Different Narratives of Ancient History

by Virginia Bono
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I am currently working on three narratives of ancient history. First is the Creation view, up to and including what happened to the descendents of the sons of Noah. Where did those people groups go?

Next is the speculative view of ancient peoples who migrated from the Ice Age Black Sea, moving west across the ice plateaus and eventually settling in what is now France. Archeological proofs have been found of possible meetings of Neaderthal and Homo Sapien peoples. The "Clan of the Cave Bear" series by Jean Auel was fiction, but her research was real. How much of it was actual?

The third narrative is the one currently being studied by Dr.Spencer Wells and known as the "National Geographic Genome Project." I have followed his "Journey of Man" and "The Real Eve" with great interest. We will soon include ourselves in his present project, including our DNA with the growing population that wants to know where they came from.

My hope is to resolve these three narratives, which all contain fact, some fiction, and probably supposition as well, into some cohesive narrative that seems workable. Since no one really KNOWS but God Himself, a study of each narrative would be a fascinating journey. I might learn something!

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Dec 19, 2012
The Number 42 Represents Judgement; 56 Equals Death.
by: Howard

There were 42 Egyptian nomes in ancient Egypt is true. Also there were 42 demon judges whom judged the Egyptian dead in the afterlife.

Opposite of 42 is the number 24 for 24 elders with crowns of gold on their heads. (Revelation 4:4, Revelation 4:10 & Revelation 5:14) They fell down and worshiped him that liveth for ever and ever.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate judge. Jesus Christ was born 42 generations from Abraham. (Matthew 1:17) Abraham to David = 14 generations. David to Babylonian captivity = 14 generations and Babylonian captivity to Jesus birth = 14 generations. 14 x 3 = 42 generations.

The anti-Christ gets 42 months to reign havoc upon the entire world. (Revelation 13:5)

Sargon/Nimrod was 56 years old when he died.

Joseph was 56 years old when Jacob died. There was 56 years from Joseph's death to Moses birth.
Joseph saw the 3rd generation born in Egypt.
(Genesis 50:23) Moses was 4th generation.

There were 56 patriots whom signed the Declaration of Independence risking their lives against British authority.

Abraham Lincoln was 56 years old when he died.
Adolf Hitler was 56 years old when he died.

19-56 Israel has war against Egypt.
16-56 years from Adam's creation to Noah's flood.

World War II ended in 1945. Some 56 years later the terrorist hit the United States on 9/11/2001.

Is mankind's destiny dominated by the numbers 42 and 56?

Dec 18, 2012
Humanitites Time Piece Number 42
by: James

Mankind fled the Tower of Babel 4,242 years before Jesus Christ was concieved.

There are 70 tribes in Genesis chapter 10. Japhetic tribes = 14. Joktan and his 13 sons = 14.

14 + 14 = 28 = tribes not under Nimrod's empire after humanity fled Babel. 70 - 28 = 42 tribes under Nimrod's domination.

Ancient Egypt was divided into 42 nomes.

The number 42 represents a great change in world events. The birth of Christ, Nimrod's creating the world's first empire consisting of 42 tribes and Egypt being divided into 42 nomes.

November 19-42 the battle of Stalingrad began
which turned the tide of World War II.

Some 28 years later the Assad family begins reign over Syria in November 1970 A.D. and 42 years later Syria is at a turning point. Damascus will soon be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1 and Isaiah 17:14 in one night.)

And then the beast will reign over the earth for 42 months. (Revelation 13:5)

Civilization from Nimrod beginning to mankind's end is judged by the number 42.

Dec 18, 2012
Egypt in the Making
by: Walter

Z-oser worshiped Osir-us the deified Nimrod; Zoser built Egypt's first pyramid after humanity fled the Genesis 10:10 city of Babel, while Nimrod (Sargon) was building the Genesis 10:10 city of Accad/Akkad/Agade.

Nimrod at Sumer was deified as Tammuz, the god of agriculture, who died each autumn and came to life each spring. He was the reincarnation god.

Osiris cult in Egypt gave worship to the dead.

Zoser's high priest was Imhotep who worshiped Egypt's god of creation Ptah, the deified Pathrusim (Genesis 10:14) who developed Pathros (Ezekiel 29:14) Egypt's first kingdom.

