The City of Cain

by Scott Alan Roberts
(New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA)

Does not the biblical account tell us that Cain, when exiled from Eden, went "east" to the land of Nod and built a city? We are also told that he named his city after his firstborn son, Enoch. Ancient linguistics have shown that the city of Uruk, in Iraq, is the same word as Enoch, etymologically speaking.

Perhaps the city that Cain built gives us some strong evidence of where he came from... to the west.

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Nov 07, 2012
Who Built the First City?
by: Anonymous

Was Cain the first city-builder?

Sep 01, 2011
The City of Cain
by: REX

Uruk is not Cain's city. Uruk is Erech, a Genesis 10:10 city. Uruk (Erech) existed in the days of Nimrod. Cain's city is probably Jarmo, in Eastern Iraq.

Sep 01, 2011
City of Cain
by: Robert Marshall

Before God said [Let there be light], he saw everything from that point to the end. Cain could be at the bottom of the sea, for all we know. When God flooded the earth there were great Explosions and upheavals all over the earth.

Everything on the surface of the earth was tossed to and fro. Great mountains appeared with such force that waves so high moved at such a speed across the plains they flattened the midwest. Imagine water moving at a very fast rate of speed. It was pushing millions of tons of land to a point where it built so high the water began to slow down.

As it slowed down it caused mountains on the east coast to pile up. It appears that when it began to rain in Noah's day, it rained so much that the top soil and everything on the earth was washed away, and the great upheavals buried every living thing under all that trash.

That is why we have all this oil throughout the world. If the flood started in the mideast and moved east around the world it would be picking up speed so fast because of the upheavals. That is my take on it. I guess everybody's guess is as good as mine; because that's all it is, a guess.

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