Melchizedek, Enoch: the eternal Christ Principle

by Lance

Most humble respects to this article, forum, and all people of diverse faiths!

I just watched a live show with Yogiraj Satgurunath at Agape, a multifaith group in California. Yogiraj is a holder of the Nath lineage of Yoga-meditation, and is the only Indian spiritual master I have heard making connections spanning East to West.

Yogiraj related that Melchizedek is Enoch, and the eternal Christ Principle. Jesus fasted forty days and nights to prepare his body to receive the Christ. Hindu scripture calls the Christ, in coming again, the Kalki Avatar: cascading through the hearts of all humanity and infusing us with Unity and Love. Indian scriptures say: "Riding on a white horse, with the meteor as his sword." Yogiraj describes his company with east and west associations: (Melchizedek as the World Initiator/Teacher); Noah, or in India known as Vaivasvat Manu- Manu means the King of an age of the world; these two are to hand over their roles to Abraham, whom Yogiraj declares is Lahiri Mahasaya, (next world-teacher) and Moses, Sri Yukteswar as the future Manu. Each is described on a different colored horse, which may represent the races of the world. Thus this apocalypse is cast as a changing of the guard, or the guides, of an evolving Humanity.

God Bless! May we find our common ground and revel in the transformative spirituality at the core of all Love-Based traditions.

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