Father Abraham - Father of many Nations

by Ashraf Soliman
(El Haram,Giza, Egypt)

First of all,thank you so much about this valuable information about the trip of our father of prophets Abraham and his blessed wife lady Sarah. Being an Egyptian Muslim,I am so happy to read more about this topic, in fact , being an Abraham follower (like the Jewish) we pray 5 times a day, and pray for our sole God to bless Abraham and his family,as well as Mohammad and his family.

The long trip of Abraham and Sarah was around Jordan and Palestine and continued to Egypt. The question is what about the land of Canaan, and who was living in this land, and what about the native land of Abraham and Sarah?

According to our story, he started from Iraq, and when he arrived in Egypt the ancient king of Egypt welcomed him and his wife, and agreed to populate his message to the Egyptians at this time. But the king stayed stuck to his own belief and when they left, the king dedicated them a captured Egyptian queen from when he won the war in the south of Egypt.

This queen was our mother Haggar (the mother of Isamiel) just to serve and help them during their long return trip. I very much would like to know more about our common history with the Jewish people later, moreover, the story of the Jewish prophet Josef who saved Egypt from starvation, as well as the story of the prophet Moses.

Finally I say I am full of respect to the Jewish religion, as they suffered a lot just to prove faith and loyalty to our God (the god of Abraham and not Jesus Christ).

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Aug 20, 2023
Israel Was a Colony of Sumer NEW
by: Community Shaman

Here's a different perspective...from an ethical approach.

My research reveals that Abraham and his [demonic] partner Yahweh originated in the Sumerian City of Ur, which means that Israel was a colony of Sumer, and it called itself "Samaria". Why have thousands of generations missed or dismissed this very important critical lineage?

Israel 2.0 however, is a colony of the USA, whose colonial terrorism against Palestinians is supported and financed by American taxpayers.

While power hungry Hebrew priests claim that Yahweh-Jehovah was their god, his place in the Anunnaki pantheon was recorded on Sumerian stele.

He functioned like a demonic presence which attached itself to Abraham, and eventually took him and his wandering tribes [The destructive Sea People?] to Palestine.

Not long after Yahweh allegedly gave his chosen people a bunch of commandments[traceable to Hammurabi], in the desert where he trained them in warfare, he instructed them to break every commandment and attack the innocent people of Jericho for their water wealth. In the desert, Yahweh became a source of moral and spiritual confusion, which looks like the nasty work of desert Jinn, who love to mess with humans in evil ways. Under Moses, the Hebrews fell victim to many desert delusions, and after 40 years of wandering in the desert they became the marauding Sea People who terrorized Palestine.

Jul 18, 2014
Having a Discussion
by: Administration

The above post is exactly what strives for - talking about our different faiths in a civilized and instructive way, and learning about each other's past and the development of our faiths. Though we may disagree, we can talk and discuss openly and freely. Thank you, Ashraf, for your submission and contribution. May God bless ALL of His people, wherever they may live.

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