Nimrod and Pathrusim were cousins. Nimrod's father was Cush and Pathrusim father was Mizraim.
(Genesis 10:6, Genesis 10:8, Genesis 10:14)

After Zoser's Step Pyramid was completed, the next Egyptian king to have completed pyramids was Snef-ru likely the son Path-ru. Pathru-sim real name was Path-ru, since sim = tribe.

Dec 17, 2012
The 70 tribes in Genesis chapter 10
by: John

I believe Joktan is the father of the Chinese and other oriental people. Joktan was born after Peleg and when Peleg was born mankind left the Tower of Babel, so Joktan had no part of the rebellion against God at Babel.

The Chinese first settled along the Hwang Ho River. Chinese state they had to deal with the red haired devils (Celts) to their north and the dark skinned (Dravidan) people's to their south.
The Dravidans living in southern India where some migrated to south-east Asia and later mixed or were driven out by the Chinese.

Chinese archaeologist were surprised to find red haired mummies in western China. This legend of red haired invaders then became fact.

Dec 17, 2012
Tribes existing shortly after humanity left Sumer/Shinar
by: Anonymous

Noah's sons Japheth, Ham and Shem and the formation of nations.

Japhetic tribes:

Gomer-father of the Germans. Magog-Father of the Scythians Russians. Madai father of the Medes. Javan-father of the Greeks. Tubal-Father of the Russian Siberians. Mechech-Father of the Russians living around Moscow. Tiras-Etruscans/Italians.

Ashkenaz-Father of the people living in ancient Asia-Minor. Ripath-Father of the another tribe living in Asia-Minor. Togarmah-Father of the Armenians. Elishah-settled in Sicily. Tarshish- settled in Great Britain. Kittim settled in Cyprus and Dodaniam-settled on the island of Rhodes.

Hamitic tribes:

Cush-Father of the Seba-Nubians, Havilah-Gallah, Sabtah-Bantu, Sabtechah-Tigreans-Eritrea,
Ramamah-Mazai. Ramamah sons: Sheba a black tribe living in Saudi Arabia & Dedan-Dravidans of India.

Mizraim-Father of the Egyptians. Ludim-settled around Luxor,Egypt. Anamim-settled in Egypt's delta. Lehabim-settled near Libyan border. Naphtuhim-settled at Memphis. Pathrusim-settled Upper Egypt.Casluhim-settled the island of Kasos in the Mediterranean Sea. Caphtorim-settled in Egypt's eastern delta.

Phut-Father of the Libyans.

Canaan-Father of Sidon who settled Sidon. Heth-Hittites. Jebusite-Jerusalemites. Amorites. Urgarit-Girgasites. Hamathite-living in Hamath.

Shem tribes: Elam, Asshur-Assyrians, Arphaxad-Chaldeans/Sea Landers and Aram/the Syrians.

Joktan: Semitic tribes living in Saudi Arabia.

This list is missing a few of the 70 tribes listed in the Book of Genesis, yet gives us an idea on how tribes/civilizations perked up soon after humanity left Sumer/Shinar to repopulate the earth.

Dec 14, 2012
Neanderthals & Homo-sapiens
by: Rick

God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
The whole world was tropical back then. Archaeologist studying ice bores from the world's polar regions have found tropical plants once flourished at the north and south poles.

Satan was in God's Garden. (Genesis 3:1-14 and Ezekiel 28:13-17) Satan's goal was to destroy the homo-sapien race God had created. First he used fallen angels, so called sons of God to intermarry with the women on earth producing a race of giants and wickedness set in. (Genesis 6:1-5) Satan's first attempt failed when Noah's flood occurred.

Noah's flood had shifted the axis of the earth; the world had more water and less land. We see Neanderthal paintings in caves in France. The paintings happened after Noah's flood since the earth's waters would have destroyed them. Just like the desert paintings in Africa produced by the homo-sapiens. The desert painting would have been destroyed in Noah's flood so they are also post-flood.

Adam was an intelligent creation of God. The Neanderthals were complete idiots and the product of Satan's mockery and creation.

After Noah's Flood, there was an ICE AGE in Europe and the harsh winds from Europe began drying out the Sahara region of North Africa.
Homo-sapiens were building civilizations pressing the Neanderthal's from the Middle-East into Central Asia and Europe.

Notice the Neanderthal bloodlines are not in Africa. The Neanderthal bloodlines are found in 4% of European and Asian populations. Neanderthal and homo-sapiens did interbreed on a low scale as found in this research, and I believe a mixed race Neanderthal/homo-sapien child's skeleton was found in Portugal.

