The Table of Nations & Differing Calendars

by Elijah
(Kenosha, WI)

I would like a table of nations section because when 1st dynasty Ur fell in 2029bc the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Mayans left Ur to build Mari, Syria until it was destroyed in 1762bc inspiring Jacob to flee Harran.

Then when 3rd dynasty Ur was destroyed in 1900bc the Hindu honored their foundation of India as 1200-year India in 700bc, but many of them went to
live in Babylon until Amizaduga died in 1625bc (2400am Venus). This resulted in
the Hindu left free to leave and join those in India; and they took all those Asians with them. Yu, who built Xia China in 1437bc, is mistaken for YU (Reu son of
Peleg. Peleg's name division also means "cross-over" as in Pallic, having built
Ur = Xia Sumer and was claimed in heaven at death).

The 100 years given Reu(Yu) is not his kingship at all (2207-2127bc) but rather the year Shelah was 100 years old (2333-2233bc); and the calendar issues presented in Ur, now down on record as the 100-year rule of Yu. The calendar of Reu (60-year 2207-2148bc) is the original. The Chinese miscalculated as 2697-2637bc because of Yu 1497-1437bc in India addressing the issue of changing the 60-year 365-day to 12-year 60-year Julian to agree with the sothic moon, now claimed to be 2637-1497bc
(1140 years when 19x 60 year is 60 x 19 year).

This was all post-Exodus disaster because all nations were in exodus, all nations suffering global disaster, and all nations leaving to go be their own kingdom of God. Four calendars indicate this year to be 1513bc, the explosion of Thera Santorini Atlantis being 1514bc.

So Moses predicted only 10 plagues in a year that had 100s of plagues everywhere. It was to them an Armageddon, though it didn't kill all the way global continent baptism does. I have one full tree, and it branches from original 360-day calendar to a dozen 365-day, as well as Chinese, Mayan, etc. Did you know Thoth new year of
Egypt was moved back 16 days to be Noah's Dec 25 death, and then Noah was
pushed back 600 years, and Nimrod back 250 years so that Noah's death
(Christmas 2021bc) was then claimed as Nimrod's death.

Calendars prove this by all being one massive alterations in disputes upon disputes upon disputes. Chinese Julian began 1437bc, Chinese Egyptian calendar began the monkey year 2029bc, Chinese 360-day the only one to be the real Jupiter for Abram's 427 years began 2207bc.

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