The True Nimrod and Tower of Babel in The Bible.

by Ronald Duane Cochran
(Garden Grove CA. U.S.A. )

3. The Tower of Babel

(858.2) 77:3.1 After the submergence of Dalamatia the Nodites moved north and east, presently founding the new city of Dilmun as their racial and cultural headquarters. And about fifty thousand years after the death of Nod, when the offspring of the Prince’s staff had become too numerous to find subsistence in the lands immediately surrounding their new city of Dilmun, and after they had reached out to intermarry with the Andonite and Sangik tribes adjoining their borders, it occurred to their leaders that something should be done to preserve their racial unity. Accordingly a council of the tribes was called, and after much deliberation the plan of Bablot, a descendant of Nod, was endorsed. *

(858.3) 77:3.2 Bablot proposed to erect a pretentious temple of racial glorification at the center of their then occupied territory. This temple was to have a tower the like of which the world had never seen. It was to be a monumental memorial to their passing greatness. There were many who wished to have this monument erected in Dilmun, but others contended that such a great structure should be placed a safe distance from the dangers of the sea, remembering the traditions of the engulfment of their first capital, Dalamatia.

(858.4) 77:3.3 Bablot planned that the new buildings should become the nucleus of the future center of the Nodite culture and civilization. His counsel finally prevailed, and construction was started in accordance with his plans. The new city was to be named Bablot after the architect and builder of the tower. This location later became known as Bablod and eventually as Babel.

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Jul 24, 2015
What to believe?

Matthew Stoner asks a great question. What is one to believe? Perhaps one reason why this is such a tough question to answer is because there is no one answer to the question! As a believer in God one must believe in the Word of God - to Jews the Old Testament. To Christians - both the Old and New Testament. To Muslims - the Koran. Different scriptures for different faiths. Yet even within the Bible there are many interpretations and explanations. In some cases one has to take the Word on faith. It is not an easy situation. Fortunately we do not have to figure it out alone. Jesus told us He was leaving behind a Counselor that would guide us and instruct us. In the OT YHWH always reveals Himself to His people.

Matthew Stoner, ask your question to God - and He will show you what to believe.

Jul 24, 2015
What to Believe!!
by: Mathew Stoner

So what exactly am I supposed to believe? I mean, there are so many stories, and all were written by great people as told by our history.

But then all are different from one another. I am confused now.

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