There were Neanderthal communities found by archaeologists working in Israel. Satan was hoping the tribe might survive to mix with Israel's bloodline so the Jewish messiah genetics might be crossed with a demonic bloodline. God prevented this from happening. There is no Neanderthal DNA in the Jewish people.

Dec 13, 2012
DNA showing Mankind's Migrations
by: Tom

Japhetic DNA traveled from the Tower of Babel in Sumer, north to ancient Turkey and the Caspian Sea entering Central Europe and Northern Europe.

Japhetic DNA also traveled south to Egypt across northern Africa. Japhetic DNA also went east across northern Iran to northern India.

The Celts settled along western China's border, Caspian Sea region, France and Spain.

Hamitic DNA traveled from the Tower of Babel south to Ethiopia, black Africa, southern India, Australia aborigines along with the people living in ancient Mexico.

American Indian DNA came from the Altai mountain region of southern Siberia before the American Indians crossed the Bering Strait and later mixed with the Hamites in Mexico.

Ainu DNA is directly linked to the ancient Jomon culture-the first people and culture of Japan.

Polynesisan and Micronesians DNA is related to the Taiwan aborgines and east Asians.

Shemitic DNA are represented when Shem's people left the Tower of Babel and settled in Syria, southeast Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Noah's played no part in building the Tower of Babel. Japhetic, Hamitic and Shemitic people not rebelling against God migrated to the Hwang Ho River where they intermarried becoming the Chinese people.

The migrations of mankind took place from the land of Sumer/Shinar in Genesis 11:2 not from Africa.

Dec 13, 2012
Jiroft Art
by: Anonymous

Jiroft pottery with the ^^^^^^^ patterns match Egyptian art labeled as pre-dynastic, but may have arrived in Egypt during Egyptian king Sahure's reign.

Sahure was named after the Sahara desert. His pose at wadi Maghara on a bas relief there is identical to the Narmer Palette pose in so-called Egyptian pre-dynastic art. The Narmer Palette circle center was used for kohl an Egyptian eye liner. Kohl was secured in Sahure's trade with Punt.

Sahure was a very rich man who owned cattle. Notice the Narmer Palette where cow heads are placed ^ ^ on the pyramids. The decapitated warriors shown on the Narmer Palette were desert warriors trying to flee the Sahara which was becoming drier.

The starving people are shown on a bas relief along Sahure's causeway--starving people are also shown in Unas causeway.

Desert art most likely flourished in Sahure's reign. Elamite-Jiroft art likely first entered Egypt when Naramsin of Akkad (Akkad a Genesis 10:10 city) attacked Egyptian king Manium (Menkaure).

The Egyptians appeared as a race after Noah's flood and after the Egyptians along with humanity fled the Tower of Babel in Sumer. The first pyramid constructed was the Step Pyramid. Real Egyptian history starts after that point in time meaning Egyptian pre-dynastic art does not exist.
Even the desert paintings are post Djoser's reign and probably were first drawn in Egyptian king Sahure's reign.

More research is needed on the Jiroft and Egyptian art connections. Its an interesting topic for discussion.

Dec 13, 2012
Who was Mizraim in Genesis 10:6?
by: John

Mizraim was Noah's grandson; Mizraim was likely
Djoser who built Egypt's first pyramid after the Egyptians left the Tower of Babel in Shinar/ Sumer. The first pyramid,the stairway to heaven, was called the Step Pyramid. Djoser worshipped the god Ptah-the deified Path-ru-sim. (Genesis 10:14) Sim = tribe. The man's name was Path-ru.

Path-ru's son was likely Snef-ru.

Snefru - first Egyptian king to build an Egyptian temple at Byblos; and built 40 cedar wooden ships at Byblos.

Khufu - son of Snefru builds the first Giza pyramid. Khufu develops trade with the basket weaving Greeks, the Libyans and the Nubians.

Redjedef - son of Khufu developed trade with the island of Dilmun in the Persian Gulf.

Khafre - son of Khufu builds the 2nd pyramid at Giza.

Menkaure - son of Khafre builds but does not complete the 3rd Giza pyramid. Menkaure was called Manium in the Sumer language. Naramsin of the Genesis 10:10 city of Akkad defeated him in battle. Naramsin took red granite as tribute. Lugalkiginnedudu of the Genesis 10:10 city of Erech used red granite in his dedication to his god Enlil. Menkaure paid so much red granite in tribute, he did not complete his pyramid. His son Shepsekaf completed the third pyramid at Giza.

