Ancient Arabs are from Aram.

by Rasheed

Another line of Salih PBH from my sunni book on shari a(Reliance of the Traveller)

is SaaliH ibn Ubayd ibn Asif ibn? Masih ibn Ubayd ibn Hadhir ibn Tamud(Thamud) ibn Ghabir(Ather,Gether) ibn Iram(Aram) bin Sam ibn Nuh PBH

So Allah sent unto them His Prophet Salih , a man from among them. His name was Salih Ibn 'Ubeid, Ibn Maseh, Ibn 'Ubeid, Ibn Hader, Ibn Thamud, Ibn? Ather(gether), Ibn Eram(Aram) ibn Sam(Shem) Ibn Noah. He called his people to worship Allah alone, and to not associate partners with Him. While some of them believed? him, the majority of them disbelieved and harmed him by both words and deeds. Salih directed them: "0 my people! Worship Allah, you have no other Ilah (god) but Him." Surah 11: 61

Prophet HudPBH ibn Abdullah ibn Rabah ibn al Khulud ibn? Ad ibn Uz ibn Aram(Iram) ibn Sam(Shem) ibn Nuh(NOAH)PBH

so the ancient arabs Aad are from UZ and the ancient Thamud who came after them are from GETHER which means Prophet Hud PBH(Uz) & Prophet SaaliH PBH(Gether) are from Aram bin(son of)Sam(Shem) and the syrians and Arameans are from Aram as well.

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Dec 20, 2012
Imliq Are From the Adites Ad
by: Anonymous

Ibn Khaldun

Historian and scholar, Ibn Khaldun also mentions the Thamud several times in his great universal history al-Kitābu l-ʻibār ("Book of Evidence"), but only in passing, seldom giving much information.

Some examples from the Muqaddimah ("Introduction"):

This can be illustrated by what happened among the nations. When the royal authority of 'Ad was wiped out, their brethren, the Thamud, took over. They were succeeded, in turn, by their brethren, the Amalekites. The Amalekites were succeeded by their brethren, the Himyar. The Himyar were succeeded by their brethren, the Tubba's, who belonged to the Himyar. They, likewise, were succeeded, by the Adhwa'. Then, the Mudar came to power.

—Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah Chapter II Bedouin civilization, savage nations and tribes and their conditions of life, including several basic and explanatory statements, 21 As long as a nation retains its group feeling, royal authority that disappears in one branch will, of necessity, pass to some other branch of the same nation ( note amalekites are the Imliq) "

'Imliq is the father of the Amalekites from whom came the berbers, who are children of Thamila bin Maarib bin Faaraan bin 'Amr bin 'Imliq bin Lud bin Sam(Shem) bin Nuh (Noah)PBH

.prophets and patriarchs

Jul 17, 2012
Arab Origins
by: Anonymous

People are so ignorant. The Prophet Hud and SaaliH are from the line of Aram, and the Imliq are from Lud son of Shem, from his son Imliq (Amalekites).

When Thamud perished the remaining sons of Aram were know as Arman. They are the Nabateans; and Nabatean is another name for Arameans. Arameans are Semitic, not Caucasian in feature, and Gahtani Arabs were around before Prophet Ismaeel. They come from Jokatan, son of Eber

Aug 07, 2011
by: REX

Arabs are from the tribes of Ishmael Abraham's first born son. (Genesis 16:11) & (Genesis 25:12-18)

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