God and Conflict

by Robert marshall
(Clinton Pa.)

It seems that everyone takes delight in forming their own opinion about everything. I know that God's truth is absolute. But just saying that doesn't prove anything. Nobody ever contributed anything to being born into this world.

Adam did not help God to create himself. No one helped Jesus to raise Lazarus from the dead. No one knows anything that someone didn't know before them. God created this world and everything in it.

If you do not believe this try to create your own world. There are two trillion forty two billion five hundred million stars in the heavens. If you don't believe me count them yourself.

Mankind is so shallow in their thinking, so they reduce their thinking down to size to fit their minds. God knew that man would need tools to exist in this world, so he gave gifts to man. God gave man all food. God has to give this world at a minimum thirty five billion pounds of food everyday to feed the population.

What if God took away all the oxygen in the world? Where would that leave mankind? What if God stopped the rain for three years; as He did in Elijah's day. You can't grow food without rain.

A time is coming when all mankind will die. Look around you, it happens everyday. All the knowledge for thousands of years have gotten us where? We still fight wars and kill each other. People still starve to death. God said when Adam and Eve sinned, "They are like us knowing good and evil".

I would rather live in a world where people only practiced good. But since we have a sin nature,we practice both good and evil. Wouldn't it be nice if people would get out of bed and say today will only practice good?

The flesh is weak and desires to be comforted. Since man can't do that because of weakness and greed, life becomes a battle of the strong over the weak. It has been that way since Cain killed Abel. Never in the history of man has there never been conflict.

We are no better off today than were Cain and Abel. Just wholesale killing. Where are all the leaders of the world today? Hitler can't kill anybody anymore because someone got to him, and now he is dead. People who are greedy and dishonest, no matter who they are, will someday be dead, so they won't be greedy anymore.

They just pass it on as an inheritence to the next greedy person. Ted Kennedy said it best; "When does the greed stop?" There are six billion people on this planet, and in one hundred years they will all be dead. And nothing will have changed.

Greed is never satisfied, sin is never satisfied. The grave is never satisfied. There is room for one more, and you are next.

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