Userkaf - an Egyptian general married Menkaure's daughter. Userkaf developed trade with Cythera, Greece.
Sahure - son of Userkaf. The Sahara desert is becoming drier. Desert starving tribes migrate into Egypt. Sahure is first to develope trade with Punt.

Neferirkare Sahure's brother serves as second in command. Egypt is attacked by desert tribes to Egypt's north, south, east and west.

Unas - an Egyptian general who gives his god Atum credit for defeating Egypt's enemies. Shepseskare serves second in command followed by Neferfre. Unas is first to develope the pyramid texts.

Teti - Unas son developes trade with the temple of Barbar. Teti is assassinated by an Egyptian guard.

Pepi I - Teti's son explores central Africa. Pepi I is first to use Nubians in the Egyptian army. Pepi I second in command are Niuserre followed by Menkahor followed by Djedkare-Isesi. Its Djedkare who is first to bring back a pygmy from central Africa into Egypt.

Pepi II - son of Pepi I wants a pygmy when he is a little boy. Pepi II grows up and he has an affair with an Egyptian general. Pepi II is Egypt's first bi-sexual king. Pepi II has trade with Abraham's UR and Sodom. Abraham visits Egypt late in Pepi II reign.

Tracing Egyptian history from the Tower of Babel to Pepi II's Egypt when the Memphis dynasty fell. Pepi II was plagued. (Genesis 12:17) Thebes arises to power after Memphis falls. Tracing Egyptian history from Mizraim to the fall of Memphis in ancient civilization.

Dec 13, 2012
Humanity Builds Nations
by: John

There are 326 years from humanity leaving the Tower of Babel to Abraham's UR destruction.

There are 326 years from Peleg's birth beginning civilization until Abraham's 75th year.

Here we have Sumer non-legendary History:

2243-2187 B.C. Sargon/Nimrod reigns over the Genesis 10:10 city of Accad/Agade/Akkad.
2187-2178 B.C. Rimush reigns over Akkad.
2178-2163 B.C. Manishtushu reigns Akkad.
2163-2123 B.C. Naramsin reigns at Akkad.

Sumer poem sheds light upon the Gutium bringing down Naramsin's reign.

2123-2032 B.C. Gutium reign over Sumer.
2032-2025 B.C. Utu-Khegal reigns over the Genesis 10:10 city of Erech.
2025-1917 B.C. Archaeologist Leonard Woolley lists Abraham's UR existed for 108 years before the Elamites destroyed UR.

Here we have the Biblical History 326 year match.
Remember Terah was 205 when Abraham was 75. Terah was 130 years old when Abraham was born. (Genesis 11:32 and Genesis 12:4 Abraham listed first son in Genesis 11:26 is because he is famous, not that he was born when Terah was 70.) Haran was born when Terah was 70 in 2052 B.C. Haran died in 1925 B.C. some 430 years before the Exodus.

2243 B.C. Peleg born. Mankind leaves the Genesis 10:10 city of Babel to build nations.
2213 B.C. Reu is born.
2181 B.C. Serug is born.
2151 B.C. Nahor is born.
2122 B.C. Terah is born. Terah dies in 1917 B.C.
2052 B.C. Haran is born. Haran dies in 1925 B.C.
1992 B.C. Abraham is born.
1917 B.C. Abraham is 75 years old some 326 years after humanity fled the Tower of Babel.

Dec 12, 2012
The 430 years from Abraham leaving UR to the Exodus Part 2
by: Anonymous

The Hyksos chieftains who served Joseph. Jacob entered Egypt at age 130 in 1702 B.C. Hyksos chieftain Sheshi served Joseph at Avaris 1702-1699 B.C. Hyksos chieftain Yakubher 1699-1690 B.C.
Hyksos chieftain Khyan 1690-1660 B.C. Apepi I 1660-1619 B.C. (Joseph lived 1741-1631 B.C.)

1685-1640 B.C. Egyptian king Amenemhet III reigns over Egypt. Completes Bahr Yusef (Joseph's canal)
Minoans in Egypt build Amenemhet III a Labyrinth like the one which was built on the island of Crete. Amorite/Babylonian king 1683-1647 B.C. Ammi-ditana reign Babylonian slaves sold to Egypt. Slaves help Amenemhet III complete Joseph's canal. Khyan's scarab found in Babylon.

