Melchizedek is Christ Himself

by Charles Henney

Who is it that has no father or mother?It can only be God himself who has no beginning or ending just as Christ lives forever but we ought to understand that the Word of God is a mystery to us.Somethings of God can never be understood in flesh and as this Word is spiritually filled of God,God has been made to be understood plainly or to be misunderstood completely or unless it has been revealed to you.

So some evidence we might want to bring in and try to convince better explanations and theories might be a waste of time because God knows best,simply put the significance of Melkizedek giving Abraham bread and wine directly points to the body and blood of Christ which is the everlasting covenant of Christ that was to be shed for many and it was even before the law of Moses so this is why Christ is greater Abraham and Moses.

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Jul 29, 2011
by: Lujack Skylark

It is interesting in the time Melchizedek and Abraham had met. It was a toast to the Most High and a toast to Abraham's survival.

UR III (Abraham's UR)had fallen to Elamite king Kindattu. Abraham then visited Pepi II's corrupt government, which shortly fell after Abraham and Sarah left Egypt. Kindattu/Chedorlaomer is then slain by Abraham who once lived in UR.

Two kingdoms: Egypt and UR had fallen and the corrupt Sodom government later is destroyed one year before Isaac is born.

Seems like Melchizedek, who could be Christ, was in a purification mode.

Jul 28, 2011
Jesus was a theo
by: Robert Marshall

There is no living human that will ever understand the mysteries of God. Jesus said the only way anyone will ever understand is written in 1st. corinthians chapter two verses 10 thru 16.Anybody can read the bible and get a lot of stories and information and history. But only the man who is born again and called by God will understand the mysteries of God's word. Jesus said to the apostles that when He leaves He will send the Holy Spirit to them to bring to remembrance all that He taught them. It wasn't until pentecost that the change came. When the transfiguration occured Peter, James and John recognized Moses and Elijah. How did they know them. God opened their spiritual eyes and ears.
There was a prophet named Elisha. One day his servant came to him and woke him up. He said they were surrounded by a great army. Elisha went to see. After looking out at the army He said to his servant, We have them surrounded. The servant Probably thought maybe Elisha was a little touched. Then Elisha prayed to God open His servants Spiritual eyes and ears so his servant could see what Elisha saw. When God opened his servants eyes and ears he saw the enemy was surrounded by chariots of Angels. If God does not open spiritual eyes and ears for whomever he pleases nobody will see spiritual things.Those are the spiritual mysteries of God's Word. Wether anyone likes it or not that is the only way anyone will understand the mysteries of God's Word. Jesus was a theophany. He or Angels could take the form of a human being, otherwise you could never see them. They are Spirit and humans can't see spirits. And you cant see the mysteries of God's word because they are Spirit also.

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