Chinese Calendar from 365-day from Mari Syria (cont)

by Elijah
(Kenosha, WI, USA)

The confusion arises in 1437bc because these 600 of 360-day is 592-year Venus which 8-year Venus must not be regarded as 600 years until 1429bc or later generations will think Ur fell in 2037bc Rat Year, instead of 2029bc Monkey Year. This is where language unveils the disaster as the Monkey year.

Japanese family labels the Monkey year as the Sar. This Sar has most commonly evolved into the meaning of a king of kings. But it was derived from the new year's day of a 3600-day decade of years. In fact Haran the (grand) son of Nahor is born the year that 291 Julian years after the Flood are 3600 new moons. The Maya say the world was destroyed before Noah's Flood and men (the kings, the sars) escaped by being turned into monkeys. This is easily unscrambled. The world turned into Monkey doesn't just mean the circle of population of men around us. It also means a calendar circle or calendar year.

In fact the word year (yar) is derived from sar; there are 10 yars in a sar. It is also said that y-r-h (yerah) is the name of Terah, and in Hebrew it means month. But note it also spells year. So this supports that division of Ur occurred in the Monkey Year 2029bc, not the Rat year 2037bc. This world destruction is thought to occur 260 years before the Flood. In Genesis, Peleg's death is Adam's year 1996am (Flood 1656am +340), and Nimrod's death (Judah's birth) is 2256am. The Maya of 100bc share a countdown to Armageddon Christ king of 3744 years. This is Adam's year 2256am +3744 = 6000. Mayan king Ahau (Lord) Pacal (Shield) Votan (Heart) in 630AD is 3744 years after Flood, 3114bc which is then 2256am. Scholar Professor Spindle found ruins that date the epoch to 3374bc thinking it was the same epoch destruction of 3114bc in an alternative religion, or a choice between the two dates. But the date is 1996am and 260 years before that Flood 2256am.

Because Flood is changed from 1656am to be 2256am, this throws the disaster of Peleg's death (1996am) before Noah's Flood, just like many throw the pyramids before the Flood. The error comes from Christmas 1770bc. The date Paopi 17 is an 8-17 that after 1513bc Exodus becomes the known-accepted 2-17 in 365-day calendar so that 1770bc Dec 25 in 2256am is not to be confused with the 360-day calendar date 2-17-600 of Noah in 2370bc on Nov 27. And yet it is confused, because Noah's 600 is in 2370bc while Egyptian calendar began its first year as Year 340 (from Flood) in 2030bc making 1770bc the Year 600.

So the data concludes that Chinese 365-day began with Monkey not Rat. This however, is also true with 360-day. The reason is because of Reu's 2207bc is a Monkey zodiac Jupiter in Virgo before that zone drifts to Leo of 237bc. And then 60-year of 360-day ends up in the same 2029bc Monkey year as 365-day and as Julian. The Monkey in 365-day and Julian will span 180 years from 2209-2029bc. But in 360-day this is 2207-2029bc. This means the first year of decades is ONE or WU, and the 10th year of decades is TEN or Teen, TING or Ding. But Adam's wu and ting are not the same as Noah's wu and ting because their decades are not the same. Reu's kingship when Serug is born is Adam's year 1821am for Noah's year 765. This is because a 360-day calendar has 2 more years than the 365-day since asteroid impact of the Flood.

This schematic then unveils why 2029bc is currently not Wu-Monkey but instead Jin-Monkey. Since Wu is the original numeric 1 before Jia took that position, the number 5 is then Jin; every Wu or 1 of Adam is a 5 or Jin of Noah. The years 2207bc, 2148bc, 2089bc, and 2030bc are Adam's Wu-Monkey (1821am, 1881am, 1941am, 2001am) but they are all Noah's Jin-Monkey (year 765, and 825, and 885, and 945). Jupiter isn't changed, just the decade year name because it is a year number. Thus 2029bc is retained to this day as Year Jin-Monkey, the year name chosen in 1437bc to cycle from 2029bc, or Rat 2037bc to Rat 1437bc resulting in Rat 2637bc as the false Era.

Jupiter's position in these year names no longer exists because Jupiter is not a 12-year constant in Julian years. But the past shadow retains the truth without bringing dead back to ask them. The world stands judged for not accepting truth to save from death. And so the death will be deserved.

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