Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

by REX

All mankind was involved in building the Tower of Babel, pictured as a round tower yet all Sumer religious temples are square ziggurats. Egyptian priest Imhotep is said to have designed the square Step Pyramid. I believe Imhotep witnessed the Tower of Babel being built, and built the Sumer designed Step Pyramid when the Egyptians left Sumer; and the Egyptians built this first pyramid in Africa in Zoser's reign.

I believe Zoser was Egypt's first king. Zoser's northern border was near Gaza, matching the Canaanite border. (Genesis 10:19)Egypt worked the Sinai copper mines; copper tools were used in building the Step Pyramid.

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May 08, 2012
Nimrod's Tower & False Religion
by: Anonymous

And Nimrod became a mighty hunter before the Lord and the beginning of his kingdom was BABEL, and Erech and Accad and Calneh. (Genesis 10:9-10)

And the whole earth was one language and one speech. Mankind's first city after Noah's flood is called BABEL. Nimrod's city where mankind scattered to form nations. (Genesis 11:1-9)

Nimrod built BABEL. Nimrod was a priest-king responsible for the rebellion against God. Nimrod was responsible for the Tower of BABEL being built. Nimrod's rebellion spread to other nations after mankind scattered from BABEL. Thus Nimrod started the false priesthood.

May 08, 2012
Nimrod and the Tower of Babel
by: Anonymous

"Nimrod/Sargon rebelled against God at the Tower of Babel and false religion spread throughout our world."

It is important to provide scriptural verses to substantiate statements.

Furthermore, there is little evidence to pin false religion onto Nimrod.

False religion and the violation of the first Commandment began in the Garden of Eden. It continues today without Nimrod.

May 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Both Nimrod and Sargon are said to have built the city of Agade/Akkad/Accad. (Genesis 10:10 city)

Nimrod built ziggurats throughout Sumer.

Egypt's first pyramid was the Step Pyramid and was designed by Egyptian priest Imhotep. This Egyptian priest worshipped Ptah who was the deified Pathru-sim. (Genesis 10:14) Path-ru-sim's son was most likely Snef-ru. This indicates Zoser was likely Mizraim, the father of the Egyptians. (Genesis 10:6) Mizraim's grandson was likely Snefru.

Egyptian history is one of myths and legends. Nimrod/Sargon must have been alive when the Egyptians were building their Step Pyramid.

Nimrod/Sargon rebelled against God at the Tower of Babel and false religion spread throughout our world.

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