Who Was Melchizedek

by Robert Marshall
(Clinton Pa.)

Melchizedek Was symbolic of a priesthood that would last forever in a perfect state. The levitical priesthood was not perfect. God show's us in many ways. The difference being what man does in a world of knowing good and evil is not perfect.

God being perfect will never sin. Jesus is our high priest, and is showing us that a person being born in sin will never be perfect in this world. Jesus was the only one to be born perfect in this world. Just like the rest of mankind He was born of a father and mother.

All mankind was born spiritually dead. Since man will be born again by God to eternal life. Spiritually speaking the born again man is born of God without mother and father, and adopted into the family of God. So the born again man enters into the order of Melchizedek, with Jesus being our High Priest.

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