1640-1631 B.C. Amenemhet IV reigns. Joseph dies.
Thebean rebel Seqenenre Tao slays Amenemhet IV.
Hyksos chieftain Apepi I slays Seqenenre Tao and Apepi I becomes king of Egypt at Avaris.

1631-1628 B.C. Queen Sebekneferu reigns at Itj-tawy, while Kamose reigns at Thebes. Both are killed in the Egyptian civil war.

(Note: The Abydos Egyptian king list reveals the next king to reign over Egypt after Amenemhet IV was the 10 year old king Ahmose)

(Note: The chariot was used for ceremonial purposes not warfare while Joseph was alive. (Genesis 41:41-43 & Genesis 50:7-9)

1628-1603 B.C. Ahmose 10 years old when his brother Kamose was killed. Tao his father was killed a few years before by Hyksos Apepi I.
Ahmose defeats Apepi II 1619-1608 B.C or Khamudi's army in 1608 B.C. and the Canaanite/ Hyksos leave Egypt in the first Exodus.

1603-1582 B.C. Amenhotep I reigns. He worships the stars, moon and the planet Venus. Amorite/ Babylonian king Ammi-saduqa 1646-1626 B.C. had worshipped the stars, moon and the planet Venus.

1582-1495 B.C. House of Thutmose I-III. Egyptian king Thutmose I was the slayer of Hebrew male babies. (Exodus 1:15-16) Thutmose I daughter princess Hatshepsut saved baby Moses. (Exodus 2:5-10)

Queen Hatshepsut ruled for the sickly king Thutmose II. Queen Hatshepsut worshiped the cow goddess Hathor. The Hebrews in the wilderness worshiped the golden calf one generation later.
(Exodus 32:24) Minoan boys jumped over bulls.

Thutmose III was the Exodus pharoah. The Egyptian Napolean could defeat all his enemies in the Middle-East but it was the God of Israel who defeated him some 480 years before Solomon's 4th year. (1 Kings 6:1) The Exodus took place in 1495 B.C.

The mixed crowd leaving Egypt (Exodus 12:38) were the Minoans living in Egypt's delta.

Here are 430 years from Abraham leaving UR to the Exodus. Here is the real history linking up Egypt with the Bible.

Dec 12, 2012
The 430 years from Abraham leaving UR to Exodus
by: Anonymous

Egyptian king Pepi II was 88 years old when Abraham left UR in 1925 B.C. Pepi II lived for 12 more years 1925-1913 B.C.

1925-1495 B.C. 430 years from UR to the Exodus.

1925-1913 B.C. Pepi II was plagued. (Genesis 12:17) Pepi II, a bi-sexual king, had trade with Sodom. Abraham & Sarah visit Egypt in 1917 B.C.

(Egyptian Sakkara kings list reveals the next king after Pepi II was Mentuhotep II)

1913-1862 B.C. Mentuhotep II of Thebes re-unites Egypt in year 39 of his reign after a bloody civil war took place after Pepi II had died.

There is a drought in the Middle-East. Mentuhotep II digs 12 wells along the Egyptian Nubian trade route. Hagar finds a well. (Genesis 21:19) & Abraham has a dispute over a well. (Genesis 21:25)

1862-1850 B.C. Mentuhotep III of Thebes re-establishes trade with Punt.

1850-1843 B.C. Mentuhotep IV of Thebes is assassinated by Amenemhet I. Some 212 years later to our surprise Thebean Ahmose's family will assassinate Amenemhet IV.

Abraham lived 1992-1817 B.C. (Genesis 25:7)

1843-1813 B.C. Amenemhet I builds the "Walls of the Ruler" to keep the Amorite/Canaanites out of Egypt. Abraham dies.

1813-1777 B.C. Senusret I is called "Throat Sliter of Asiatics". Reason God told Isaac not to enter Egypt. (Genesis 26:2)

1777-1743 B.C. Amenemhet II receives the Tod treasure in his 28th year from the Minoans living on the island of Crete.

1743-1724 B.C. Senusret II has the Minoans build his temple. Asiatics trickle into Egypt. Joseph enters Egypt at age 17 right after Senusret II had died.

Joseph entered Egypt at age 17. (Genesis 37:2) Joseph died at age 110. (Genesis 50:26) Joseph lived 93 years in Egypt. Senusret III reign 39 years, Amenemhet III reign 45 years and Amenemhet IV reign 9 years = 93 years! Joseph served all 3 Egyptian kings at a time when the foreign Canaanite/Hyksos chieftains had entered Egypt. (Genesis 47:13-17) Joseph 1741-1631 B.C.

