Purpose of the Tower

by Adam Estep

Nimrod hated G-d and sought to justify himself and his people. His anger was systemic of his fathers teaching and knowledge of the Noahic curse.

The Tower was specifically built as a slap in the face of the Almighty G-d. Nimrods knowledge of the Noahic was fresh in his head put there by Ham (son of Noah) himself.

Nimrod built the tower in an attempt to beat G-d from such a flood revisited. His goal was to make the Tower higher than the tallest mountain top and its base was equally impressive.

The base was enormous because the tower was designed to house his choice subjects and his family at its top in a manner that was to preemptively thwart G-ds ability to destroy humanity once again by the waters.

• In short he built a nuclear bunker with G-d being his enemy...Key points:

• First-hand knowledge of G-ds flood

• Large base to build the tower that towered over mountains

• At the mountain height his choice subjects, friends, and family could live there with provisions until the flood subsided
• Simply put Nimrod was trying to best G-d in the manner of Cane.

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Dec 16, 2019
True purpose of Tower of Babel NEW
by: Anonymous

Most of what I have read here is myth or a Jewish fable. The true purpose of the tower of Babel was to reunite mankind to God. Babel before the confusion of languages meant Gate of God. It was human effort trying to do what only God could do. It failed. And God went on to execute his true plan of redemption.

The bible has other situations like this. Lucifer was cast out because of his rebellion and Adam was made the guardian of the earth. Abraham and Sarah tried to fulfil the promise of God through human effort by using Hagar. Saul was rejected for disobedience and David was chosen.

A lot of the ideology around Nimrod is simply myth rooted a in biased mindset.

May 08, 2019
My take on purpose of tower NEW
by: Anonymous

The heavenly fire which consumed 1/3 of it was atmospheric electricity. A tower ten miles high would draw megawatts of direct current from the ground up. The current would melt the bricks, even if they were made from lava rock. Nimrod must not have understood this atmospheric electricity. If harnessed, it could have propelled aircraft using Tesla wireless power transmission all over Kemet. This is the principal behind Tesla's Wardencliff Tower. Also, pyramids all over the world may be similar electrical devices. It might be true that the ancient Kemetians we're trying to harness this heavenly fire.

Feb 29, 2012
Nimrod as the Mighty Hunter Before God
by: Anonymous

Nimrod's purpose was rebellious to God and mankind. His aim is to destroy the faith of his Father Noah and the God of Noah, who approved the curse of the descendants of his Father Ham and all the Canaanites. Nimrod become a mighty hunter to protect the rights and justice of the innocent descendants of Ham, for whatever reasons they were hated by Noah's anger and fallen in the curse.

The treat of being enslaves by Japheth and Shem, Nimrod advanced in the inventions of his own technology by building the Towel of Babel. Nimrod knew that his descendants would be scattered abroad after captivity, but they swore an oath, before the Lord confused their languages into many languages.

Ham's descendants and all the Canaanites were scattered abroad, but the rebellion against Noah's curse continued, until all the generations of the Canaanites intermarried with Japheth and Shem's descendants.

Because of the intermarriage of the descendants of Noah, they formed their own secret code of peace. This included establishing a covenant with those who would agree, for the brotherhood of mankind, to achieve peace, freedom and a quite life.

This code of covenant included the removal of any practiced sorcery, witches and ritual (mercy) killings, the removal of idol worshiping.

The removal and destruction of idols was a sacred mission for mankind. This destruction formed unity for mankind and served only one god. One god for all mankind and the elect was the creator of all and the highest of all which is in the form of spirit.

Laws and commandments were created. Messengers, Prophets and disciples were given task to spread the word of peace in the word of God.

Jesus was the last messenger who changed the world completely, and Mohhammed was the last prophet after Jesus was crucified.

Nimrod's purpose spread all over the world. From Astronomy, Architectural designs of buildings and dams and space transportation.

By Linda Pennefather

Apr 08, 2011
I am confused
by: Anonymous

Stanley, where in the Bible does it say Nimrod age 130 with his bow hunters wanted to meet God? I tried so hard to find this verse in the Bible.

Apr 03, 2011
Purpose of the Tower
by: Stanley7

When King Nimrod, 30, was a truly deaf mightily hunter, it took he and his bow hunters 100 years to build a 600-feet tall Tower of Babel. At that time, King Nimrod was 130.

King Nimrod, 130, with his all deaf bow hunters, wanted to meet the Lord God. So, suddenly the Lord God came down on Saturday morning to confuse (change) King Nimrod, 130, from his deafness to his hearth and speakth with his one same Semite Language at that same time Lord God also confused (changed) King Nimrod's own all deaf bow hunters to their hearths and speakths with their all different hearth and speakth languages.

Then they all went to their different nations. Jesus said that King Nimrod was not angry at that time of building his Babel of Tower.

Mar 28, 2011
Nimrods fault
by: Anonymous

Nimrod is not God. HE is just acting like God because of his noahic knowledge of the great flood, that he is just afraid that it would happen again so he made a tower to give his people salvation when the time comes.

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