The Wars of The Human Races- David and Goliath.

by Ronald Duane Cochran
(Garden Grove CA. U.S.A. )

(784.11) 70:1.15 Always these olden tribes made war at the bidding of their gods, at the behest of their chiefs or medicine men. The Hebrews believed in such a "God of Battles" and the narrative of their raid on The Midianites is a typical recital of the atrocious cruelty of the ancient tribal wars. This assault, with its slaughter of all the males and the later killing of all male children and all women who were not virgins, would have done honor to the mores of a tribal chieftain of two hundred thousand years ago. And all this was executed in "the name of The Lord God of Israel".

(784.12) 70:1.16 This is a narrative of the evolution of society — the natural outworking of the problems of the races — man working out his own destiny on earth. Such atrocities are not instigated by Deity, notwithstanding the tendency of man to place the responsibility on his gods.

(784.13) 70:1.17 Military mercy has been slow in coming to mankind. Even when a woman, (Deborah) ruled The Hebrews, the same wholesale cruelty persisted. Her general in his victory over The Gentiles caused "all the host to fall upon the sword, there was not one left".

(785.1) 70:1.18 Very early in the history of the race, poisoned weapons were used. All sorts of mutilations were practiced. Saul did not hesitate to require one hundred Philistine foreskins as the dowry David should pay for his daughter Michal.

(785.2) 70:1.19 Early wars were fought between tribes as a whole, but in later times, when two individuals in different tribes had a dispute, instead of both tribes fighting, the two disputants engaged in a duel. It also became a custom for two armies to stake all on the outcome of a contest between a representative chosen from each side, as in the instance of David and Goliath.

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