The foreigners traded their horses for bread. A horse skeleton was found at Buhen Nubia dated to Senusret III reign proving Senusret III had horses.

1724-1685 B.C. Senusret III sister Sit-Hathor-Yunet worshipped the Vulture goddess Nekhbet during the global famine. (Genesis 41:57) Canaanite chieftain Sheshi established the Canaanite/Hyksos at Avaris, Egypt.

Amorite/Babylonian king Abi-Eshuh 1710-1684 B.C. dams up the Tigris river trying to starve out the Sealanders during the global famine.

Dec 12, 2012
Noah the Father of All Nations
by: Anonymous

Noah was the Father of all nations, and nations emerged after humanity left building the Tower of Babel. Noah's three sons: Ham, Japheth & Shem.

Some Hamites after leaving the Tower of Babel built the Step Pyramid in Egypt; and the Mohenjo-Daro civilization along the Indus river and the Chinese civilization at the Hwang Ho river in the Far East.

Japhetic migrations into western China and north of China as the races mixed there produced the American Indian population. Japhetic attacks at Mohenjo-Daro caused some Hamites to migrate to southern India, the Pacific Islands and Australia.

Japhetic population basically lived in Russia, western China with migrations into northern India and into Europe. Some Japhetic tribe migrated to northern Japan producing the Ainu people. The Ainu would mix with the Hamites in the Pacific islands producing the Polynesian people.

Shemitic population lived in eastern Iran in the East and as far as Syria in the west as far as Russia border in the north and Saudi Arabia in the south.

These seem to be the migrations of Ham, Japheth and Shem's descendents.

Dec 11, 2012
Israel's History Proven by Egyptian Kings Reign of Years
by: John

There are 521 years from the Exodus to Rehoboam's 5th year. (1 Kings 14:25) Egyptian king Shishak would die a few months after attacking Jerusalem.

There are 480 years = Solomon's 4th year. (1 Kings 6:1) Solomon reigns for 36 more years = 516 years plus Rehoboam's 5th year = 521 years.

1495 B.C. Egyptian king Thutmose III dies in the Red Sea. Reigns of Egyptian kings given in solo years. Amenhotep II 26 = 24 years solo.

1495-1471 B.C. Amenhotep II
1471-1462 B.C. Thutmose IV
1462-1424 B.C. Amenhotep III
1424-1407 B.C. Akenaton
1407-1406 B.C. Semenkhare
1406-1396 B.C. Tutankhamen
1396-1392 B.C. Ay
1392-1361 B.C. Horemheb
1361-1360 B.C. Ramses I
1360-1347 B.C. Seti I
1347-1280 B.C. Ramses II
1280-1268 B.C. Merneptah I
1268-1263 B.C. Amenmesses
1263-1258 B.C. Seti II
1258-1251 B.C. Merneptah II
1251-1249 B.C. queen Tausert
1249-1247 B.C. Syrian Irsu
1247-1245 B.C. Setnakht
1245-1213 B.C. Ramses III

1213-1207 B.C. Ramses IV
1207-1203 B.C. Ramses V
1203-1193 B.C. Ramses VI
1193-1192 B.C. Ramses VII
1192-1185 B.C. Ramses VIII
1185-1166 B.C. Ramses IX
1166-1157 B.C. Ramses X
1157-1130 B.C. Ramses XI
1130-1103 B.C. Smendes
1103-1099 B.C. Neferkhres
1099-1049 B.C. Psusennes I
1049-1040 B.C. Amenmope
1040-1034 B.C. Osokhor
1034-1014 B.C. Siamon whose daughter marries king Solomon.
1014-995 B.C. Psusennes II & 995-974 B.C. Shishak who died the 521st year after the Exodus a few months after he had attacked Jerusalem.

