Iraqi Kurds, Arameans and Assyrians live in exact same areas!

by Rasheed

Ethnic Kurds compose a significant portion of the population in Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye'deki Kürtler, Kurdish: Kurdên li Tirkiye). Unlike the Turks, the Kurds speak an Indo-European language. There are Kurds living all over Turkey, but most live to the(((((((((( east and southeast of the country))))))))))), from where they originate. wikipedia

Contemporary use of Kurdistan refers to parts of eastern Turkey (Turkish Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), northwestern Iran (Iranian Kurdistan) and northern Syria inhabited mainly by Kurds.14 Kurdistan roughly encompasses the northwestern Zagros and the eastern Taurus mountain ranges,15 and covers small portions of Armenia. wikipedia


Today that ancient territory is part of several nations; the Assyrian people have been minorities under other ethnic groups' rule since late antiquity. They are indigenous to, and have traditionally lived all over Iraq, north east Syria(((, north west Iran)))), and the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey


During the Neo-Assyrian and the Neo-Babylonian period, Aramaeans, the native speakers of Aramaic, began to settle in greater numbers in Upper Mesopotamia (modern-day northern Iraq, northeast Syria, northwest Iran, and south eastern Turkey) wikipedia

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Mar 13, 2012
Aramean and Aramaic
by: Anonymous

Arameans are not the native speakers of Aramaic which is a (Semitic) language, just because their name is Aramean!!! Aram means high in the language of Noah and his sons, and Shem means name, Ashur or Assur means the beginning.

All of these words are still used in the modern Assyrian language with the same meaning; and this was way before the existence of the Aramean people.

The story is that all living people in the region spoke the same language, but called it different names. I can assure you that the Aramean people are the native writers of the Aramaic alphabets, for they were the first to create and adopt those alphabets.

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