Map of Palestine

by Kim

The Land of the Canaanites was never named Palestine until a Roman emperor asked a local resident who the most feared enemies of Israel were, the resident replied the Philistines and the land was named Palestine at the time shortly after Yeshua was crucified. Previously the land was called the Land of Judah and the Land of Canaan.

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Feb 25, 2024
Palestine never belonged to Jews NEW
by: Anonymous

Palestine never belonged to Jews only. It was a center for Muslim, Christian and other tribes as well. Torah also states that Jews are NOT allowed to settle anywhere until the second coming of Messiah. So the Zionist colonial project of Israel goes against all Judaic teachings. To cherry pick what’s convenient is a joke. If you look at the map of King David’s kingdoms, your "Jewish home land" lays in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan. So why did Jews conveniently picked only one best country to settle in and claim a historical home??? So to pick only one tiny country and move millions of people into that land only is insane. That’s why Anti-Zionist Jews were against this project. Google anti Zionism, Google creators of Zionism, Balfour agreement, how Jews colonized Palestine.

Nov 01, 2014
The History of 'Palestine'
by: Human Genome

The explanation of the present name Palestine of an historic area that was called both Canaan and the land of Judah, may be true or not. It sounds interesting, could have happened I guess. However, the land that is now called Palestine, belongs to the Jewish people - God promised them and later gave it to their later generations. There should be no wishing or hoping of would could have been or what should be. The land belongs to the Jewish people and God will not let anyone take it away from them, regardless of what happens in the meantime. Whoever is not recognizing the right to the land, like USA at present(!)will have to deal with God and His punishment!

The people that live there now is a mixture of Arab people, from Jordan, from Saudi Arabia, from Egypt etc., they were outcasts from Arab nations that considered them troublesome, and took the name Palestinians simply to usurp the right to live there.

Oct 26, 2014
World In Peace
by: mat. jos.

The world would like Palestine and Israel live side by side "brothers-like". What a magnificent place for both! Accept each other; share the disputed land by both in common. Judea is where Jesus lived - the disputed place is sacred for all major three religions.

The world is not good to live with out peace.
It is a short life. Enjoy most out of it. Old lands entirely changed - it cannot put it back. Accept as is.

One God,One cast - Religion is only a life style chosen for living own life. Hindu life style; Christian life style; Islam and Jewish life style, Buddha and Jains life style and so on...

Jan 17, 2012
by: Robert Marshall

It's great when we can read some information that gives us a picture of the way certain things change down through time. If we look at areas of the world we can see how countries broke off of other countries and became nations of the peoples choosing.

Your showing us the change in Palestine/Canaan is very interesting. Sometimes things are staring us in the face and we don't see it. Thanks for pointing this out about Palestine.

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