by William J Lenhart
(Travelers Rest, S.C., USA)

How did the name YaH come into useage?

The high point of popularity usage for the name YaH in Egypt can be found following the Middle Kingdom when many people immigrated from the Levant and the Hyksos to rule Egypt. Therefore, it is likely that contact with the regions of Palestine, Syria and Babylon were important in the development of the Hebrew name YAH in Egypt.

It was the Theban royal family during the New Kingdom era, who expunged the foreign Levant and Hyksos rulers from Egypt, but then strangely kept the name of the god Yah and incorporated it into their Egyptian names.

The daughter of the 17th Dynasty king, Tao I, was Yah-hotep, meaning "Yah is content". Also another interpretation of the name of the founder of the 18th Dynasty, Ahmose, is Yahmose, which would mean "Yah is born". However, this was not the only name associated with the Hyksos god YAH to be adopted by Egyptians.

In the tomb of Tuthmosis III of the 18th Dynasty, who is often called the Napoleon of Egypt, and who was perhaps responsible for Egypt's greatest expansion into the Levant, there is a scene where the king is accompanied by his mother and three queens, including Sit-Yah, the "daughter of the moon-god". However, after this 18th Dynasty period, the traces of the YAH moon cult in Egypt became sporadic.

The fact that Elohim Shaddai brought Israel out of Egypt is the very reason God Almighty/Elohim Shaddai adds the four letter appellation YHWH ,sounded as YaH, as His name forever.

Egypt had Israel in bondage for 430 years and without a doubt during those 430 years the Egyptians instilled in some Israelite's that the Egyptian moon cult of YaH was great and powerful enough to keep Israel as slaves in Egypt; but when the El Shaddai of
Abraham and Isaac and Jacob brings Israel out of Egyptian bondage, that we see Elohim Shaddai take the Egyptian Pharaoh's useage of the word YaH as His name forever to remind Israel His Firstborn Son forever that Elohim Shaddai was now the forever name of YAH Elohim Shaddai the eternal YaH of Israel.

The Egyptians erronously thought their Pharaoh's were YaH of course as revealed in (Rom 9:17 KJV) For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I ( El Shaddai) raised thee up, that I might show my (El Shaddai) power in thee, and that my name (YAH Elohim Shaddai) might be declared throughout all the earth.

We see the Pharaoh's who were given power by YAH also took the name YAH as their name in the 18th Dynasty, as did Ahmose, as Yahmose, which meant "Yah is born".


"YaH is born" as Pharoah became the Egyptian false doctrine of YaH becoming incarnate man as Pharaoh Yahmose. The Bible believer knows that YaH was never born and was never born a man Num 23:19.

After the 18th Dynasty period, the name YaH disappears from Egyptian useage because YAH became the four letter Hebrew appellation YHWH sounded as YAH Elohim Shaddia who delivered Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

The "a" in YaH is implied since Hebrew did not have vowels per say at this time in history but many Hebrew letters when combined such as the four letter string consonant appellation YHWH was voiced by breathing in or out one breath the letters YH as the "a" sound YaH. The "a" was not called a vowel at that time but was the sound of what we now know as the "a" vowel sound that existed when certain Hebrew letters such as YH where used in speech.


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Aug 26, 2019
by: ArthurYahu Bostic

And she conceived again, and bore a son: and she said, Now will I praise 讗转 eth- YAHUAH: therefore she called his name Yahudah; and left bearing. BERE'SHIYTH (GENESIS) 29:35 讗转 CEPHER

I transliterate the four letter memorial name of the Creator as IY-AH-UU-AH. IY-AH-UU-D-AH was named in IY-D-AH, praise (H3034) to IY-AH-UU-AH.

Sep 08, 2018
Ridiculous NEW
by: Anonymous

Google Dr. Gary Reckart (Yahwist Yah Moon God)馃馃.To say God adopted the name Yah as His Name because He delivered His people is crazy that's like whether final judgment hits and God's people is safe and Satan(death) is no more That God's going to use satans NAME as His forever?!How unholy is that!?Repent it's Just JESUS/YESHAS/JESHAS is His Name.

