David Sheriff aged 65 Astronomer & Ufologist

by David Sheriff
(Santos, Brasil)

What we see in Genesis is the word Nephelim. In Biblical terms yes fallen angels. However as it is written we could understand as Zechariah Sitchin stated that the derivation of the aramaic text actually reads " Those who from above came down ".

We could interpret this as to be extra-terrestrials. Why? -- because they physically had sexual relationships with the daughters of men and created likenesses of themselves, only much taller, Giants of renown, therefore they must have been in our case physical beings.

This act polluted the gene pool as God´s commandment was keep unto thou which is clean and holy. They had violated this by coming to the Earth and breaking God´s holiest of rules.

What now follows is that God needed to get rid of everyone basically, and start the human race afresh..therefore he took Noah and selected people to the arc to preserve the pure DNA coding.

There are still remnants of giants today throughout the gene pool, in tribes in south western Iran, in the Zagros mountains, where the men are over 7 foot tall.

This clearly shows we have cosmic brethren.

Tchau David

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Oct 25, 2011
Sodom & Gommorah
by: David Sheriff

The two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah border an area in Jordan which were built on top of a volcanic layer.

The ground there contains much sulphur in the land.

I believe that the reason why they were destroyed is that remnants of the Nephelim were still in existence; and those Giants were practicing cannabalism, devouring the humans. This was a wickedness, and today is still a pagan ritual with some African tribes.

The destruction of the cities may well have been volcanic action and a result of settling in an active region. Remnants of those Giants, Rephaim, Anakim & Zuzim would have been around at this time.

This whole epoch beginning with Abraham is fascinating, to say the least, as Sumeria was modern by comparison to other areas at that time.

Peace & Blessings ...David

Oct 04, 2011
by: REX

Seems interesting the first UFO appearing after Noah's Flood occurred in the reign of Egyptian king Thutmose III the pharaoh of the Exodus.

Queen Hatshepsut had died. She was the princess who saved baby Moses when her father Thutmose I ordered Hebrew babies to be killed. She ruled in Thutmose II place. She also reigned in part of Thutmose III reign.

The fallen demonic angels appeared before Noah's flood and the UFO's appeared when Moses was leaving Egypt.

This may explain the bright light at night in Exodus 14:20. as the positive light protecting the Hebrews from the pharaoh's army, while Thutmose III was experiencing a demonic illusion.

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