(Egyptian kings reign of years taken from encyclopedia Americana Egypt 1974 edition)

Dec 11, 2012
Biblical Creation Chronology
by: John

4000 B.C. Adam was created. (Genesis 5:1)
3870 B.C. Seth was born. (Genesis 5:3)
3765 B.C. Enos was born. (Genesis 5:6)
3675 B.C. Cainan...born. (Genesis 5:9)
3605 B.C. Mahalaleel.... (Genesis 5:12)
3540 B.C. Jared....born. (Genesis 5:15)
3378 B.C. Enoch....born. (Genesis 5:18)
3313 B.C. Methuselah.... (Genesis 5:21)
3126 B.C. Lamech...born. (Genesis 5:25)
2944 B.C. Noah.....born. (Genesis 5:28-29)

Noah was 600 years old when the global flood occured in 2344 B.C. (Genesis 7:11)

2344 B.C. Global flood..
2342 B.C. Arpachshad.... (Genesis 11:10)
2307 B.C. Salah born.... (Genesis 11:12)
2277 B.C. Eber born.... (Genesis 11:14)
2243 B.C. Peleg born.... (Genesis 11:16)
2213 B.C. Reu born.... (Genesis 11:18)
2181 B.C. Serug born.... (Genesis 11:20)
2151 B.C. Nahor born.... (Genesis 11:22)
2122 B.C. Terah born.... (Genesis 11:24)

Terah died age 205 when Abraham was 75 years old........(Genesis 11:32 & Genesis 12:4)

1992 B.C. Abraham.born when Terah is 130 yrs. old.
1892 B.C. Isaac...born.. (Genesis 21:5)
1832 B.C. Jacob & Esau.. (Genesis 25:26)
1741 B.C. Joseph..Born.. (Genesis 47:9) Jacob was 130 when entering Egypt in 1702 B.C. Joseph was age 30 when becoming governor of Egypt. (Genesis 41:46) There was 7 years of plenty and the 2nd year of famine before Jacob entered Egypt. 30 + 7 + 2 = 39 years old Joseph was when Jacob entered Egypt in 1702 B.C. 1741 B.C. was when Joseph was born.

Joseph saw the 3rd generation of Hebrews in Egypt. (Genesis 50:23) There were only 4 generations of Hebrews in Egypt.

1575 B.C. Moses was born. Moses was 80 years old at the time of the Exodus in 1495 B.C. Exodus was 480 years before king Solomon's 4th year. Solomon reigned over Israel 1019-979 B.C. for 40 years.
1015 + 480 = 1495 B.C. the Exodus. (1 Kings 6:1)

1019-979 B.C. Solomon reigns over Israel. (1 Kings 11:42) 1015 B.C. Solomon's 4th year.
979-962 B.C.. Rehoboam reigns..(1 Kings 14:21)
962-959 B.C.. Abijam reigns..(1 Kings 15:2)
959-918 B.C.. Asa reigns..(1 Kings 15:10)
918-893 B.C.Jehoshaphat........(1 Kings 22:42)
893-885 B.C. Jehoram reigns..(2 Kings 8:17)
885-884 B.C. Ahaziah reigns..(2 Kings 8:26)
884-878 B.C. Atahliah reigns..(2 Kings 11:1-3)
878-838 B.C. Jehoash reigns..(2 Kings 12:1)
838-809 B.C. Amazah reigns..(2 Kings 14:2)
809-757 B.C. Uzziah reigns..(2 Kings 15:2)
757-741 B.C. Jotham reigns..(2 Kings 15:33)
741-725 B.C. Ahaz reigns..(2 Kings 16:2)
725-696 B.C. Hezekiah reigns..(2 kings 18:2)
696-641 B.C. Manasseh reigns..(2 Kings 21:1)
641-639 B.C. Amon reigns..(2 Kings 21:19)
639-608 B.C. Josiah reigns..(2 Kings 22:1)
608.....B.C. Jehoahaz reigns..(2 Kings 23:31)
608-597.B.C. Jehoiakim reigns..(2 Kings 23:36)
597.....B.C. Jehoiachin........(2 Kings 24:8)
597-586.B.C. Zedekiah..........(2 Kings 24:18)

Solomon's Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C.

Dec 10, 2012
Ancient History
by: Anonymous

Noah had three sons: Japheth, Shem and Ham. (Genesis 10:1) Japheth was the father of the Indo-European peoples whose borders once extended from the borders of western China in the east, to Europe in the west, to the arctic lands in the north, to northern India and bordering Shemitic (Semitic)lands to its south.

Shem, father of the Semitic people, from near southern Iran in the east to Syria in the west, to the Russian border in the north, to Saudia Arabia in the south.

Ham was the father of the ancient Libyans in the west part of Africa, the Cushite black peoples of Africa, southern India and the Chinese, and the Egyptians in north-east Africa, and the Canaanites in Asia.

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