they wanted. Look it up in the Hebrew language (Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible). There are other places in the Bible which do refer to real giants, but even these giants were not necessarily any bigger or taller than your average, very tall, muscular heavyweight boxer nowadays.

We are the Sons of (the living) God as any minister would teach in church when reading from the New Testament. However it is possible that the daughters of men where the daughters of Cain who were forbidden from mixing with those of Adam because the resultant children would become ruthless, evil tyrants - Giants ! The word Adam in Hebrew means to be ruddy, rosy, to flush, blush, or be red in the face.

Go look up giants in a hard cover copy of Strongs Exhaustive concordance of the Bible. (which differs from the online Strong's entirely). Yes this word giant is pronounced Nephil, or Nephilim in the original Hebrew, but the definition of it says, bully or tyrant. It does not mean giant or alien or angel!

You are also wrong about "sons of God" - see this verse and many other similar ones in the Bible.

1 John 3:2 "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."

Cain did make an offering which was rejected by Yahweh. Click whats new on the top left of this website and see my article on Cain and Abel and the bloodline of Cain - you will be amazed.

That verse is not implying what you think it is. Satan has influenced many normal humans and had relationships with them. You don't have to be half human or supernatural to be influenced by Satan as Cain was.

This idea of half humans and half angels or aliens or demons is ridiculous, and we know this by the definition of giants or nephilim in Strongs Concordance (hard cover - get the oldest one you can find - mine is maroon coloured, thick A4 one with Hebrew Chaldee and Greek dictionaries - date unknown and based on KJV.)

We are able to replicate the pyramids of Egypt today, and many people have far under-estimated the engineering and astronomical knowledge and determination of ancient civilizations and that's why they come up with the far fetched fantasies about aliens, etc to try and explain their seemingly supernatural achievements.

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