Eden perfect home

by Bill
(High Point, NC USA)

How can Eden have been a perfect home with Satan living there? Because Satan lived there, Adam and Eve made the mistake of believing his story about the tree. They were never forgiven. The opposite of what we are taught to do, in the Bible.

Because these two made that mistake they were run out of the Garden and condemned to a life of pain, grief and death. God also included all his creation that would follow.

According to this way of thinking we should be able to bomb all of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan and etc without worry about those that did not take part in terrorist attacks, just as we did not live in Eden and eat the forbidden fruit.

If you commit a wrong against me I am to forgive you, not forgive you with stipulations attached. So, I'll forgive you for the wrong against me, but ever after I'll be getting even with you for the wrong against me?

How can it be that God would say: do as I say, not as I do? This is Gods universe, Gods world, Gods created life, and he can DO ANYTHING with it that he wants to, so why a world full of unspeakable horrors?

Did God wind up the world, turn it on, then leave the scene? Does anyone out there have a sensible answer for this? Not platitudes and gloss-overs! I was born again in 1947.

Now after seeing these many years of horrors and losing my wife at her age of 52, I am left with some questions.

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Jun 06, 2018
Also.. NEW
by: Jason

I also wanted to add this to you Bill, that I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish I could understand and know why your wife had to leave this world the way she did. I pray wholeheartedly that you will find peace. I pray He will overwhelm you with everything you need to make it through this life until you meet her again.

Jun 06, 2018
Some things to understand NEW
by: Anonymous

Please know, I haven't read through the other comments. I'm just offering what I believe He has revealed to me. We would be foolish to think EVIL didn't exist before man SINNED. I stress those two words because it's EVIL that caused man to SIN. But nevertheless, when you consider the Garden, remember there were two trees...the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This knowledge should tell us evil existed. Man was given a choice...he could eat from the tree of life and live forever, or choose to have this knowledge and like God yet die.

So, before I go on, I want to backtrack for a second to say this. God gave Adam a task when He put Adam in the Garden. He was to tend to and keep the garden. But the original words used were "la'avod" and "shamar". La'avod is kind of self-explanatory in the sense that it means to tend to and care for the garden. But this other word shamar means to guard or keep; to be guardian over. So the question is, what is He guarding it from? Pests? They didn't come until the plague. The garden was a delight for all of His and animal both. So what is he supposed to guard it from or protect it from? I would submit to you that Adam knew evil existed though he didn't know what it entailed. God informed Adam of everything He needed to know. And that was enough.

Back to the choice now... man had a choice: choose life or choose death. Enter evil. We want to place all of this blame on Adam and Eve, but consider they've never been deceived until now. What is deception to someone who knows no evil? And so, along comes deception because the true problem (Satan) hates God and everything He stands for and His creation.

I want to ask this question too as something to ponder...if Satan was out to destroy not only man, but to defile the land (the dwelling place of God on earth), why wouldn't he still today? If you truly want to know where Eden was, watch where Satan is trying to fight to keep God's people out of. Just a thought.

Sep 15, 2011
Sin and Punishment
by: Bill

The act of being born makes us sinners, no choice in the matter. We are already sinners before we sin. God already knew we would all be sinners before we were even born! Then he put Adam in a perfect world (Eden) and told him not to sin...after putting a sin nature in him. All so Adam could MAKE A CHOICE. And as if that were not enough, God put one of the fallen angels there with him to lead him astray. (Sin already existed before man was created). Then God told Adam (us) that we must repent even if we never sinned in this life, or be eternally punished, and that for imputed sin, even though we might live without overt sin. That way we are forced sinners, (because of being born in sin), so God can forgive us for being a sinner. God didn't want us to be puppets so he put a sin nature in us so we could sin or not sin. In light of the above, why is he intent on sending sinners to ETERNITY in hell rather than a more humane form of punishment. We are told in Scripture that WE MUST eventually forgive one who hurts us...not forever hold the grudge against him. To millions of people daily life is a living hell! Why such harshness? (Are we in a like it or lump it world?) (If commenting on the above, do it fairly, not some rote or trite comment) Bill

Sep 14, 2011
by: David EdenAnonymous

I enjoyed your comments regarding choice. Sometimes life throws us unwanted pain and suffering and many blame God. This is where our faith needs to be its strongest. Rely on God during our difficult times and he will always be there for you. Through good times and bad the Lord is our Savior. The decision to sin or not is a difficult one for all even the greatest saints of all time may have struggled with decisions at one time or another. Thanks for putting things in perspective...

Jul 26, 2011
by: Robert Marshall

In Romans chapter 8 verse 20 and 21 God tells us why there is sin in the world. We are looking at sin as if we are able to stop it. When God subjected this world to futility,and Adam and Eve sinned, it was in the plan of God for us to know good and evil.

If there was only perfection in the world, and nobody ever sinned since Adam and Eve were on the earth, where would the test for us be? Someone once said; You can't analyze dirt unless you eat some." If man didn't know good and evil how could he make a choice to do either?

If man was still perfect today, he wouldn't have to make a choice. God would make all the choices for us. God wanted us to think for ourselves. In order to do that, He let us know good and evil.

We have a choice of whether we want to steal or not, whether we want to kill or not. God has many attributes; mercy, compassion, forgivness, grace, and salvation. Why would these attributes even be mentioned in the Bible if we lived in a perfect world?

We wouldn't need them if we never sinned. God wanted His creation to think and be responsible for themselves. There is no responsibility for yourself if you never sin. God would not have a plan of salvation, and Jesus would never have had to go to the cross if there were no sin. The Lamb's book of life, slain before the foundation of the world, was written before Adam was created.

That should give us a clue that something bad was going to happen. This world has a choice of doing good and evil. We were all born with a sin nature so our natural tendency is to sin. We have a choice not to, but it is a struggle. God made a way out for us through Jesus going to the cross.

Keep on praying.

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