Eden Located

by Henry
(Missouri, United States of America)

Topography can change, but Location cannot. The same area apportioned before Noah's flood is the same area apportioned after. God placed Adam and Eve, in a garden in the Biblical Garden of Eden, this garden was God's apportioned area, named land of delight. This garden topography was changed during the flood, due to the upheavals of nature, water gushing upward, and waters falling downward and the great pressures of water in movement. All of this changed the face of the earth and face of the area of Eden but did not change the location of the garden.

It only defaced it in the process. After the flood, in the days of the Amorite migrations down to the land of Egypt from the plains of Shinar, Abram, an Amorite, of Ur was brought back to the same location that Adam and Eve were first placed. Back to the Area of His garden, back to the area where the two trees were located. Abram sacrificed his son in the very place where the crime against humanity on this earth was committed.

God said to Abraham, I give this land to you and your seed, (after the Spirit of God). The land from the great river to the south in Egypt, unto the river Euphrates to the north. All the land along the coast of Canaan-land north to Syria and east to Assyria. God does not change, nor can he lie. People can search and speculate, but God is consistent in his word.

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Dec 09, 2011
The Real Location of the Garden Disputed
by: Lawrence Hebb

A good article but not quite right. The scriptures make it clear that the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were to the North of Eden, along with the 'Pishon (nearest the garden) and Gihon.

If we accept that the two rivers have dried up, there is still evidence of them in satellite imagery that can be seen.

Also, where the traditional site for the Biblical Garden of Eden is, the worlds largest oil deposit is as well, as gold and silver (none of which are found in Israel!)

For the garden to be in Israel that would mean that the rivers were North East of the garden and not North.

Also, the garden was east of where the account was being written at the time (Moses was probably in the Sinai, or maybe in Arabia), which would place the garden in the Persian gulf and not Israel.

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