Jan 19, 2018
by: HalleluYah

"Even before Abraham, I am HaYah!" Said Yahusha (Yahuah + Save), for He comes in His Father's Name, as He told us, "I come in My Father's Name, and you receive Me not: if another shall come in his own name (Jesus), him you will receive.). Even before the empire of Egypt, or Mizrayim, son of Ham, existed, even before Noah, or Adam. Even before creation, the Name above all Name "YaH", "YaHUaH" already existed, for He is our Almighty Creator the Most High.

In Hebrew Scriptures you will see His Name written in modern Hebrew as 讬职讛止讜指讛 or YHWH and is pronounced "Yahuah" but they replaced His Name with the names of pagan gods such as 'Baal' which is translated into English as 'Lord'. This was prophesied by His prophets such as in Jer.23:27 In Hebrew the Word 'Ha' in front any word means the only one. So the 'Ha' in front of 'YaH' as 'HaYah' means He is Yah, the only. Here is Exo.3:14-15 should be translated, "Elohim replied to Mosheh, "HaYah, HaYah (讛指讬指讛 (H1961) This is what you are to say to the Yashar鈥檈lites: HaYah has sent me to you." People sing His Name in every language "HalleluYah" which translated to English as "Praise Yah" and it means "Praise Yahuah" Check out the last word or two word of Psalm 117, depending on which version of the Bible you use, some still have Hallelujah, but some have changed to 'Praise the LORD', or just use Concordance to see H3050 and H3068. You can also Google "Blue Letter Bible' and use Concordance on their web site, which is one of the best and convenience. Remember there is only one name under Heaven whereby we must be saved, and His Name is Yah or Yahuah and when He came the 1st time He was called Yahusha meaning Yahuah saves. Remember He is Hebrew and Jesus is NOT a Hebrew name, and names don't change no matter what language or where on earth you travel to, and no one has the authority to change your name let alone the Name of Almighty...and LORD is NOT a name but a title yet the whole world with billions of people cannot see it yet a child could tell that is a title and not a name, so do not believe the lie but wake up...

If you get upset, that because you don't know your Scriptures or understand them, and are still in the world and went to school and learned from the world/Satan! We all born into it, but who love the truth? Do you? Even if it costs you everything? or only it is convenience and easy and fit your wants and desires. Scriptures are true but those love not the truth He let them be deceived, because they love not the truth..." They perish because they did not accept the love of the truth in order to be saved. 11 For this reason Elohyim sends them a strong delusion so that they will believe the Lie, 12 so that all will be condemned鈥攖hose who did not believe the truth but enjoyed wickedness." 2Thes.2:10-11 And so the WHOLE world is deceived as Scriptures foretold (Rev.12:9 and 2Thes.2:10-11 and many other places).

Remember the world belongs to Satan and is controlled by him (1John5:19; John12:31; John14:30). The children of Elohim Yahuah knows this fact, for their eyes were open the day they were reborn, but the people who belongs to the world still under the control of the evil one, and the WHOLE world is deceived (Rev.12:9) and no one can get out unless Yahuah the Son, our Mashiyach opens their eyes and take them out by revealing the truth to them. They will believe for they are His lost sheep.

Now, if you are children of the truth, then you would go and find out the truth I pointed above. If not, you will not, for Scriptures also said, "Those people belong to this world, so they speak from the world鈥檚 viewpoint, and the world listens to them. But we belong to Elohyim, and those who know Elohyim listen to us. If they do not belong to Elohyim, they do not listen to us. That is how we know if someone has the Ruach of Truth or the ruach of deception." 1John4:5-6

If you love the truth and seek it with all your heart, He will reveal...just as He has with me and others, for He knows all hearts and all things, past, current, and future! Only the children of the devil lie and think they can hide...they will find out the hard way on judgement day! As Scriptures foretold! But bless are those who hearts are pure and love the truth and live righteously without sinning, for His Seed is in them (1John3:9) for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs! Soon coming to earth...

May Yah blesses you and saves you...

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