Was Ruth a Moabitess

by Sharon

Does the Book of Ruth really call Ruth a Moabitess, or as I've recently read, that she was an Israelite from Moab?

If the land north of the Arnon River was taken by Israel and occupied by Gad, Rueben and Manasseh by the time of the Judges, couldn't she have been born an Israelite?

I would appreciate any light on the subject, especially the translation from Hebrew that refers to her as a Moabite, or, "from the country of Moab".

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Jan 04, 2011
Was Ruth a Moabitess?
by: Stanley7

Hi Sharon (Florida), First of all is to start with the truly Lord God Calendar of 24 Hours/ 7 Days/ 30 Days/ 12 Months/ 48 Weeks/ 360 Days/ 1 Year each and every year, so you all REMEMBER this true Lord God Calendar ever best all the times all more years to come in all nice futures, not Gregorian calendar and not all different calendars everywhere. Okay. Always yes and true!

Please see: Israeli Prophet Nathan wrote his Book of Ruth in the Holy Bible on Tuesday, Adar/ JULY,28th day, 4330th Lord Year (Holy 4th Year). You, Sharon asked me, Stanley7, "Was Ruth a Moabitess?" I, Stanley7 answered you, Sharon that Ruth truly was a 100% purely Moabitess born in the ancient town of Kir-Hareshet,(Currently modern day in the city of Kerak), in the state/ province of Moabic, in the country of Moab (Land of Moab) on Seventh/ Sabbath/ Saturday, in the 12th Month of Adar/ JULY, 3rd day, 2663th Lord Year (1st Year). Ruth's 1st husband was Mahlon of Bethlehem in the Land/ Country of Moab. After Mahlon died, Ruth, 47, married to her 2nd husband, Boaz,48, of Bethlehem, Judah, Israel on Tuesday, Adar/ July, 6th day in 2710th Lord Year (1st Year). Boaz,49, and Ruth, 48, bore a son Obed on Saturday, Adar/ JULY, 7th day. 2711th Lord Year (2nd Year) Ruth died at her 100 years of age on Sunday, Adar/ JULY, 6th day, 2763th Lord Year (5th Year). Okay. Always yes and true!

Please be noted that Abraham's Happy Birthday Feast will be upcoming truly on Saturday, Adar/ JULY, 7th Day, 2011th Lord Year (2nd Year) and 6841th Lord Year (2nd Year) next summer season THIS YEAR, before next month to 1st Month of Abib/ Nisan/ AUGUST, on Monday, 7th Day, 2012th Lord Year (3rd Year) and 6842th Lord Year (3rd Year) next summer season THIS YEAR.

Lord Jesus Christ will be 2012 years of age next His Summer Season THIS YEAR, too. Okay. Always yes and true!

In addition of King David's birthdate, David was born on Holy Saturday, Abib/ Nisan/ AUGUST, Holy 7th day, Holy 2863th Lord Year (Holy 7th Year). His birthplace was one mile EAST from a small town of Bethlehem to where his father Jesse's house was truly located there in EAST with the fields of his sheeps in the WEST. Lord Jesus Christ was born there, too. Okay. Always yes and true! Thank you.

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