The book of Enoch speaks of the Watchers teaching mankind "charms and enchantments". Witchcraft, or the curious arts, is the binding of spirits and elemental forces to do one's bidding. King Solomon and his magic carpet along with the Jinn (or genies) were some of the idolatrous practices that legends tell us of. Much of this practice was of the occult. This is what was passed on to the women the Watchers took for themselves. Enoch the prophet tells us their offspring became the mighty men of old, of whom legends are written about.

The Watchers' sins against animals were genetic mutation, steroid enhancement, species hybridization. These acts produced the dinosaurs, giants, mythical creatures and half human half animal beings worshiped as gods.

I Enoch points to all of these things being taught to man by the Watchers. The spirits of their offspring became the demons that we wrestle with even to this day. The original witches were the daughters of men whom these Watchers fell for.

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