Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God

by Marsella Harrison
(Washington Courthouse, Ohio, US)

#2 from me in answer to another:
Jesus thought and spoke prior to entering the womb of Mary (Heb 10:5). It's the old,"I think, therefore I am". He was spirit prior to entering into flesh and becoming a "man".
Heb 7:10 Levi was in the loins of Abraham in Genesis 14. Levi is not the immediate son of Abraham. It was Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and 12 sons of Israel including Levi. Jesus was in the eternal realm prior to coming into the temporal realm. And the spirit self comes forth from the loins of the father. This is why Jesus did not come forth from the loins of Joseph. His spirit already existed. The spirit and body are individual.

I have a car. I get in that car to go from point A to point B. I do not carry that car into place C with me. I get out and go in. The body is as the car. The spirit steps into a body and goes from point A (womb of the mother/birth) to point B (death). Point C is the eternal realm or eternal kingdom of Life/God. We do not carry the body into c.

The body is a housing (prison/bondage). It hinders our eternal self which is the spirit. We are not hidden from other spirits that do not dwell in bodies and they know our thoughts. But we do not know each others heart or mind.
Apparently other spirits can enter into our housing/body. They cannot become one with our spirit. But they can beguile our spirit, tempt it, control it, and therefore act through our body.

Spirits cannot produce a child. They have no bodies or sexual organs. And that spirit that might climb into our body with us cannot produce another individual spirit with our own. What it can do is change our spirit through beguilement and tempting. Our spirit is no longer as it was prior to the tempting and beguiling and control of the other. It is considered to be a new spirit born of the old. Being reborn or born again is to unite with Jesus as one on a spiritual level. It is said the old dies and a new is born of the old or from the old. Well the opposite can occur. We can unite spiritually with antichrist (so to speak) and we are born again, but in no image of Christ or God the Father.

We are born an image of God in that we are innocent of evil till we partake of it willfully. We grow, we mature (hopefully), and we make a choice to accept or reject oneness with our Lord, he as the head and we as the body. To make no choice at all is to reject. Either way we are born again and destined for eternal life or eternal hell. A child of God or a child of Death.
Water baptism is the outer act of an inner fact (choice). It symbolizes Dying (drowning) to and from the old, and being reborn from it. Rising above it. From death (submerged) into life (emerged).

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