The Sons of God in Genesis 6

by Raphael De Angelo

For many years I, like most bible students, have pondered the mystery behind this complex passage in Genesis 6 concerning the Nephilim. The thought of celestial beings who are suppose to posses spiritual bodies, having sexual union with mortal women, is blasphemous and downright unscriptural to most Christians.

This is a subject you will not hear preached in the pulpit today, and the reason for this is because many people do not understand the meaning of this controversial verse.

The term "sons of God" presents an even bigger problem, as this would imply that the origin of these Nephilim was from God himself. Yet according to our understanding of scripture, the redeemed church will have bodies like Angels, which can neither marry nor are given in marriage, because they have spiritual bodies not given to sexual desire.

This then goes against Genesis 6 where the "sons of God" who came down from Heaven, are said to have bodies that can engage in sexual union and produce children in their own image. How then could Angels come down from Heaven and change their celestial bodies into that of flesh and blood?

The answer is found throughout the OT, look fist at the story of Abraham and the three "Men" who met him on their way to Sodom. They looked just like ordinary men, but yet Abraham recognized their importance and worshiped them; next he invited them home for a meal which they ate together, then blessed Sarah with a promise.

Now, it is quite clear that they were Angels posing as humans, and in this form they ate bread at Abraham's table. Genesis 18. This is only one incident where Angels are seen as Humans.

Next, two Angels went to Sodom to meet Lot, again they showed up as "MEN", Lot only knew them as Angels later. Gen 19. In the book of Judges 6, here Gideon entertains a "MAN" who talks to him about the oppression of Israel without revealing his true nature. Only in verses 17-24 did Gideon realize that the "MAN" was really an Angel in Human form.

From these examples it is not hard to imagine that the Nephilim were true Angels, or Sons of God in the Heavenly realm before descending to earth. Here they were able to change their celestial bodies for that of Humans, in this lower form, they are able to partake of all the things of normal Humans, such as sex and food.

The difference between them and the Angels we see in the OT who met with Gideon and Abraham seems to be that once they became corrupted with sin and the flesh, they were forbidden to return to their former state as holy Angels in the court of Heaven. They remained on earth trapped in Human form were the judgment of God came on all flesh in the great flood of Noah.

Yet we see them again living among mortals in the Canaanite cites during the conquest of Joshua. It would seem then, that the seed of the Nephilim survived the flood, unless they escaped and returned to father more children among mortals.

There can be no doubt whatsoever as to the reality of celestial/mortal beings who fell from Heaven to become Giants, a species that looked nothing like the sons of Adam in their genetic DNA.

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Feb 26, 2013
by: Ernie W

A reasonable observation, but as a result of the sin of these "Fallen Ones" (Nephilim) God plans to flood the world & destroy all people save Noah & his family.

God is not easily tricked, if theses were 'heavenly' beings, then flooding the earth would be useless. The sons of God were people who worshipped God, as that was the reason they came together, at the time of Job.

Feb 26, 2013
The Sons of God
by: Anonymous

The term "Sons of God" did not apply to human beings until sometime after the Birth of Jesus (Ministry? Crucifiction? I'm not sure.)

Everywhere in the Old Testament, sons of God meant "angels", see The Book of Job. When Jesus said that angels did not marry, that didn't mean they're sexless. It meant THEY DON'T MARRY. They all have gender; they're all males since they're immortal & don't need to procreate. This does not mean angels are incapable of having sex. Humankind has been conditioned to see this as laughable, thanks to a number of things like science fiction. "Star Trek" alone had several characters that were of mixed human & otherworldly ancestry.

Sep 21, 2011
Sons of God Genesis 6
by: Ernie W

Raphael, I agree with your opening comment.
But you state that these 'sons of God' "came down from heaven". The Bible does not say that.

1. The Angels of heaven are true, pure beings, with bodies (substance) which are incapable of sin & death - we have been promised to be like them.
2. The term 'sons of God' can refer to believers. That is normal humans who claim to believe what God has recorded, & taught.
These 'sons of God' in Gen 6; saw 'Daughters of men" & were captivated by their physical appearance - a very human attribute. So they took wives - many wives. As their life style was based on "the lust of the flesh & Lust of the eyes' of 1John 2v15-17 they & their children spiraled into the violence & corruption that required God to destroy them.

The word "Nephilim" means "Fallen ones". Instead of being like Noah & "walking with God" these 'fell from grace'.

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